Water Buffalo (CAUGHT BAREHANDED) with Andrew Ucles & Adam Greentree

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Mohamed Arham : Catching a blue whale bare handed next please

Super Duty 455 : Will science ever find a cure for Andrew's severe shirt allergy?

Daniel R : LMFAO when he smelled the buffalo's tail

Acoustic Silk : Yea you gotta get on the joe Rogan podcast

BlueIceAce : I'm so scared the Buffalo would kick you from behind.

Ben Turner : You my good sir have gigantic brass balls. I've never seen anyone run that fast with such oversized appendages......

Brian Chen : Anyways i was expecting him to wrestle the buffalo down like usually

Kevin Rustles : Have Adam hook you up with Rogan.

Senseless : Is it only me that him smelling that tail made me rack up

kevin Rudd : I find it amazing how a human can take one of these huge creatures down with nothing more than a rope and a bit of thinking.

Rocket Raccoon : Joe Rogan will see this one day and flip out

DragonBallDave363 : When I was a boy I wanted to be Steve Irwin, 20+ years later and now I am convinced Andrew Ucles is the best!!

Pedro Vargas : Why is the back of the buffalo "quite safe"? What's preventing him from punting you to Asia with his hind legs?

Thomas Gulf City Jefferson : I seen Water Buffalo in title and thought this was a The Young Turks videos.

Patrick Watson : Tie it's legs together then push it over.

Ni Hao : イッテQから来た人多すぎ笑笑 チャンネル登録しとこう笑笑

ray kay : Andrew for the sake of god please tell me from which planet you came from?😑

K a n t r o p : how fast is your 100m sprint?

Neznisgip : Okay dude , now you're just clinically insane! 🤣

Aegon Targaryen : Didn't know a lasso was considered barehanded.

Ayleid Ruin : It's Never a Dull moment w/ Andrew Ucles :D

12thatguyoverthere : Its been 5 months since the last upload, did this man die or something? ):

Elijah : Is it not a risk that it could kick you from behind?

トキトキ : イモトの奴やんw

Trihard7MC : Get on the JRE podcast asap!

REPT1LE : What an absolute beast! ..(talking about Andrew)

Arion : What animal was the first one lmao

キャーリーポミュポミュ : イッテQから来ましたw

therealpewer : This is fake, the buffalo is obv. an actor

Benjamin Dover : I love what you do so much! Great to see you're still at it. With the amount of passion you have for this, I can see you as an old man trying to wrestle down an alligator XD "Oye, settle, settle mate."

alexng4 : 5:26 jeez.... go get a room already!!

Jake Colclough : i would love to see you on the joe rogan experience

Batman : dont play with your life kids

Luke's Fishing : This guy is crazy

Tom Balino : 6:28 is the best content I have ever seen in my life

Leo Mori : Pest? Ahahhaha you can eat those they have good meat

大王イカ太郎 : イッテQから!

焼肉大好き野郎 : イッテqから

Rémi De : For a moment i thought the Buffalo would back kick him so hard he would be back in 2016.

sinephase : If they're considered pests why doesn't anyone herd them and turn them into burgers? XD

Steph Srr : I hope you have so sunscreen, to protect you from those horns.

卍KUNキッズの長卍 : イッテQから来た人✋

Bradley Aston : I wanna know this guys mind set on life

Zhong Yuan : Thought it will be caught and beheaded

VectoRz Videos : Not barehanded if you are using a rope lol

Sap Brahh : Riding and being chased by a cow that is roaming in fields was my most australian thing ive done

benjovi55 : Is he wearing a, "cross your heart," bra? Remember those commercials? I dont' go anywhere... without cross your heart. Cause cross your heart has criss-cross shaping. 2:39

Jerome Octave : Try use the black panthers technique

noonesperfect : all species < Andrew

油性ペン : イッテQから来たとかいちいちいらんねん イモトから来た人〜🙋‍♂️