Wet Dream - Kip Addotta
Lets never forget that this ridiculously punny song exists

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It was April the forty-first Being a quadruple leap year I was driving in downtown Atlantis My barracuda was in the shop So I was in a rented stingray And it was overheating So I pulled into a Shell Station They said I'd blown a seal I said, "Fix the damn thing And leave my private life out of it Okay pal?" While they were doing that I walked over to a place called the Oyster Bar, a real dive But I knew the owner He used to play for the Dolphins I said "Hi Gil" You have to yell, he's hard of herring Think I had a wet dream Cruisin' thru the Gulf Stream Ooh Ooh Ooh Ooh Wet dream Gil was also down on his luck Fact is he was barely keeping his head below water I bellied up to the sandbar He poured me the usual Rusty snail, hold the grunion Shaken not stirred With a peanut butter and jellyfish sandwich on the side Heavy on the mako I slipped him a fin On porpoise I was feeling good I even dropped a sand dollar in the box for Jerry's squids For the halibut Well the place was crowded We were packed in like sardines They were all there to listen to the big band sounds of Tommy Dorsal What sole Tommy was rockin' the place with a very popular tuna Salmon Chanted Evening And the stage was surrounded by screaming groupers Probably there to see the bass player One of them was this cute little yellowtail And she's giving me the eye So I figured this is my chance for a little fun You know, piece of Pisces But she said things I just couldn't fathom She was too deep, seemed to be under a lot of pressure Boy, could she drink She drank like a . . . She drank a lot I said "What's your sign" She said "Aquarium" I said "Great, let's get tanked" Think I had a wet dream Cruisin' thru the Gulf Stream Ooh Ooh Ooh Ooh Wet dream I invited her to my place for a midnight bait I said "Come on baby, it'll only take a few minnows" She threw me that same old line "Not tonight, I gotta haddock" And she wasn't kidding either Cause in came the biggest, meanest looking haddock I'd ever seen come down the pike He was covered with mussels He came over to me and said "Listen, shrimp, don't you come trollin' around here" What a crab This guy was steamed I could see the anchor in his eyes I turned to him, I said "A-balone, you're just being shellfish" Well, I knew it was going to be trouble and so did Gil 'Cause he was already on the phone to the cods The haddock hits me with a sucker punch I catch him with a left hook He eels over It was a fluke but there he was Lying on the deck, flat as a mackerel Kelpless I said "Forget the cods Gil This guy's gonna need a sturgeon" Well, the yellowtail was impressed with the way I landed her boyfriend She came over to me, she said "Hey, big boy, you're really a game fish What's your name" I said "Marlin" Think I had a wet dream Cruisin' thru the Gulf Stream Ooh Ooh Ooh Ooh Wet dream Well, from then on we had a whale of a time I took her to dinner, I took her to dance I bought her a bouquet of flounders And then I went home with her And what did I get for my trouble A case of the clams Think I had a wet dream Cruisin' thru the Gulf Stream Ooh Ooh Ooh Ooh Wet dream Cruisin' thru the Gulf Stream Ooh Ooh Ooh Ooh Wet dream Cruisin' thru the Gulf Stream Ooh Ooh Ooh Ooh


Viktor the Creator : My dad showed me this when I was really young, oh the memories. Also I just got the "blew a seal" joke.

flixization : "She drank like a...she drank a LOT." This is my favorite line.

Jedidiah Martin : Actual Kip Adotta joke: How many flies does it take to screw in a lightbulb? Only two.....but you'll never know how they got in there....

Bill Schlafly : I watched this on porpoise.

Alex Rosas : I reference this song all the time and no one gets it. thanks for havin my back. don't forget the moral of the story is, next time you order pizza remember to say no anchovies please. that part is missing.

Tammy Thomas : I remember this from when I was a kid and listened to Dr. Demento every sunday night . We had to turn the volume down so our parents wouldn't hear it and we sat really close to the radio . It was great fun !

John P. Jones : man, I loved the Dr. Demento radio show.Β  this song's just brilliantly foolish.

alyssa ridge : Water you dockin aboat?

skullbait : I left a comment, for the halibut.

baylinkdashyt : The canonical list of fish puns.

HeadHunter : He always reminded me a bit of Bill Murray.

Sit DamnYou : omg this was one of my favorite Dr. Demento songs when I was a kid :) This And Fish Heads :P

Lucia Morello : i wonder if marlin's looking for his son.

AbortRetry Fail? : Lol, classic! Worked in a seafood restaurant in Ct. we used to request this on the local radio station all the time, and they always played it for us.

Mr K : Fintastic song from Kipper Addotta.

Dustin C. Slade : Thank you Kip! Β As a pre-teen I copied these lyrics down and still get a lot of clout at parties for being able to recite this gem!!!

Aeryn TwoFeathers : Many years ago, met Kip during my morning airshift in Arizona. A very funny guy. He came impromptu into the station and said to play this. Wet Dream became the most sought after tune for the next few weeks

Scott Bullard : Anyone remember this song??

richard johnson : great used of fish puns,I still have my 25th anniversary casette tapes-dr demento.one of my favorites

dlsofsetx : Bennett Cerf probably smiled in Heaven when he heard this pun filled ditty.

Ailsa Forshaw : Oh, man, takes me right back to my place in Toronto - first heard it on the radio, Dr. Demento - haha! So funny! A little shellfish ; )

brillopad6901 : Makes me miss the old Dr Demento days.

Mike Troiano : YES! I've been looking for this video for years!

A.U. Records : let's get tankedπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

William Erdman : First heard this on KZAP

anita bath : no im being serious, i really did have a wet dream about penguins when i was 9

itbitkitty : jesus! I haven't heard that one since high school. we were talking about "Martian Boogie" so.... Had to play this one. Still as wonderfully awful as we remembered!

Forrest George : Have not heard this in a very long time. Dr. Demento show played it.

coolnegative : do you still have the rest of the Z100 Anniversary album? Amazing! When radio was still worth listening to!

John Wachter : Heard this on KZAP's Fishhead Friday

E2qNX8btraQ3zRD6J7fc : Suddenly, I'm off to find more of these pun songs. Anybody got some good ones?

SPRPhilly : Oh man this takes me back.Β  Hadn't heard or even thought of this in so long.Β  MMR rocks!

Lee-Ann Kenyon : omg I'd forgotten about this song... yay!! this song just makes me stupid happy!

jabbapop : An endless "stream" of aquatic puns. Crisp AND refreshing.

nathan smith : Some great puns, but I like "Life in the Slaw Lane".

xxrivergoatxx : Haven't heard this in ages... thanks for posting!

Rexx Michaels : Takes me back to highschool!

Melvin Collins : I FOUND NEMO!!!!!

Dancing Spiderman : Thank you, 0marigolds, for PMing me this song.Β  I LVOED it! The chord progression sounds quite Steely Dan in flavor. I believe I heard it only one time, on college radio station somewhere.Β  Or maybe I'm hallucinating I heard it at one time.

Giorgio Torregrosa : This used to be the 5 O'Clock cruise home song on the Rock station in Chattanooga in the early 80's. Awesome to find it again and relive those rides home!!

Rich Norman : What a great classic!

GeorgenotSmith : Funny, funny stuff, from back in the day. More fish puns than you can shake a stick at.

Paul Gianni : Thank you for posting this; I haven't heard this song in decades -- a real treasure!

TheeAirworks : my god , im having flashbacks to the early 80's! and being 12 years old.....

djplazma : I karaoke this tune...

avidrocker : well, the name of the album this is on is called "White Boy Rap"

John beckwith : They play this non-step at Gitmo I've been told.

Scienceorc : what the hell did I just watch?!

AXESMI : Very clever and well done song.