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Lucky James : Hermes: Tumblr Leela, Fry, Farnsworth, Amy, Zoidberg: Reddit, Youtube, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram Bender: 4chan

Thegoodoldays : If only he just walked into one of those convenient suicide booths.

Boomstick898 : Suicide is tragic but rather stupid. Doing a flip off a building is exciting and memorable despite the similar end result. It's all about the point of view and Bender has a rather memorable one.

Custom5 : Everyone knows that one guy... you know who i mean..

MikeRiderOOO : Do a Flip!

Lvl58DeathKnight : Bender= me if Justin Bieber ever attempted to do just that.

Charles Randolph : DO A BARREL ROLL!!!

BrutalBen357 : Justin Bieber: I'm gonna jump! Fangirls: Noooo! Me: Do a flip!

Gem-Tar Construction Ft. Randy Bobandy : I'm going to jump !

SpazStuff : lol

Rex,healdeal 45 : Trump: I'm going to jump His supporters: NOOOO!!!! Me: Do a flip

BrutalBen357 : Hermes: Jerry Amy, fry, Leela, Professor, Zoidberg: Beth, Summer, Morty Bender: Rick

Nahuel Corvalan : what episode is that

EdgyFuckwad : People always chickenout when you don't buy into their bullshit and encourage them to commit suicide. The ones that will actually do it don't even hestitate and have typically already done whatever actions were needed to an hero before anyone could stop them.

oOignignoktOo1 : Meanwhile at the statue of liberty

George Pig : Which episode?

SidneyMADMAX : 2019

jkrfan7 : Bender = Chaotic Neutral

WookySnacky666 : Watched a leap off building suicide video, then promptly went straight to this clip.

Brandon1629ESUHSD : Acceleracers first movie scene have Mitch's car flipping.. I guess Bender's command came true

Tacodog 76 : Is it wrong that i can relate with Bender here

Log Prophet : We all have that one friend

The adventures Of me : I jus saw this ep

Luis Rosales : Ahhh bender.. xD 

Yelooh : my old Roblox account i made when i was like 9 or 10 was called doaflip, in reference to this lol

EJPidgeotto : 450th like boiiiiiii

Mikey Garcia : haha I work for a company that changes billboards. Just today we were bitching about how shitty the job is in the 100 degree heat. My mate joked and said he was gonna quit and just jump off the 140 footer. I told him he better tuck his knees and flip wildly like a diver. I hadn't seen this until just now so I find it that much funnier.

Khronosis : /b/ender

Erebus Black : This comment Is glorious....

TechnicallyDifficult : I had a joke with my friends for a long time that just revolved around me saying "do a flip" so when I saw this, I laughed my ass off xD

Xanatos712 : If /b/ was a robot.

balls sack : nice plan :P

Dimitri Hill : Yessss......

King Of Red : The very five seconds which perfectly describe everything about bender at once in a nutshell. It is a privelage to watch again and again.