Poundland "disposable" phone charger.
Another wasteful disposable phone charger

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Yet another of the single use chargers with a fully rechargeable cell inside. This one takes it one step further with a full power bank chip. It's literally just missing a resistor, capacitor, LED and charge connector to make it a fully rechargeable unit. But on a plus note it can be used as a cheap and easily available source of 500mAh metal cased lithium cells if suitable cell protection is used. Or if you patch in the extra components you can recharge it from a USB power source. This unit represents very poor value compared to even the most basic Poundland powerbank. The only advantage is its slim size. If you really need a powerbank for a festival I'd strongly recommend a proper high capacity unit. If you enjoy these videos you can help support the channel with a dollar for coffee, cookies and random gadgets for disassembly at:- http://www.bigclive.com/coffee.htm This also keeps the channel independent of YouTube's advertising algorithms allowing it to be a bit more dangerous and naughty.


Tom De Mulder : These things are so wasteful and pointless. They'll all end up in landfill without having really been useful.

cedarstuff : I'm no greenie, but this single-use charger is pretty revolting. If it can't be recycled then it should be taxed to all hell.

Adrian Rabbage : Whatever the reason for them, it's still a shocking waste of resources.

LOLDONGS : These things need to be illegal already.

Jim E.G. Smith : This is a staggeringly irresponsible product on all levels. It represents crap value for the consumer and crap value for the planet as a whole.

Prestige Clash : These are such a terrible product, so wasteful.

90msg90 : 1200 mAh rechargeable power bank for 1£. 650 mAh one time use power bank for 2£. Poundland, your logic befuddles me.

megasquals : I'm disgusted this product exists

Jonathan Green : Why, why, why? Massive waste aside, you can literally get a 10000mah bank for like 20 bucks that can fully charge a phone at least twice, and is *gasp* reusable.

IncertusetNescio : Shame they make and sell those instead of making a super cheap rechargeable pack out of it. Would be easy enough to do. On an unrelated note apparently scrolling a full screen video is now a thing.

SWEATYGEAR? : I wish they would do some scheme around this, maybe make it cost £3, then give you a pound back if you return it. They could have them recharged in bulk for practically nothing, even if you only cycled them through like 10 charges before disposing of them they would make a pile of money for less outlay and massively cut down on waste

jort93z : are we really in 2018? i can't believe they make 500mAh lithium ion battery packs you throw away after 20 minutes of use.

Asu : EU is pushing the Article 13 when this thing pose much bigger problem to the environment.

Stevie Klaer : These started popping up at my university too. There are outlets that anyone can plug into everywhere, and on top of that, most people already have a rechargeable power bank. What a wasteful and useless device. Edit: oh, ill have to start collecting these, and modifying and repackaging them.

Defpom's Electronics & Repair - I Fix Stuff : Great example of commercial greed, omit the micro USB input in order to sell more units, disgraceful!

dirty girl : These Products are a Disgrace. Trading standards Should ban them . .

nutzeeer : I have never seen such crap being sold in germany. It should really be forbidden.

William Shreckengost : Oh I wish this concept would just die. Heck, just sell chargers that use alkaline/NiMH AA/AAA cells, maybe with batteries included, or on the same shelf as the batteries for a mean impulse buy. They have stupid capacities compared to lithium, they're ubiquitous, and they don't fill landfills with valuable materials shortly after leaving the box.

gowd sake : Poundland should be ashamed of itself

tommy : Bloody hell...Mother nature has the right to be wiping us clean off the slate

HB45175 : This should be banned for sale. Period.

J T : This whole concept is an abomination.

Povilas Staniulis : Such devices make absolutely zero sense. They are a waste of perfectly good lithium cells. A few extra cents and these could be rechargeable low capacity power banks.

Gribbo9999 : It's horrendously expensive electricity and a great way to screw the environment as well. Apocalypse very soon. Are we all mad?

FunScientifix : These things are literally cancer to environment. Actually, they order batch of 4000-8000 of these. The circuit and the battery are made in china in bulk and are exceptionally cheap. Even after the shipping, big corps make a good margin selling you these at 2Pounds. They might just have paid less than quarter of a pound for one including everything. So it's like capitalism on a whole new and shittier viewpoint

Markokk888 : things like that should be illegal.. this is bs..

nogginthenog : Such a waste. These would be great for an ESP8266/ESP32 project such as a solar powered weather station. Thanks BC.

Floydarn' : This sounds like a really bad product! The cost/charge is madness.

LondonNight : Those are a crime against Earth itself.

Ian Grice : Great, more disposable toxic crap for land fill.

Gordon Aitchison : How come the authorities are not taking Poundland to court for misrepresentation of the battery claim?

Buy me Skittles : It should be mandatory that places that sell these accept used ones as returns and give you a percentage of the cost back. The seller is then responsible for sending the returns back to the manufacturer who must recycle them. The sellers wouldn't want to take them back, the manufacturers wouldn't want to recycle them, they stop making them. Problem solved.

Atak Snajpera : Those cells are most likely recovered from old cell phones or dumb phones. Normally new battery of this size has capacity of 800mah. Yours has only ~500mah. China has found interesting way of sending back electronic waste to europe ;)

Thomas Verschoof : Youtube has started to automatically unsubscribe my account from your channel, just as what seems to have happened at Franlab's subscribers. I am glad I noticed as I was missing this video in my subscription overview, and I am trying to warn you about it.

outanet : Anything disposable is attractive to a certain type of person by the handful. I looked but my local "Poundland" doesn't stock them.

Wim Widdershins : So they could've made this OTG rechargeable and omitted isolation switch?

Read more : That is a huge waste of materials. 500mah is really really small

DimerNL : This kind of wastefulness should be made illegal by governments.

Ghost : Excellent use of world resources.

Shaun : shouldnt be legal

thrillscience : Every day's a Festival with Big Clive!

Andy : It's like the disposable ecigs having a rechargeable cell inside. What a waste.

Bruce Goatly : I'd be interested to see a review of the Blackweb charge bank; I recently bought an Aukey 20100 mAh one, and it looks identical to the Blackweb (and is also pretty darn heavy). I reckon it's a useful bit of kit.

The Dollar Guy : How about pound and a half with the missing parts to make it rechargeable? These are the apex of human stupidity otherwise.

Robin Campbell : You always need to provide "proper protection" when you pick up a stranger.

Kate : seems like a stupid thing to be selling in poundland. you need to be selling them at the festival to desperate people.

kirbsmeister2 : Mine a load of lithium, ship it to China, manufacture a battery, ship it to the UK, provide power for two Instagram posts, go to landfill. What the actual hell??

Zirconium Hacker : Somebody needs to petition to get companies to stop selling these things, or to make it outright illegal.

Daniel López : I guess that it's cheaper to use rechargable batteries just because they are made in billions, so they cost the same as disposable ones, but with higher energy density... but it's a crime against the earth, this is far beyond programmed obsolescence... if you find many of them, just make a big stack, use some cheap ebay / aliexpress 2€ hollow power bank with battery protection and there you go, a decent power bank with scalable capacity... I scavange every single electronic for batteries, and this is a crime...