Brailsford temporarily rehired by Mesa PD
Philip Brailsford coward and murderer of family man Daniel Shaver rehired by Mesa PD

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Philip Brailsford, the former officer who was acquitted on murder charges regarding the shooting death of an unarmed man, was temporarily rehired by Mesa PD. Watch ABC15 tonight at 10 p.m. for the full story.


gula-gula getah sabah : Guys don't dislike the video. They're moving coverage for the news. Disliking this video does not mean you're disliking the garbage that was rehired

Shay91 : He deserves the death penalty.

javi del : put that psycho in jail allready!

Deirdre Milligan : Absolutely disgusting. He should be in jail for cold blooded murder and here he is free AND still getting a paycheck.

Dan BoxFan : His acquittal was reprehensible and tragic. His rehiring is salt in the wound, sick, unjust, criminal, wrong, sad, corrupt, and on and on. Hard to defend when you see stuff like this.

T R U T H : Dude I genuinely want to kill this disgusting rodent in the most painful way imaginable.

Scott Gilroy : This is the reason i try to explain to people that bad cops are the common persons biggest daily threat. But then they say you are anti-cop. I say if you are ok with cops murdering innocent people with no accountability then you have to be ok with it happening to your family or those you love

EVOLICIOUS : People just don't understand, the cops don't think they are above the law, they ARE above the law. Until we have consequences in law for police officers, nothing will change.

Mavin Marque : tax payers having to support a murderer, because he wore blue.

SyZyGy : There is LITERALLY clear video evidence of him committing the crime. How is he not in jail?

Cj Giordano : This pathetic excuse for a human needs a pair of concrete shoes and a dip in a lake

Most cops are nazis : I really hope i have to never deal with a cop murdering my family members. If my family isn’t off limits neither is yours

Someone Else : Absolutelyreprehensible. Mesa PD should be ashamed.

Richard Ensey : No justice in the courts...then it will be justice on the streets!

Dave Poore : No s*it, really? Disgraceful. But hey, that's Mesa PD for ya!

Lissajous Curved : Probably street justice is coming.

Lee Patterson : An absolute miscarriage of justice.

TeamGoodVibes818 : Disgusting. Not suprised, sick pigs.

killinthepit : Unfucking real

Most cops are nazis : If it was my son I would’ve killed him by strangling him in front of a mirror so he could watch the life leave his body

John DeLaGarza : Disgusting that he was hired back so he could get his golden parachute retirement.

Darus Smins : A good fit for the Mesa PD. Hiring a proven thug is cheaper than having to train one up.

thicklyfe : I'm surprised no one has executed this subhuman trash yet. Also Brailsford's daddy was a lowlife cop as well and now a lawyer repping pigs.

Kyle Daly : Don't downvote them, they telling the truth. Down vote the man, up vote the reporter

SM96 : I still can't fathom how he's not put in jail. Corrupt crazy land he lives in.

Feras Angel : I've seen the video its cold blood execution

Drowning Lemming : And now tax payers will be paying for him for life.

Andorian323 : His father probably arranged it.

dante144 : Murderer should be put in jail.

doorswhofan : Sickening.

Lindsey Mousa : Brailsford will get what's coming to him in the end. Shame on Mesa PD. Way to go making a terrible situation worse.

M. C. : I can't imagine a more fitting example of someone who deserves to have a bounty put on his head than Philip Brailsford.

TheCoconutCookie : Police are pigs. Even the 'good ones' remain silent and complicit when this happens.

Shart : Street justice on him, kill that cop.

Wrath Az : Insane and horrible

Tony B : This is why I have no issue with those cops being asked to leave the Starbucks coffee. That woman was genuinely scared for safety. Mesa PD will go to hell.

Norman MacDonald : Philip Brailsford is a murderer. Repeat it as many times as you can.

Jnaathra : Just add this to the long list of "Reasons We Don't Trust Police".

Layton Matheson : Police are the biggest gang in the world. Perhaps someone should serve up some Jungle Justice. At least it that would legitimise his PTSD claim...

NY Mogul : If he killed my spouse he would of ended up being hooked to a respirator.

Karen Sanders : Someone must hurt him badly

Mark Stewart : Mesa is chuck full of Mormons. Sounds about right. The Jesus stick is just an exploit...besides Jesus will take care of all of this after we all die. FIXED.

randombro : murderer

Anonymous User : This is why I don't trust the police. They shouldn't be allowed in any public place they are a danger to everyone. They just rehire a murderer 🖕Mesa PD.

bulldogg70 : God, how can the City of Mesa do this . . . This is a spat in the face of all Americans and cops that the City of Mesa wants to protect a rogue cop . . . Wow ! ! !

Wentao Feng : about saving those $2500 paycheck for soldiers who TRUELY have PTSD for VALID reason!!!

Don Camillo : if he would have killed my son like this...I would have killed him too... and justice would have been done...

NWA Bow Hunter : I tend to side with law enforcement most times. But this case is an absolute travesty. This guy murdered the young man plain and simple.

Trans8010 : Read his father is on the board that rehired him. Nuff said!