Referees VS Fighters | Part 1

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mschnurp : Intentionally striking a ref should cause that fighter to be immediately and permanently banned for life. Accidentally hitting refs do happen and are unfortunate, but there is no justification what so ever for hitting a ref on purpose.

Tampatec : 2:25 is a scene from a movie or TV show, see the film crew and mic in the arena. 🎙️🎥

Whodunit : The winner from the first clip should be banned from fighting forever. What a punk for RUNNING out of the ring and not helping the ref.

Old Andy : Cx 2:34 fake af. LOLOL

Mixed Goku : What a crappy job! Lmfao

Super Thunder : 0:42 :D Super! :D

Raphaël D : on the first one, the fighter in blue is such a coward. I'm not sure he deserve to win.

Southland : Is the song on a loop or is it just the longest shityest song ever?!

Fabian del Rosario Baldur : 1:57 Thx for the meatshield bro... xD

Dieseluk2k : 0:42 That takedown was so hard even I felt it.

Acronz Q : I had to mute the video when I heard a rap lyric say something along the lines of “like Harry Potter playing quittage”

TheProglitching : Alot of these refs are soft as shit then theres the beasts that can fight back if necessary why arent all refs fighters, then they could defend if needed

Super Mal : I love it when refs win

anish dongol : Some Ref. must be once a champ

Kazwell : 6:57, good on that fighter for being able to tell who he hit. keeps his mind clear.

BOT 007 : My facial expression when I get hangover 2:03

M Gordan : Love it!!!!! Some of the refs are better than the fighters. Black belt???

Murat Guler : Music?

Cool name for a band : 2:19. Poor ref was back in Vietnam for a moment. All those lights.

kakarot killer : This is where I first heard the song matafaka by Unknown Brain 6 months ago. Now it seems to be one of my favorite songs of all time. It's amazing where curiosity lands you. 🤔

Pandora 101 : Music sucks couldn't watch

Yonathan Yonathan : instruksi wasit wajib ditaati petarung demi keselamatan, kalau ada petarung yg sampai memukul wasit maka petarung tsb harus diskor seumur hidup.

Niqqa Drain : 0:15 why did it took them a few seconds to realize the guy is beating the shit outa the ref

Jacob : The fastest way to end your fighting carer

USA Hawk : 2:18 im dead

Alberto 25 : 0:39 wombo combo! 😂😂😂

Deimos Cain : Now THAT'S entertainment!

This Just K : That a aimbot righ

Alex : The 2nd Ref probably could take on the entire mob.

Bryan Luviano : Music name?

Promothash Boruah : I remember being hit by a referee without any reason in a Kung Fu competition.

Eat sleep my videos repeat : 2:24 savage level 999999999999999999999999999

SR. Trick : O lutador de azul saiu correndo kskskksksksksksk Que isso mano skkssksksksksksks

Kevin Barajas : 2:25 John Wick?

Solomon Zekria : Funny but the music is good.

David Nwokoye : Wtf am I watching

Sean Wade : I guess sportsmanship don't mean much any more.

Kobrah De Duelist : 2:25 “you’re not the devil;you’re practice”

najibnejib : Netjes adam

James Plummer : Them ref's were gettin crunk!! Lol

VirtualRidersHQ : Is it ok to use this cideo on my channel I will put a link to ur channel and I will also chang the music and some other things.

Skyliner : I dont know why everyone is hating the Song, i like it.

White0523 : hope those "fighters who attack the refs get disqualified. some was just accidents but for those who attacked them on purpose i hope they got banned from the sport

kr4zyy : We need Mayweather as a referee or John Cena

Figoment : 0:27 he got pulled away like in a horror movie

Natsuki Hanae : 0:42 *CHOKE SLAM*

Jaylen Banks : These some tough, strong ass Refs😂

Bomberman Teacher : The problem is that you always put this crappy music over the videos...

Lyrquire : Toughest person in the ring = The Referee

Miguel Alves : On the first clip the fighter in blue ran away!!!WTF!!!