Water Buffalo (CAUGHT BAREHANDED) with Andrew Ucles & Adam Greentree

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The following footage showcases what it takes to capture a Bull Buffalo with a shit pair shoes and a bit of rope, Andrew Ucles manages to lasso a buffalo whilst using a tree as an anchor point. Joined by experienced and renown professional BowHunter Adam Greentree, he offers some fantastic verbal assistance whilst helping with the process of a safe capture and release. Water Buffaloes are a feral species within the Top End of Australia and cause significant damage to natural habitats, they are also a serious concern for the cattle industry as they can potentially transmit harmful diseases to cattle and other livestock. Enjoy *EDIT Video Description* Subscribe for more wild videos! ► http://bit.ly/AUsubscribe http://www.andrewucles.com http://www.facebook.com/uclesvsthewild https://twitter.com/AndrewUcles [The following footage was complied by an experienced individual(s) - no attempt should be made to reenact or recreate the following footage. No animals within the following footage were harmed. The footage depicts animals being restrained and no intent has been made to injure, harm or stress the animal(s). All animals used within the following footage were released back into their natural state. Viewers should not attempt the following outtakes without the appropriate permits and review of the relevant legislation and industry professional assistance.]

Comments from Youtube

BlueIceAce : I'm so scared the Buffalo would kick you from behind.

Super Duty 455 : Will science ever find a cure for Andrew's severe shirt allergy?

Brian Chen : Anyways i was expecting him to wrestle the buffalo down like usually

Acoustic Silk : Yea you gotta get on the joe Rogan podcast

kevin Rudd : I find it amazing how a human can take one of these huge creatures down with nothing more than a rope and a bit of thinking.

Carti YT : I know a cocaine addict when I see one

Daniel R : LMFAO when he smelled the buffalo's tail

Kevin Rustles : Have Adam hook you up with Rogan.

Ben Turner : You my good sir have gigantic brass balls. I've never seen anyone run that fast with such oversized appendages......

Rocket Raccoon : Joe Rogan will see this one day and flip out

Senseless : Is it only me that him smelling that tail made me rack up

DragonBallDave363 : When I was a boy I wanted to be Steve Irwin, 20+ years later and now I am convinced Andrew Ucles is the best!!

Patrick Watson : Tie it's legs together then push it over.

Rémi De : For a moment i thought the Buffalo would back kick him so hard he would be back in 2016.

Neznisgip : Okay dude , now you're just clinically insane! 🤣

Thomas Gulf City Jefferson : I seen Water Buffalo in title and thought this was a The Young Turks videos.

ray kay : Andrew for the sake of god please tell me from which planet you came from?😑

Ayleid Ruin : It's Never a Dull moment w/ Andrew Ucles :D

REPT1LE : What an absolute beast! ..(talking about Andrew)

Pedro Vargas : Why is the back of the buffalo "quite safe"? What's preventing him from punting you to Asia with his hind legs?

K a n t r o p : how fast is your 100m sprint?

Tom Bagiotas : 6:28 is the best content I have ever seen in my life

Toki。 : イモトの奴やんw

Luke's Fishing : This guy is crazy

鈴木 : イッテQから!

Jerome Octave : Try use the black panthers technique

卍KUNキッズの長卍 : イッテQから来た人✋

Jake Colclough : i would love to see you on the joe rogan experience

焼肉大好き野郎 : イッテqから

therealpewer : This is fake, the buffalo is obv. an actor

Ni Hao : イッテQから来た人多すぎ笑笑 チャンネル登録しとこう笑笑

キャーリーポミュポミュ : イッテQから来ましたw

Rob Mellor : Greentree with the knowledge! Basically telling you how to bind to a cleat. I had No idea ucles and greentree were mates! And the world is a better place for this union !!!

・きょーか : イッテQから来ました~ チャンネル登録しときまーす

CharlesCarabott : I think water buffalo are an interesting animal for Australia since Australia has no big native animals. Next introduce some tigers to feed on the buffalo

にきに : イッテQから来た人多いし早すぎwwww 暇人かよw(人のこと言えない)

50 Stitches Steel : Your a nutter bro

油性ペン : イッテQから来たとかいちいちいらんねん イモトから来た人〜🙋‍♂️

Sabre : I saw water buffalo and then I saw caught barehanded and I thought to myself "How would that be even slightly possible."

Chris Quid : You need to care a little bro. You got good reflexes but respect them horns. Nice vid anyways

benjovi55 : Is he wearing a, "cross your heart," bra? Remember those commercials? I dont' go anywhere... without cross your heart. Cause cross your heart has criss-cross shaping. 2:39

Ogre Under Bridge : Man, there's more fight in our NRF cows when just grumpy. At 5.21 you would for shure have been K.O.'ed. :D

M.J.F.S From Sydney : G'day, Mate.. Nice catch..! I'm hanging to know something.. What's his tale smell like..?

Inger Casselman : I just got turned on to your Channel. 1 word wow .u r like know 1 i have ever watched in"action" nice b safe but giver!!!!!!😝🌈🍁

i v : イッテQから来た人!

Hector Diaz : Get a Rhino now.

stankypantz : Catch a storm trooper bare handed

VectoRz Videos : Not barehanded if you are using a rope lol

RyzingTerror : “The Indominus Rex escaped activate the Ucles !!”