Howard the Alien dances with Thanos.

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Words can't describe how disappointed I am in myself.

Comments from Youtube

Stefje De kok : How do I delete somebodys youtube video?

The Wah Man : What did this cost?

Reptilian sin : I found the meaning of life

Vulcan AMV : I never knew I needed something so much until I saw this

Dilly Bestie : *Lucifer has become god*

de_hunter : Why is thanos so high quality

THE SUPREME DALEK : Drax:Tell him about the dance off to save universe

moudgill65 records : You are awersome bro

Δ Kalai Δ : Top ten most overpowered anime characters

The Raven : This hurt me emotionally and physically

Miguel Alejandro : Thanks got them moves

Known RBLX : I liked the thanos part

frenchfriedpataters 3 : True beauty

Alex Flores : What if god stays in heaven because he’s afraid of what he created?

OperatorDelta 3 : *God has left the chat*

frenchfriedpataters 3 : Beauty

frenchfriedpataters 3 : Never delete this the universe will have no reason to exist and it would kill it self

Terribly Charismatic Duck : Thank you, Kanye! Very cool!

Jake Houston : wat the

Coloris Beast : what did i just watch?

Ignitor : Gay

Lyreoz : They make a sexy couple.

TTRixyn xX : Soooooo.... is nobody gonna talk about the little dragon girl (Forgot her name ;-;) in the middle?

flapjack5511 : The most epic crossover in YouTube history