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Jamie O'Brien : Whats up Team Grom!! Please like & subscribe so we can keep making these videos! Comment what you want to see next.

Ben Gravy : BIG DOG!!!

Gordon : here before it went viral

Alex Reid : Wiping out wearing one of those suits must've been terrifying.

James Ferrell : Yo Jamie please come to wedge and do this. Piss off all the bodysurfers 😂

San Diego Johnny Surf : That T REX is the first one in the world to get shacked! San Diego is watching!

Luka Lacoste : *Jurassic World x Surf = Jamie O'Brien*

Patty Mather : Ok...half into vid and I’m cracking up! The Rex suits! Crazy! 🤣🤣🤣

Fergus Oliver : This has got to go viral!!!


BEEFS T.V. : So classic. T Rex turn was amazing! Surfing in Catch Surf tuxedos too 👌

DashFlash- The Life : advantages: will not drown scare off competition disadvantages: big will drown 100% if breaks

Kyan O'Rourke : 2k. views in first 40 mins That’s how good Jamie’s channel is!!

Jory Pomeranz : This channel makes my day, it actually cheers me up.

עדן גורן : Best thing ive seen in my life😂😂 funny af

Phoebe Hoke : This was so dope bra!!!!!!!! Lol got me cracking up!!!!!

Gerald Cornier : You are awesome

Who Is Barrel : Where was jurassic world again?

Colts Adventures : I just came from a surf

Jasper is Noice : mrbeast confirmed

Anthony N : one to two foot........Hawaiian scale ;)

Linda Quinn : yall geting crushd

BamBam GOT7 : Oh yeah yeah this is the litty committee

AH Gaming : So sick!

Who is P.O.V 2.0 : You guys are just taking the piss

Tim Bynum : Legends!!! 🤣🤣🤣 that thing worked so good!

Alan Beltran : Pascuales , Colima?

Carolyn Barber : Atwood’s wedding video brought me to tour page. Hahaha! Totally worth it!!

Shane Burke : 5 fin full send! Killed it lol


SURF or DIE : 1st comment

Joe Joe : Too funny bro! My favorite YouTube channel by far. Looking forward to another season of J.O.B as well. Many thanks to you and the crew. South Florida guy lovin it!

Jason DelMonico : Yew thanks so sick

Studio Lemon : I Want to try this 😂😂😂

Luke Davies : Where's the board transfer in the t-rex suit

snowmonkey1501 : Idea: surf blind folded

Fibber84 : It’s a 5 fin!!

Theo Mitchell-Innes : This is hilarious

avaya brynn : sick!

LGNDrax : Sweet vid!

tiny Sandy : insane!

MATH : ho my god

Chris Buell : yewww!

Conny Yngve : Came from Jon's chanel, T-Rex surf is one of the funniest things I've seen in a long time! Subbed.

Lionel Cassiede : Yes

Brian : Having finally met this guy in real life, have alot more respect for him. Generally seems like a nice guy.

Pdmc Live : so funny!!!

Rob Manser : How can 45 people dislike this? 😃

Theo Mitchell-Innes : 🤙🤙

Manuel Fevereiro : ❤️