1930s German Spiral Jack - Perfect Restoration

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TysyTube Restoration : This is a heavy dutty Jack , very well restored, i like so much the white on the letters, 10 Thumbs up for you👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

Radó Áron : No unnecessary music, straight to the point, beautiful work. Awesome!

Paul Murgatroyd : It's a different genre of porn...

John Nordic : Watching this is kinda therapeutic

IZZY SANTIAGO : This man is the "Bob Ross" Of Tool Restoration!!!!!!!

Gustavo M. de Oliveira : My wife doesnt understand why I love these restoration videos, lol

Мага МАХИЕВ : Домкрат как новыи мне очень понравилась

Berthold Heisterkamp : I liked the part where you restored the spiral jack

Андрей Зверев : И ещё 100 лет прослужит !!!))) Респект мастеру

Миха Трушин : Привет из России .золотые руки.отличные видео.молодец

Geoff T : Listen for the fart at 15.27

Peter Martin : You're clearly a master machinist. This is the second of your videos I've seen, and I'm just as impressed with this as the last one (in which you restored a vice). Again, thank you for posting this. Liked. Commented. Subscribed.

Алекс Поляк : четко!!!!!!

Street Heat : I’m not convinced enough grease was used to lubricate the gears and bearings.

Mark Harris : I’m not an engineer, and I think the videos where they make a totally new thing are amazing in their own right, but to me this is a restoration. The jack is as it once was and wherever possible all the original pieces were used, even restored screws. A job very well done and the video was presented in a way even I understood.

Сергей Севостьянов : Супер!

vozduh52 : АЩПЕ КРАСАУЧЕК БРАТАН!!! Молодчег!!!

Riley Fancey : Between this one and the vice, you’ve already earned a sub from me. Excellent craftsmanship my friend!

RamireZz TV : нихуя ты рукастый

Nick C. : Such dedication, a beautiful piece lovingly restored, outstanding sir !

Семен Иванов : Хорошая работа!

Horoschi Chelovek : Руки золотые 👏👍👍👍!!!

Thomas Schmidt : It worked perfectly before restoration! What the f*ck?

Вадим Владимирович : «Бесконечно можно смотреть на три вещи: горящий огонь, бегущую воду и на то, как работает другой человек»

Luis Sintjago : Te felicito, admiro tu trabajo, increíbles restauraciones. Recibe infinitas bendiciones. Saludos.

Nevada Smith : He never wears gloves, except for sandblasting and painting.

jose arriola : Love ur work

Robert Adamczuk : I think you could try painting those letters using sponge.

Heiko S : Sehr cool, auf die nächsten 100 Jahre :-) LG Heiko

FantOzer : Вот это да..... ))

LL T : Cool! I hope someone else fixes it up again, in another 80 plus years!

RadmanTheWise : 12:42 The dude has 4 arms. Possibly 5 or 6 but those ones would be holding the camera.

C-Martz : 1K haters really? This was a true restoration and it came out beautiful. Geez, some people just can't give credit. It must be the snowflake generation that would prefer to keep their little brittle fingers clean and buy a china floor jack or better yet let someone else do a repair because their little hands are were not meant to fiddle with dirty things; just scrolling on their precious cellular phone gadget thingy:).

K7QO : Is there not a missing rod crank to allow turning of jack from a distance. Say about 1meter?

Mihail : залипательно

House of Khaine : Masterful work. Ever consider powder coating? I know it's expensive, but it doesn't seem like you have a shortage of equipment otherwise.

Craig Hardee : I refuse to watch those videos with God awful music behind it. Thank you for this.

Errtu Zarathos : Don't wash freshly sandblasted items. Use dry compressed air. Mild steel tend to rust just by air humidity.

jhonny Specail : was great work

king lin lau : *oddly satisfying*

Pro Tesst : Restoration = Save Money and Save Energy

LaserGadgets : Made (to survive mankind) in Germany :>

Moritz Lingelbach-Ito : I wish you were my dentist...

BurBoN : Good job

Zero Control : Fascinating

Stephen Ho : Good machines plus your excellent skill, that is superb! Great job. We don't have this in Hong Kong now. There were craftsmen doing this in the old days. Just think if there should be rubber rings in between the cap and the body so that the main hub inside can be filled up with grease. Forgive me if I am wrong!

Ganesh Kumar Kumar : Marvelous, no words to describe. 1000 likes to this video.

Olivio Ferreira : Top de mas

Pierre Abrie : moerse goeie werk. That looks great!!!

Geekman333 : Beautiful.