OK Go - White Knuckles

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TheUseFul : Its 7 Year Old Video... Why a Reupload...???

Luís Miguel Viterbo : OK Go thinking of me, thanks! I've been following you for ages but can't remember having watched this video in particular (although I kind of remember he music). Either I missed it or my memory was replaced by some other things.

TheUseFul : *OK* *GO* *The* *pinnacle* *of* *CREATIVE* *Music* *Videos*

epSos.de : One can replace *the blue background* of this video with literally anything. Cartoons, nature landscapes, hungry tigers, space pictures, or some cats playing with feathers.

Lawrence Calablaster : Why are you re-uploading an old video?

Kyle David Hall : Remember this on the 3DS?

Ali ASH TV : Man it rains creativity in this channel!! Wow!!

Brynty Jermy : I don’t mind the reupload, just gives me another excuse to watch this awesome video

Sanzy : Wtf, i watched this video about 1000 times in the past but never managed to see the *goat* at 2:50?

Leftham Sam : I've seen this before but every time I smile when I think about the fact that the entire concept of this video is just DOGS look at all those good boys also look how stressed out and focused the band is during the chair part lol

Thot Police : repost???

OnceUponAVideo : So much ikea.

oeloftheossap : Why the reupload?

Nomich : Why is this being re-uploaded?

T.J. Thornberry : An HD version? Hell yeah!

Georgina Toland : Thank goodness for reuploads! I somehow missed this vid whenever it was first posted. Sweet puppers & doggos! Getting all of them to perform in unison must have been *very* challenging! 👍🏼🐕

Courtney Govender : This video made me so happy! Especially at 2:50 with that goat. These dogs are just the best. Your videos are always the best too.

Sushree Behera : Great! Lovr the adorable dogs


frickshamer : Love all the good boyes in this video. And hey, the dogs are cute too!

Rcbif : Thought this was just gonna be a "meh" cup stacking video but then dogs happened.

chas ames : Uh... that's a goat.

mu2thehotness : Brought to you by IKEA

Brandon Croker : Love this video! All the puppers...

Andrew Rothman : Ok Go are so well trained.

Kotori Minalinsky : A re-upload?? Not mad though because I love this song. And the dogs. Mostly the dogs though. Sorry.

Zander Garrant : 44th

Hailey H : This brings back memories. The first time I saw the video was in a McDonald's.

Zoey Hi and idk : ⓘ ⓛⓞⓥⓔ ⓣⓗⓘⓢ✞✞✞

pushparaj 666 : Mass....how can u think like this... amazing!!..but why repost

Moawati Lemtur : Try filming it with cats!!

hmpcv : I'm crying and I don't know why.

Tyler Zellers : Fun Fact: If you went to see 2012’s excellent horror-comedy Cabin in the Woods then you almost certainly recognize this as the song that plays during the opening scene.

Paulthefonz : Why the reupload?

Anthony Reaney : Never work with humans?

set clock --:-- : 🐶

konstantin604 : Is it IKEA's commercial?

StudiosOfAwesome : Amazing! It's a shame most people don't know you outside of 'Here It Goes Again"

Zawa Zawa : コンニチハ(*´∀`*)

Ronnie P : OK Go-White Knuckles: The Remastered Edition

Primitive In The Extreme : ♫ ♥ ♫

Lucas Gardezani Abduch : Dog style.

KittenStitcher : How had I not noticed the goat before? If I ever need a smile, I watch an OKGO video -- the videos are super-cool and the music is amazing! - T

2015 S RUBAN : First

Emma Indoril : Voila une vidéo qui a du chien...

NBT 3 : They re-up'd it because I missed it and it was driving them crazy knowing I had not seen it yet!

SadLlamaHappyLlama : Dogie fever

Jill Kwi : I’m not used to seeing uploads on the VEVO channel.

Maria Benke : Topp! :-)

Sanfranshelley & Jolie : So cool + I❤️puppies /dogs