Tenzin Palmo Jetsunma - The difference between Genuine Love and Attachment

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Tenzin Palmo Jetsunma interviewed about romanticism that makes us confuse genuine love with attachment - and how it causes suffering in relationships. Post open about the video: http: //papodehomem.com.br/amor-romant ... How to support the nuns monastery founded by Jetsunma: http: //tenzinpalmo.com/support/paymen ... Book "In the heart of life": http: //www.lucidaletra.com.br/pd-db3c ... THANKS Jetsunma Tenzin Palmo: http://www.tenzinpalmo.com/ Drukpa Brazil and Lama Jigme Lhawang: http://www.drukpabrasil.org/ Ven. Aileen Barry Jeanne Pilli: http://equilibrando.me/ Lucid lyrics and Vitor Barreto: http://www.lucidaletra.com.br/ CREDITS Interview: Gustavo Gitti Images: Ana Higa and Luiza Castro Editing: Luiza de Castro Color Correction: Luiza de Castro Graphics: Fábio Rodrigues Join in place of the channel for more videos about transformation → http: //youtube.com/channel/UC7phBFFay ... We continue in place through practical, everyday conversations in our forums, hangouts, insights articles, face meetings and courses. TO PARTICIPATE → http://olugar.org/participe Entrevistamos Jetsunma Tenzin Palmo sobre como o romantismo nos faz confundir amor genuíno com apego — e como isso causa sofrimento nas relações. Post aberto sobre o vídeo: http://papodehomem.com.br/amor-romant... Como apoiar o monastério de monjas fundado por Jetsunma: http://tenzinpalmo.com/support/paymen... Livro "No coração da vida": http://www.lucidaletra.com.br/pd-db3c... AGRADECIMENTOS Jetsunma Tenzin Palmo: http://www.tenzinpalmo.com/ Drukpa Brasil e Lama Jigme Lhawang: http://www.drukpabrasil.org/ Ven. Aileen Barry Jeanne Pilli: http://equilibrando.me/ Lúcida Letra e Vítor Barreto: http://www.lucidaletra.com.br/ CRÉDITOS Entrevista: Gustavo Gitti Imagens: Ana Higa e Luiza de Castro Edição: Luiza de Castro Correção de cor: Luiza de Castro Grafismos: Fábio Rodrigues Inscreva-se no canal do lugar para mais vídeos sobre transformação → http://youtube.com/channel/UC7phBFFay... Seguimos no lugar por meio de práticas, conversas diárias em nosso fórum, hangouts, artigos de aprofundamentos, encontros presenciais e cursos. PARA PARTICIPAR → http://olugar.org/participe

Comments from Youtube

V C : People are losing their minds with this video cause they are struggling with the thought that they actually don't know how to truly love.

john smith : Being together all day everyday is what causes attachment. When that happens youll become dependant on that person and when you're not with them you wont know how to function without them. Thats why you have to set up a BOUNDARY of giving each other space and independence.

Mrdead Inmypocket : A verbose way of saying "If you love something, set it free".

Kayla Rae : this is perfect

mandy baende : WILL AND JADA WAS TALKING ABOUT THIS. They were saying love is not romantic. It’s a partnership where both individuals who are already fulfilled with happiness coming together ❤️🙏🏽

Lexa's Subject : We still have so much to learn. Yes, genuine love is not selfish. It is selfless. We need to learn how to love others more than ourselves. It's still conditional love though if we only do this to the person we love romantically. This just doesn't apply to love romantically. Our feelings for someone though can overwhelm us in so many ways. But ultimately, loving someone genuinely is the only way.

AstheticLyfeStyle : She just simplified all the confusion that I’ve had . This video gave me the peace of mind understanding of my feelings that I needed. God bless you.

Debbie Moran : This is beautifully expressed, thank you <3

A Culver : I absolutely LOVE this message! (pun intended) ;)


Wandering In The Woods : I'm glad I found this, I am currently 19, still young and naive and on my journey of self fulfillment. Sometimes I feel rushed to find someone just to be beside a presence, but I also know that in doing so, I would greatly neglect myself.

Verena Hilpert : Beautiful. If I have to, I will watch this video every day - to remind me of her wisdom, which sounds so true to me.

Lion T : Thats the best speech ....,ive listen in my life.. When i listen to this everytime i become very energetic.... Thanks alots grand ma...

KPEC3arrival : Very helpful insight, thank you.

michael christian : Exactly what I have been thinking after going through multiple harsh attachment. I think you can't really love someone to the fullest when you feel attached. Attachment is a selfish form of energy, which indicate that you lack of self love. When you are lacking in self love, how can you love the other to the fullest? Still I think, much more easier said than done.

Himanshu Sharma Gaming : I read many, I saw many saying and explaining true; genuine; unconditional love but this is far is the best could make me clear in the best way as Yes! This Is What Love Really Is! I'm Blessed! Thank You!❤️😊🙏

Avishay Haviv : Oh come on! You have to truly die as your separate "self" in order to be free of attachments. Now - honestly - How many people are in this state? This is irrelevant for most people in the world! Except for the poly community - they will love this. In the wrong kind of way.

Spiritdove : I love when I know they are part of me and when I lose that I also lose that part of me.. not that they do something for me. but because they brightened part of my very being I came to this conclusion myself on my own. I agree with her totally. selfish love is not real love.. just for self gratification it isnt real

Nightfury oblivion : Ive been watching this video with no audio and i thought it was an old man so i was imagining an old man's voice in my head. I was wondering why people in the comments are saying "she" or "her"

Zoe Thomas : wish I saw this before my ex dumped me tbh. Wish I could have learned this.

Lydia Hirzallah : You said this so beautifully. I finally understand why my relationship broke and i feel so sorry for him that he had to go through this. I didn't see my behavior and the way it exhausted him. Glad he is so happy now and feeling 'released'.  He had to free himself from me. I truly loved him sooo much but i loved him the wrong way.  I tried to show him i care and i finally understand how it is to feel hold back. Id wish i could say sorry to him.

James Brudnick : I don't know why, well I guess I do, but the plastic water bottle bugs me.

Kaneki Katharsis : Loving is tiring when the person you love doesn't give a shit about it. This world is filled with people who know only attachment. No matter how much you love them they fall into depravity and no human being possibly can see his loved one fall into depravity. While the lover becomes more conscious day by day, the person loved becomes more doll-like day by day. In all of this the lover can't take it anymore. Every single mistake hurts like a arrow straight to heart cause the lover knows how much he put into the simplest smallest thing which that person crushed under his feet without giving it a single glance. This torture keeps on going cause love never ends and at one point the lover takes all out on that person. Tells them everything, they did to hurt him. He speaks and speaks and speaks. That person gets overwhelmed but at no point that person feels back love for the lover. It can be sympathy, empathy or anything. But love doesn't comes. After speaking out his heart lover feels far better and smiles and embraces his loved one for next torture cycle. This cycle is gonna repeat till eternity. Only if the loved one gets bored out of all the good his lover was or lover dies, only then this cycle of despair ends. Don't preach love when you never loved anybody yourself.

Linda Castellon : So grateful for these words. So grateful that the tears flow down my face.

Reginald Steele : This is the realest thing I have ever heard. It makes me want to cry .

Carol Aldridge : I wish they taught this in school

Dawn Williams : Straight and to the point. Being clingy and overly attached is not true love.

chuck norris : There is no such thing as genuine love. Even helping strangers elicits a neurological reward. Attachment is ok, if it is the price you pay for the joys of a romantic relationship.

Pichai Peachy : AMAZING!

Suda Kumm : I am learning from her suggestion

Bigasstbone : Venerable You don't mention how a person can be attached to someone for their wealth and social status. You love them and want them to be happy but not necessarily when someone is doing it for their own ego.

Ridwan Firdaus : This is beautiful

Manel Icecream : best video ever

Ezydenias : Hilarious, me and a friend of mine just talked about exactly this. How quaint. But yeah we noticed the same thing with the Attachement, it sometimes seems so vile and weird. Sometimes it seems necessary. Maybe there are times when you need to attach to someone, of course someone who is willing to help you or on the other front attach you someone to you which isn't that big of a benefit to you. I think she didn't put out those words in a simple text so we follow them blind, she wants us to think about it. Which I find a nice point. Well okay she could seem like an arrogant snot but I have the feeling she doesn't mean it in that sense. I mean she even says words like Ideally, which means that is not what is going to happen. Also I think she kinda only talks about that one kind of love, not all forms of love, at least in this video.

Arrizón M : Dear everyone,This is how I love the soul Y♡U.I just want Y♡UR happiness.Be well and be blessed.

Devon Buckley : Beautiful logic!

Jayhob Ackluhammad : what is this avatar the last airbender i thought these people were extinct jesus aang's kids sure gre wup fast wow

Dushyant Rana : I came upon this realization when i was 14.. not because i heard someone. But more like an epiphany.

blood bath : goosebumps all over!!!!

Norbert Falkiewicz : This background music is killing me...

Jesse Tep : Someone once told me love is sacrifice!, and from that moment I came to know every denomination, explain or action all leads to sacrifice now the question is are you willing to do it?

HealthSupercharger : very powerful wisdom

Sonam Tashi : True meaning of love.

PAVITHRA SRIRAMULU : She is saying that ppl should not think the other person would make fulfill but already feel fulfilled nd appreciate each other but I often listen ppl saying my love fulfills me can anyone explain this

Mickiii P : No disrespect, but I believe buddhism is the religion of trippin ballz without actual drugs.

aby heek : Looks like love is something that you want to have...but you can't own.. !!

Dan Cisneros : There was a time not to long ago when I was going through a lot of hurt from a heart break, I stumbled upon this video,and it helped me a lot,thank you for your true and wise words.

grosbeak : One can see the personal emotional hurt in this Buddhist nuns eyes. She's talking from her own experience and is basically just giving some balanced perspective on things that aren't necessarily Buddhist but just common sense. Common psychology.

John Jones : My one disagreement with Buddhism is its focus on avoiding pain. I may be mistaken and if so please correct me. But like pain, loss, death, etc are inevitable in life... and once you get to understand the dynamic of pleasure and pain you understand that they are both part of the same experience. I like cohen when he says something along the lines of "there's a blaze of light in every word, it doesn't matter which you've heard, the holy or the broken hallelujah"