Zlatan scores No. 500 on amazing flying kick: Taekwondo golazo!

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Pranay Khaire : Messi zlatan and Ronaldo the only players in this generation to score 500+ goals.... Very happy to witness all three of them... Best players of this generation and very very unique in there own ways.....zlatan again an insane goal....love ibra....

Toxic Sage YT : Underrated asf

roolo78 : Zlatan does not play for Sweden.... Sweden plays for Zlatan.

Carlos Ronaldo : Taekwondo learned zlatan

JC D : 10 FACTS you need to know about Zlatan —> 1. Zlatan is never lucky when he scores goals, goals are lucky to be scored by Zlatan. 2. When Zlatan were sitting in class he didn’t have to raise his hand to say something, the teachers raised their hands to talk to Zlatan. 3. If Zlatan is wearing sunglasses, it’s because of that he needs to protect the sun from getting burnt. 4. If you have 2 dollars and Zlatan has 2 dollars, he has more money than you. 5. Zlatan does not need to eat food, the food needs to be eaten by Zlatan. 6. Football didn’t make Zlatan famous, Zlatan made football. 7. Zlatan don’t have no friends, friends have Zlatan. 8. If Zlatan is in your home, you’re the guest. 9. When Zlatan looks in the mirror he does not see something, because there’s only one Zlatan. 10. Zlatan don’t need miracles, miracles need Zlatan. PLEASE LIKE THIS, IT TOOK ABOUT 30 MINS FOR ME.

Lee Cs : I think zlatan at 35 is better than lukaku

Hehehe : figured it... press L button.. Square button hold hold hold and releaseee.. boomm.. that how it works..

UNIT 51 : Goat

Dima S. : Это самое ах...ное, из того, что я видел в футболе

SeanyBoy : i live in toronto but good job on 500 ibra

Anish Ahmed : Should nominated for Puskas award

ThighClapper # : Taekwando has a black belt in Zlatan.

Peter Sonne Klint Petersen : He has done it all his career..

anto biju : Legends never die He is a legend ..

Abhijit Naik : Magician IBRAcadabra

Hassan Miah : Zlatan does not need to celebrate we all do it for him

dschonsie : imagine he would be 5 years younger, the galaxy fans would have a ball

case hook : Unnatuarally good sickest 500th goal ever

Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang : Messi's 500th was one of the best goals he'd ever scored. Not just the finish. The timing, the score, and the fact that it kept the title race alive.

Fabian Gallén : I don't care what anyone says, Zlatan is the greatest football player ever to live. I also don't care what anyone says, it's called football, not soccer.

Saurav Kumar : Zalatan never learned Taekwondo Taekwondo learned Zalatan when he was young

FTS GAMES : nossa que golaço

Rufus Brown : Dear America, can we have Ibra back? Love Europe

The Show : Come to madrid ZLATAN!!

Trdffc Kzrxdf : My mom says : its only luck ! ...

anonymous : Zlatan is the god of the football

hillclimbracingfan : Only Ibrahimovic can score crazy goal like that. Fan of Ronaldinho myself,but i respect Zlatan's skill and nose for scoring goals.What a player.

santiago chaves : he is the best of mls

Aberchrome : 0:54 black guy with the hat. lmao

The Kobster 05 : Zlatan does not sleep- he puts the world on pause so he can lie in bed for a while

Mc Fioti : Zlatan didn't scored 500 goals, 500 goals scored zlatan.

CASH SPEAKS : You know it's a good one when your opponents stand up and give an applause for you.

CASH SPEAKS : 00:54 Anyone noticed audiences' reaction back there? They're tryna understand what just had happened. 😂😂😂

Lil Rich Productions : Do you know what Nokia and Zlatan have in Common? If you throw them from a 200 metre tall building they'll both break the floor.

Uzumaki Naruto : *GOD*

Too Legit To Quit : Americans just cannot commentate on football it sounds horrendous

Otman HD : My man

anonyymi käyttäjä : Scoring a trademark goal as 500th, an absolut legend.

Alexandra : When YouTube was made zlatan already had a million views

Roxan allen : Puskas award loading

Ethan Gaita Salam : He making it look so easy lol

욕설과 발길질. : He invented Zlatwondo.

Khalid Imtiaz : Deserves Puskas Award. Period!

Davi Ribeiro : 500 goals reached Zlatan

John49910110 : MILAN IS YOUR HOME ZLATAN🔥🔥🔥🌑🌑🔥🔥

TheGamer Nation : I want him back in Paris saint germain:*

MICHAEL LEON LEON : Top scorers 1) cr7 2) messi 3) ibrakadabra Top players 1)messi 2)ibrakadabra 3)cr7

You Tool : damn is this for real

kafama gore : ne bekliyordunuz 500. golümde normal gol atmamı mı?

ЖГУЧИЕ ВИДОСЫ : karate Zlatan!