Zlatan scores No. 500 on amazing flying kick: Taekwondo golazo!

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Gabriel Jesus : His nose is bigger than the MLS.

DoubleUYP : He actually learned Taekwondo when he was young and he is a big fan of it. Amazing goal btw!

Fenil Saji : 15 FACTS ABOUT ZLATAN 1 - When he was 10 years old, Zlatan decided to live by himself. And his parents just moved to another house 2 - Zlatan lost his virginity even before his parents 3 - One day Zlatan did a test in a lie detector machine. The machine confessed everything 4 - When Zlatan was young, his parents used to sleep on his bed when they were scared 5 - When Zlatan goes to your place to visit you, you're the guest. 6 - The father's name of Zlatan is Zlatan Junior. 7 - One day Zlatan passed a red light and the police stopped his car. Zlatan charged the police. 8 - Zlatan helped the nurses when he was born. 9 - Zlatan never lies. The truth is what is wrong. 10 - When Alexander Graham Bell created the telephone, he already had three missed calls from Zlatan 11- Oxygen needs Zlatan to survive 12- It is impossible for Zlatan to have a heart attack. Nothing is stupid enough to attack Zlatan 13- In school teachers used to raise their hands to talk with Zlatan. 14 - One day Zlatan missed two days in a row in the school. Later on, these days were called Saturday and Sunday 15 - One day Zlatan arrived late at school The other students were penalised because they arrived too early.

Jay Torres : Unfortunately most people wont understand this is a normal Zlatan goal.

Kev Park : 0:48 It's not a Karate Chop, Its Taekwondo Kick, Zlatan has a Black belt for Taekwondo.

Nicolas M. Vavallo : 500 times Zlatan the great Ibrahimovic! And couldn´t be just an easy goal it had to be amazing!!

Lee Cs : I think zlatan at 35 is better than lukaku

Pes Lover : Much better than CR7’s bicycle kick

keith Mutamba : When the goal is so good the opposition is clapping 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

John Vee : That’s not in the game, EA Sports

Wolkify : go sweden! if i am lucky i will run into him some day here in stockholm 😃

77 k : Cmon Ibra,you're way to big for a league like MLS

Happy Facts Lifestyle : Typical Ibra lol, Tae Kwon Do has served him well in football 👍

Fetramoles 17 : Imagine if it was offside 😲

KassioMassNukeOp Postwarlizard : Zlatan didn't celebrate scoring 500 goals. 500 goals celebrated being scored by Zlatan.

Quentin G. : PSG needed someone like him tonight...

mahamed ahmed : This man has put Sweden on da map!!.

Shiyon George : United should have kept him instead of fukaku.

Saurav Kumar : Zalatan never learned Taekwondo Taekwondo learned Zalatan when he was young

3barKnifer / iShi3LD_Ben : 0:47 bottom left, security guy lmao

Anish Ahmed : Should nominated for Puskas award

Ethan Gaita Salam : He making it look so easy lol

Hassan Miah : Zlatan does not need to celebrate we all do it for him

Roxan allen : Puskas award loading

Fredo Benji : Ibrahimovic should be winning goal of the year every year.

TheGamer Nation : I want him back in Paris saint germain:*

max serra : Holly e Benji

John49910110 : MILAN IS YOUR HOME ZLATAN🔥🔥🔥🌑🌑🔥🔥

siempie expert : this goal is insane goal but goals like this, is to are to normale for ibrahimovic he dont make a big celebration like childeren or like another players that they get too happy of goal in free goal or so normale and easy goal , makes prefect goals is too easy for zlatan , he can be winner for almost more than 100 gaols the price the most beautiful goal of year , but infortunetly that he has too much amazing goals .. this is just fact ..

Blackbirds _z : When he retires, the Puskas Award should be renamed to Zlatan Award

RemelOne : Лучший каратист)

Sigit Nur Cahyo : still better than salah's goal

Pranay Khaire : Messi zlatan and Ronaldo the only players in this generation to score 500+ goals.... Very happy to witness all three of them... Best players of this generation and very very unique in there own ways.....zlatan again an insane goal....love ibra....

Too Legit To Quit : Americans just cannot commentate on football it sounds horrendous

Arturo Mesirca : So shaolin soccer wasn't just a movie ?

Daniel Dinois : He acts like if it was just a goal like any other, just one more day in Zlatan's life... XD

drem0nious : Can't imagine how his goals would have been, if he practiced Muay Thai instead of Taekwondo 😁☝️

bono hiuson : Now he's got the 2 top goals in history.. This one just over passed his bike kick against England.

Mikael Bengtsson : 0:47 look at the yellow security guys reaction ^^

PLO 8 : Brock Lesnar vs Zlatan Ibrahimovic

Wanré Cross : Il n'y a que zlatan pour faire du zlatan

Badro NDZ : He deserves a ballon d'or 😔

Hehkze Ekehziz : لديه حزام اسود في التايكواندو

M Wildan G : He's an olympics gold medalist

AbraxSkY : Better of ronaldo bicycle?

Santosh Adhikari : An amazing goal got Zlatan

Hard Bass Music : Zlatan is the god of the football

Aditya Srivatsa : And the Zlatan goal award goes to Zlatan.

Charlie Jaffry Lifestyle : What a goal - he is a LEGEND!! Man United should of kept him, still good enough in my eyes🔥

kiias Ferreira : O time do ibra é igual o do muralha,nunca ganha.