Thom Yorke - Videotape (From The Basement) HD

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n : It's like Van Gogh playing the piano. Not just visually.

yorkeos : He's so pure He's so beautiful He's so talented He's so smart This song ls full of emotions Long live Thom Yorke

Sebastian Bauza : It's kind of ironic because I sent this song to my ex via messenger, but the day I sent it to her she wasn't able to see it. Then the next day she broke up with me and saw the message days after that. I guess I was "talking to her after it was too late".

Einar : This is my way of saying goodbye Because I can't do it face to face I'm talking to you after it's too late From my videotape

stephen atkins : Keeping that syncopated rhythm with your foot whilst playing 'on the off' on the piano and singing isn't that tough really

Aditya Srinivasulu : It's amazing how his foot moving the pedal sounds like a quiet little drum track

Noonshine : How he made his millions

Mario's Absolute Cringefest : Syncopation

Dyllan Tyrril : Hands down the most gripping version of Videotape in my opinion

Mario's Absolute Cringefest : I noticed that he was humming the melody of Karma Police in the end

raul yanez cortes : I love this man.

Kathryn Hunter : this is so hauntingly beautiful.i can't help but cry a little each time  :'(

Doeniel02 : even in this you can see the syncopation

Aditya mishra : Supreme god of music....

loki lastname : When I kill my self this is going to be my last facebook post, I think it says everything that I could or would want to say and is a nice goodbye to everyone. Thank you Thom, thank you for saying what I couldn't! :)


María Manzanares : He's a genius...

Nikko M : Finally, he said "it's too late"

feroui hamza : you can hear he's keeping the sycopated rythm with his leg so beautiful

loki lastname : I listen to this song every time I am alone and sad and honestly it makes everything seem okay. Dying alone doesn't seem so scary now, I loved you all the best I could. I swear you meant the world to me and I thank you for it.

la n097 : omg memories hit me so hard

Hel : I miss you my friend.... everyday.

Matheus Alves : Thank you Thom

Alex Dante : 2:07 is such an incredible sight. Whoever placed the "No Smoking" sign here in the studio had absolutely no idea of the beauty that would take place in this space. . It's just a reminder of the real outside world; barely breaking the illusion of this insane atmosphere Thom creates with a piano. Incredible.

Capucine Richaudeau : 5 years later, still always touching 😢

Dudu Gonzalez : Beautiful tune.

Clara : wish I could marry him

Dante Chavez : this guy is a f..kin gifted.

jackw2443 : i love you thom yorke

vin cent : made me cry....

Daniel Cohen : this song is very sad :(

Logan Aves : The first time I heard this live I cried like I was at my own funeral it was so fuckin intense. I felt no shame I just sobbed

monkey dangus : looks like someone's been chewing on his ear

J Cha : este video debería tener millones de visitas...Es una joya..simplemente maravilloso thom

John Johnston : genius

Tonalli Maya : This song is syncopated

RealStupidTV : This is great and all but who is beating their dick in the background?

ToneGarvey : Insane they through out the rising and falling middle section on in rainbows

Aniki82 : What happened to the original 'green' version of this?? I can't find the video anymore :( :( :( The lowfy added to the mix ahah

David Garay : This is my way of saying goodbye Because I can't do it face to face

Michael Crispell : bury me to this

Aggeliki Triantafyllou : The talented Mr. Yorke ♥

tomnikond600 : This song makes me cry

mildred mujicq : Beautiful

Chip Douglas : Perfect best song to calm me down

TheKnobdayShow : stunning

Joey Young : Gorgeous music

Broken The Curse : Love this song, is beautiful.

Shannon Mackey : Masterful. Pure and simple.

stephen atkins : Cough