Supercharging My Honda S2000!

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Engineering Explained : No, the thumbnail is *NOT* a turbocharger. It's the exact same centrifugal supercharger installed in the video (surprising number of comments about this). Also a lot of questions about why I chose to go supercharger vs turbocharger. I've explained the differences and why I chose this route in a video:

HumbleMechanic : Good times, a completed job, my dude Jason, and BOOST! 💙

Kiraro The Kitsune : Jason's Schedule: Car Reviews / Someday How stuff works / Someday How to fix / Someday List videos / Someday Comedy / Someday Projects / Someday Track / Someday Formula / Someday Others / Someday Engineering Explained, the only channel with no actual schedule, just content, the good kind of content.

Robzu : When there's a 25 min video, and after watching it you feel like 10 minutes have passed. Now THAT, is when you know you've watched something seriously entertaining. Can't wait for the dyno tuning!

Kuri Brown : So glad this video wasn't drug out over 6 episodes like some other shade lol

Matt Maran Motoring : This was awesome guys! I'm excited for your first drive video Jason!

Scotty W : I seriously thought that was Aaron Kaufman for a second

Irfan Comot : Humble Mechanic and a humble engineer. You guys should do a regular joint youtube series. Would really like to see more content featuring both of you. :D

Sir Sparco : tfw you supercharge a car in one video whereas certain car youtubers do an entire multi-season series for changing something basic like their lugnuts...COUGH*TJHunt*COUGH

aussiebloke609 : "While you're in there..." - words that can cause panic. I used to have a classic Mini as my daily driver - and I got it with a burned valve. So, the cheapest fix was to get a second hand head and put it on. Job done (in theory, anyway.) However...I figured I may as well buy the big valve head, as it wasn't all _that_ much more. And once the head was off and I was replacing it with one that flows better, it kinda made sense to change the cam (which that was on my to-do list for the future anyway.) But that meant I also needed to change to twin carbs, new intake and synchronizing the complete exhaust, manifold to tailpipe, recurve the distributor... $3500 and a week later - and my "burnt valve" was fixed. And those words _still_ give me nightmares. :-D

Eliminator Performance : To those that say it's a turbo in the thumbnail 🤦🏻‍♂️

Scirocco ThePunisher : The correct title of this vid,should be Supercharging my s2000 in my garage!!you know the new youtube trend

Gabriel Sterr : You two are both compltetely nuts. In a good way!

Lucas : this gets a 10/10 for making it one part, and not dragging it out with mindless BS like so many other channels

Bryce : Be careful with relocating the vtec make sure it's securely fastened or else all your vtec will leak out into the street and you won't make any power

TheMick26 : Hahaha. It's a boy!😂 So happy for you, Jason! Great job, guys (and highly entertaining) as always.👍

Man Stuff Channel : "Does money even matter anymore?" Only someone who has boosted their vehicle will understand the depth and validity of this question... good job.

Dongle : “Hondas don’t fail, Charles”. I’m hearing that while looking at my accord, which decided it doesn’t like having coolant anymore

eslai : I really appreciate that you didn't make us suffer through daily, long-winded, monetized "build" videos like other youtubers do. You focused on the important parts AND made the video entertaining. Kudos to you both. Thanks for avoiding the temptation to flood us with BS just to make money.

BTR Justin : Been waiting my whole life for this video.

Mworx : You make a good team together, between you both there is a lot of knowledge in theory and practice, we can benefit from all of it which has no price tag, you can't buy the type of knowledge you offer for free

UsherLinder : Outstanding video! Your editing and arrow-pointing during the video were well-done and most helpful. The tagteam commentary was helpful and made it easy to listen to. BUT! Jason, you now have added more weight to the nose of your S2000. In order to restore the handling and balance to the car, you must spend oodles of money to replace the entire front in carbon fiber! :-)

عَلي الحُسَينيّ : That’s a clean looking Miata

Ondrej L : i want to share my bad experience with my CRANK PULLEY BOLT...i bought Honda Del Sol and so as fresh owner i asked when the timing belt was changed, they said it has been done before like 7000km, so that was OK (later it was checked so it was true) but first time i hit the empty highway (yes i was speeding on empty highway and i used all my 7200rpms) suddenly i heard only one knock..i go off from gaspedal and nothing was happening, engine was running still (on neutral) after i checked steering if its working i checked if engine is reacting everything seems to be fine and i didnt know what hapend...i still came home on that (cause it might be just a rock you know) so i went another maybe 20km at least and just before i hit parking place i loose powersteering...after i checked the pulley belts i found out that my PULLEY is missing BOLT! i suppose that who ever was changing the timing belt he unscrewed the crank pulley bolt with a pneumatic pistol, so he even used that pistol to tightened the bolt back and obviously it was really bad idea when i ordered new bolt directly from Honda dealer i get manual where was written like in 5 steps how to correctly tightened the bolt back and there was warning to dont use any gun for that and one step included running engine so to warm crankshaft probably and after running the engine some time, torque the bolt even please (anybody whos reading) dont underestimate the torque specs and please read manuals, they are really useful and contained some important facts (since i have done it according to manual i havent problem yet) - specially for Honda owners imagine you will loose some part spinning by 7000rpms what damage it could cause and not just to your car! another thing to the snapped bolt in video, there is really no need to have all the surface cause the tensions/stress are going to zero while you are moving to zero radius....torque is force multiply by distance - so thats why is not important that middle surface of that snapped bold but im sure you know that :) and my question is how did you damaged your crank pulley bolt? (i know you have to replace it every time you unscrew it but i thought you damaged it somehow in other way)

Luqman Baharin : "Honda accura ferrari S2million"

Matthew Hall : I’d get a crankcase breather kit as well so you don’t pressurize it when you get up on boost. Oil tends to be hard to clean out of a Honda engine bay. I’ve had plenty of experience with this working on my own cars.

itsToon : Why science of speed? The kraftswerks is better. Should have took it to LHT, they did over 50 installs of superchargers on s2k in a span of about a year and a half.

Joel L : So cool that you too could work together on a very meaningful project. Can’t wait for the dyno and driving assessment. Thanks for making and sharing this video. Joel....

MrStoneycool69 : I'm more a purist toward Honda cars especially the S2000, this modification was interesting to watch without modifying too much of the car. It'll be interesting to see the performance gains of this modification.


boostedmaniac : Good job on the video editing and the tag team commentary. This is as high quality as watching Horsepower TV or any of these other shows where they are doing installs.

Jared C : I have to say I have been waiting for this video for quite a while and having Charles out to help on the super charger was the icing on the cake. Both channels are awesome and I look forward to each and everyone of your videos.

Nameles : to loosen the crank pulley bolt, juts hold the bar against the shock tower like you were doing nad then engage the starter to turn the mototr over and it will break loose the bolt. it worked for me on my miata.

Jacoby 1911 : Cutest couple on YouTube.

Jarrett Embry : "Honda's don't fail, Charles"

Bogdan Mihai : What a beautiful car. I always liked the yellow/black combo on a S2000. It looks just sick!

Ricky Jassal : I would love to see these two do an engine swap or project car build

Sayuj Raphael : Something you could've uploaded in the Blown Heads channel

Chazit up : It think we may have found a new dynamic duo. No Robin involved.

Duck : Thanks for not making this a 20 part video

Shadow Prince : Charles seems like a really cool dude.

BunchOfCrazyStuff : I love that good old Honda Beep Beep Beep Beep *Pause* Beep Beep Beep Beep

nightkiler56 : Hondas don't fail Charles

Paulo Moniz : He spent more then 100k under the hood.

sienile : No whiteboard? I feel cheated. :p Nice change of pace. You and Charles work well together.

ReyD : You guys made that crank bolt look easy.. lol

Amemyarz : subscribed to humble mechanic. Top notch chap!

DanTaninecz : "It's a boy!" I lost containment.

Jibin Mathew : Dat on screen chemistry tho...

Tyler Sauter : The most ambitious crossover event in history