Tiffany Haddish - Becoming "The Last Black Unicorn" - Extended Interview: The Daily Show

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Brenna Hasselmann : TREVOR WASNT READY

Lubbylove89 : Roscoe where you at?!? Tiffany's waiting! lol

Buli Zulu : Make a movie together and play husband and wife it will be so lit

missyt5883 : Am i the only one who y thinks these two would make a very cute and hilarious couple😊

TINGSAFRICAN : Magical, indeed ♥

James Burgess : This is the first time I actually wanted to buy a book written by a celebrity.

Ell Palmer : Tiffany and kevin hart are the best story tellers ever! They literally take u there. I love it. Her and trev have gd chemistry.

The King Of Gay Music : although I want TRevor.. but i think they would make a cute couple

KDLC : Who else is on a Tiffany Haddish marathon? I can't get enough of her1 😍😍😍😍😍

lovemyslowee : Tiffany Haddish should go on "Hot Ones" with Sean Evans.

Hashim ThaDream : Roscoe, wherever you are, we salute you Fam!!!

Vintage Blue : I listened to her book she narrated on audible and it was the best damn book I've read in a long ass time. I cried and laughed throughout this book. She took her pain and turned it into something positive. I'm so proud of this young lady.

Zenith : “Boy u better stop, I’m ovulating” I’m already dead 😭💀

Lincoln Jude : Trevor was enthralled by her magic. I ship this!

Samantha Reese : That first sentence Trevor said to Tiffany was low key game. LOL

Stallen : That was so smooth Trevor lolol “I always wondered what the sun would be like as a human being...” 😂😂

Briana Joy : TEARS!!!!! IM CRYING REAL TEARS HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Frozen Mocha : I want them to be best friends lol

Jasmine Kennedy : Baby when she got into character about Roscoe I died 😂😂

Jordan Co : I can listen to her talk for hours! God damn she's amazing I love her so much

Raychelle Jackson : They would make a cute couple...chemistry

Biatch Please : This is what a true feminist look like. Strong, positive, go-getter and classy. Take notes Amy Schumer and Lena Dunhum.

I Am Tonya : When comedians make other comedians laugh that hard....👍👏 clap for em.

YouTubeName : The nervous laughter when she said “bad things happen in bunk beds.” 😳

Furaha S Green : After watching Girls trip, I fell in love with her. She is hilarious

Tosinger T : Tiffany is definitely a sun ☀️.. there are stars, there are moons and there are the rare suns

Olawunmi Oladunjoye : It makes me so happy seeing Trevor smile and laugh so bright. He looks so mesmerized by her and I love it. I love their chemistry.

Jay W : She opened with I'm Ovulating I can't 😂😂😂

Cole Wagner : After this, Trevor is proposing to her backstage.

Cameron Carson : I think she broke Trevor XD

Vince O : Tiffany is the female reflection of Trevor, and He knows it. Same life story too.

Just Mel : Trevor high-key has a crush on her

Mariah Avon : This should of been longer

Kenneth Chemwok : That interview was very interesting..Makes me wanna be in a book club with Trevor and Tiffany

CyPhi68 : This woman is 38. Thank you for persevering so we can laugh. We need to laugh right now.

Syd Love : 😭😭 she boobooed in his shoes!! And pimped out the woman her man cheated on her with Lmao!! And that Roscoe story had me dying!! 😂😂

Naz B : This is definitely the best interview I've watched.... period. I love the way she expresses herself with those gorgeous eyebrows. She is Queeeeeen

kasey estevez : Just get married

Obey Amma : “Hold on wait a minute he might have an inheritance”💀

paleobc65 : 'they reminded me of the x-men because they were all very unique" LMAO

Olivia M : I immediately bought the book after this interview. So hilarious

Maurice Jones : She is made for this...............did you see her timing where she looked into the camera @7:09 and pauses creating a moment............that skill is not teachable........she is a comic genius similar to to Robin Williams.

Nana Kupps : Damn. I need me a Roscoe

ImPerfectlyTwitta : Tiffany & Trevor 💕 I 🚢

ATARI Smith : Great interview beautiful dialogue between her and Trevor is magical. The audience loved her dearly she has that Charisma.

Montae Williams : I know I’m late but I ship Trevor & Tiffany 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽

Seeking Media Productions : THIS IS THE BEST INTERVIEW EVER!!!!!!

Dioceline Zamudio : 100% here for Trevor flailing around in laughter at the very end, that was so precious :,)

Love One Another : I never stopped laughing

cybern9ne : I believe he actually read the book. He picked out several stories others haven't covered cause he enjoyed them. Everyone else just says the same stuff summarizing the books contents.