1930s German Spiral Jack - Perfect Restoration

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TysyTube Restoration : This is a heavy dutty Jack , very well restored, i like so much the white on the letters, 10 Thumbs up for you👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

Radó Áron : No unnecessary music, straight to the point, beautiful work. Awesome!

Paul Murgatroyd : It's a different genre of porn...

HollaKoala : Please don't cut out the sandblasting part, that section specifically is my favorite to watch. Other than that, amazing job!

Ac 260 : If I caught this man in bed with my wife I’d tuck him in.

John Nordic : Watching this is kinda therapeutic

Андрей Зверев : И ещё 100 лет прослужит !!!))) Респект мастеру

Peter Martin : You're clearly a master machinist. This is the second of your videos I've seen, and I'm just as impressed with this as the last one (in which you restored a vice). Again, thank you for posting this. Liked. Commented. Subscribed.

Street Heat : I’m not convinced enough grease was used to lubricate the gears and bearings.

Errtu Zarathos : Don't wash freshly sandblasted items. Use dry compressed air. Mild steel tend to rust just by air humidity.

Guy Grundy : Aside from the undoubted skill and craftsmanship on display,the thing that I find so impressive about these videos is his ability to deliver a clear visual narrative via his filming and editing.

Melanie Green : Would love a video tour of your shop! Great work!!

Peter Nice : The Steam Locomotive preservers in the U.K. would love you to pieces....they take rusting hulks that are in many cases 60 to 70 years old and ‘make them new again’. Your restoration work is superb!

Moritz Lingelbach-Ito : I wish you were my dentist...

Gabriel Csaba : OK, I am now officially addicted to your channel. My dad used to have a shop with lots of ancient tools and machinery, typically kept in working(ish) condition but badly soiled and knocked around. I have never seen some of these tools in the pristine state you leave them, and I can't believe how beautiful they are.

K7QO : Is there not a missing rod crank to allow turning of jack from a distance. Say about 1meter?

Geoff T : Listen for the fart at 15.27

AlRami : 12:42 у мастера 4 руки, это секрет его качественной работы!

Mark Harris : I’m not an engineer, and I think the videos where they make a totally new thing are amazing in their own right, but to me this is a restoration. The jack is as it once was and wherever possible all the original pieces were used, even restored screws. A job very well done and the video was presented in a way even I understood.

Toothpaste Boiii : true asmr without annoying music. what a legend

Dave Sharkey : Guess this is every lottery winners dream....spend 50 hours using your million dollars shop to fix a 25 dollar jack.

Tina Hyatt : I'm unwinding after another stressful, busy day at work. Just the quiet background and sounds of him working is so relaxing.. and these videos are interesting because I normally have no interest in machining or mechanics at all, so this is something new..

Ken Hadden : A TIG (GTAW) welder would help with those tight welds in the threads and for better control over where and how much weld metal you put on the piece. Awesome work. Wish I could get that hammerite here in the States.

rosset4music : Very interesting and very calming to watch.

bigbadryster : 12:43 looks like you’re resting the vice on someone’s face whilst drilling.

Alen Rocha : Great! So much better than that other guy who just angle grinds and butchers everything

BratSinot : 6:50 Why not replace them by hex screws or torex?

MakerDad : You are very skilled. Great video and good job. Wow

Horoschi Chelovek : Руки золотые 👏👍👍👍!!!

Malc Tulloch : It is a pleasure to watch a craftsman at work & as someone else has said, no annoying music, great stuff, thank you for posting !!!

Rajni Lakhotia : You rock plz heart this

IZZY SANTIAGO : This man is the "Bob Ross" Of Tool Restoration!!!!!!!

titanium9000 : That was pretty damn amazing. The patience and dedication that you must possess! Music wouldn't have done this video any justice. All the natural sounds were perfect.

Carlos Pillaca : Por que lo ha pintado sobre la superficie que estaba oxidada, se nota un verdoso propio del oxido luego de lavarlo...

Labrombula : С ним и так всё было в порядке, почистить, смазать и всё...

jlucasound : Much, MUCH, better than new! Fascinating!

Iskaldt Raseri : Зер гут👍

Ricardo Soares : Eu sou um engenheiro no Brasil, seus videos são excelentes e inspira a muitos a arte da restauração. Parabéns!

FallingStary : Looks fun

mickey delsilencio : esta genial veo tus videos en mi almuerzo por alguna razon son relajantes siga arreglando chunches viejos

Jack King : Really liking the colour choice

Mateus Fernandes Alfeu : Para de pular o vídeo mané

BesterJack : Einmalig. Saubere Arbeit. Diese Fähigkeit hätte ich auch gern.

Mike Men : Это типа FEBI ?

HDMatz Matz : perfection

Gustavo M. de Oliveira : My wife doesnt understand why I love these restoration videos, lol

Royan Rauf : евала

Martin C : Great job

Roland Crenn : magnifique !!!!!

Dave Le Valley : Fabulous. No music and just the sound of the machinery made it that much better.