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Jacob : The fastest way to end your fighting carer

Justin 2038 : Had to mute it. Terrible “music”.

Yan Schrag : 4:30 should be hit in the face till his brain is on the floor

LEGENDARIest Legendary commentor : 2:25 wtf happened. This man is the legend 27 +the greatest goat ever

Douglas Scott McCarron : Music sucks

Jason Riley : Damn some of those officials had some nice moves. Im surprised we dont see more fighters hitting them after being KOed... Only because they are unaware of whats going on and punching from the instinct to defend and fight. Good shit though... Imagine catching a shot from mike tyson in his prime... I once fell down a flight of stairs and used my head t9 stop my fall against a concrete cinder block wall... Got a free concussion outta the deal though and drove around NC for 2 days thinking i was working. My work thought I was on drugs. Lol... i remember saying when i hit the wall that I now know what it feels like to get hit by mike tyson. Dont know why i decided to tell that story but the actual full story is hilarious. I ended up getting pulled over for drunk driving in yadkinville, NC. Blew 0.00 about 10 times... They searched my truck and found 2 pot seeds and a set of old rusty handheld scales in my toolbox in the bed of my truck. I had not seen those things in 2yrs but they charged me with Marijuana with the intent to distribute. WTF? It was a hell of a Barney Fife moment... Straight out of Mayberry. Lol

DeezMez4Dayz : 7:35 he was he so hard he thought he had to fight the ref😂😂😂

The Asian One : 6:46 man of the year

monkey head : I feel like all referees should just be badass fighters kind of like master splinter or the old guy from kung fu panda like there chill n all but if one of the fighters gets out of line they'll put them in their place real quick like the second ref did💀💀

White0523 : hope those "fighters who attack the refs get disqualified. some was just accidents but for those who attacked them on purpose i hope they got banned from the sport

David D : These refs are beast

SlivicGaming : Any fighter that goes after a referee or keeps fighting after the fight is called should be perminately banned from all competitions and hit with charges that'll ruin them financially for the rest of their lives. Youre getting paid to fight under the rules of the competition and if you break them there shouldn't be any mercy

SKT123 UDPOTA : 1:58 lol

Yoao Cruz : #i like that song, what's the name of the song???

JTR : The one at 2:30 feels so fake to me.

Iman Isali : 0:42 lmaoooo

Enzo Quiroz : 4:39 looks like erick el terrible Morales

Dino A : Love the music!

Bjorn Ironside : You see this in wwe all the time 😂

Santos Portillo : What is this song

Cassy Gumdrops : Refs don't take shit from no one....

Angeline Coker : That second referee though

Lam Joe : Hordes of wild animals

Saltine Crackers : That 2nd one was insane

shikha bais : 3rd video cant stop them then enters the big guy gives a suplex WTF😂😂😂😂😂😂

Bobby Macwan : What's the name of the track?

Aryan Debie : 2:24 what did kid in blue do LMAO

iceicco : 8:52 is the best

joe shmoe : Had to shut the damn sound off to watch it.

Gregg Trainer : Lmao “NEW” video of all the same old shit.

BobyjoeCU : Ive always wondered what would be the consequence for punching or fighting a ref in any level of sporting.

ucnhtmenow1 : 1:09.. That dude really deserved to be choked out by that ref. The ref shouldn't have given him any mercy and could have easily done so if he felt like it. 2:26.. Why'd they put that fake clip in here. I guess it kinda goes with the title, but I like to see authentic stuff.

Vine Addiction : 2:45 tho

Adriana Kuzmikova : what is the punishment for attacking referee?

Ziven Sugianto : the old one 😭

Silence1684 : song is shit

CenTz : 0:50 one hand . damn

albert speer : lots of scum bags .who don't belong nowhere near "Profesional " Arena.. you can get the rat out of the hood .but you can't get hood out of the Rat.

Yoboi Hask : At 0:44 he is the man

Caden Grossman : This video is somehow satisfying and pisses me off at the same time

LazerBeam X99 : Going through a break up and she takes everything 2:27

ProtaJ : That song was TRASH too, btw.. like, GOD AWFUL TRASH.

Gold3n Kid : 2:15 when you cum but she keeps sucking

JustforOP TwoBeta : 2:19 when you’ve watched Bruce lee and want some action

Ruff : That song gave me cancer

Hap Hapablap : Most annoying song ever

R6p Harpagon : 0:43 is my favourite

That_04 : 2:34 fake vidio!

Austin Gostnell : Damn people need to let the ref beat the crap out of them

blue lou boyle : all these videos get ruined by shitty music.