The Invention of Dragons
The Millions Year War Man vs Dragon

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Watch my newest video, "The McNugget Number": “Vitality — that is the test; and, whatever its components, mere truth is not necessarily one of them. A dragon, for instance, is a more enduring animal than a pterodactyl. I have never yet met anyone who really believed in a pterodactyl; but every honest person believes in dragons — down in the back-kitchen of his consciousness.” -Kenneth Grahame Outro Song: Just A Ride by Rishloo BOOKS The Reluctant Dragon by Kenneth Grahame on Amazon The Fruit, The Tree, And The Serpent: Why We See So Well by Lynne A. Isbell on Amazon An Instinct For Dragons by David E. Jones on Amazon The Dragons Of Eden by Carl Sagan on Amazon Kenneth Graham Biography by Peter Green on Amazon Dragons: The Myths, Legends and Lore by Doug Niles on Amazon Dragons And Unicorns: A Natural History by Paul A. Johnsgard on Amazon Dragons: A Natural History by Karl P. N. Shuker on Amazon Venomous: How Earth’s Deadliest Creatures Mastered Biochemistry by Christie Wilcox on Amazon RESEARCH PAPERS Conditioned Electrodermal Responses To Masked Fear-Relevant Stimuli On The Automatic Nature Of Phobic Fear Testing The Snake-Detection Hypothesis The Hidden Snake In The Grass Humans Recognize Partially Obscured Snakes More Easily Than Other Animals The Origin of Snake And Spider Fear The Narrow Fellow In The Grass ARTICLES Afraid of Snakes? Your Pulvinar May Be To Blame by Carl Zimmer Fear Of Snakes, Spiders Rooted In Evolution by John Roach When You Were A Baby, You Were Not Scared Of Snakes by Melissa Hogenboom Why We Are Afraid Of Snakes by Ann Lukits Are Humans Predisposed To Fear Snakes by Nathan H. Lents Scientists Have A Scary Theory About Why Human Vision Evolved by Meghan Bartels East vs West Dragons NPR Lynne Isbell Snake Detection Theory Ancestor Of All Placental Mammals ASSET CREDITS Fire-Breathing Dragon Sound Effect by CGEffex Tablet V Photo of Epic of Gilgamesh by Osama Shukir Muhammed Amin Spanish Dragon Relief by Alexandre Perez Vigo Gilgamesh Statue Photos by ZulaikhaN and Samantha Eastern Dragon Gates picture by Okkisafire Blindsight Experiment 1989 Lemurs Madagascar by Quentin Djaq Le Franc Lemurs Madagascar r by Andrew Quitmeyer World Map by Nicholas Raymond Changes Made Harlow’s Studies On Dependency In Monkeys UCF In Print - David Jones Die Nibelungen by Fritz Lang (1924) Artwork By Darrell K. Sweet Edward Burne-Jones Bernat Martorell George Timothy Tobin Arthur Rackham Briton Rivière Viktor Vasnetsov Qasim ibn ’Ali Ogata Gekko Donn P Crane Konstantin Vasilyev Thomas Cooper Gotch Chen Rong William Blake Harold Nelson Leonardo Da Vinci Emil Doepler Solomon Joseph Solomon Sir George Ripley Maximilian Liebenwein Georg Jenny Ulisse Aldrovandi John Bauer Gustav Doré Caravaggio VSAUCE CREDITS Written, Produced, Edited and Hosted by Kevin Lieber Instagram: Twitter: Website: Contributing Researcher & Editor Matthew Tabor, Koala Fight Media VFX by Eric Langlay Sound Design by Jay Pellizzi Select Music by Jake Chudnow Special Thanks Hopi Hoekstra Special Thanks Joshua Mark Special Thanks Paula Lieber Vsauce2 Links Twitter: Facebook: Website: The Curiosity Box Watch My Latest Video:


kait worden : So... Humans unknowingly created a mythical creature based on instinct? Nice

Tiago Seiler : "Phalus means wiener" This is the type of fact I come here to learn!

Nelson Watson : Hands down, this is the best episode of VSauce2 I've watched. I was so moved, I had to watch it twice. Thank you for the knowledge and the perspective.

Cchan : >we've gone from being afraid of dragons to wanting them as anime waifus thanks Internet

Overton : I bet "push the log" had DLC.

Edward Jones : 3000 B.C.- We must respect the dragon! 1000 A.D.- We must kill the dragon! 1300 A.D.- We must thank the dragon! 1600 A.D.- We must observe the dragon! 1800 A.D.- We must befriend the dragon! 2017 A.D.- We must lewd the dragon! (Lucoa is best waifu!)

TASHHHH : It makes sense that friendly dragons would arise in art during a time when our relationship with nature has changed from being its prey to being able to understand it with technology, see the value in it, and try to protect the last lions, sharks, eagles, and snakes from being completely wiped out.

Daniel Shockey : Nietzsche's quote was "He who fights with monsters should look to it that himself does not become a monster... when your gaze long into the abyss the abyss also gazes into you"

Brian Frichette : Umm, spoiler alert on The Reluctant Dragon 😂

James Burgess : Why play a PS4, when you can play push the heavy log!

Burly D : Cool video, I always assumed Dragons were Dinosaur fossils, especially the Chinese dragons which were basically described as meteors when landing on Earth.

Paul Alexandru Velcea : You forgot to say the most undisputed scientific fact that DRAGONS ARE AWESOME!

robotoda2000 : Wow, you guys used a Rishloo song, such a great band!

Rwilliams : Google 'Y ddraig aur' the rampant gold dragon is an ancient Welsh image worn by Owain Glyndwr.. which is similar to the shield and armour youu're wearing

Spoop : Who the hell needs Smash Bros, when you can PUSH A LOG!? YEAH!

Shane Lash : RISHLOO YESS!!!!!

ok : It's memetics. Dragons are instinctively compelling, and therefore spread more than other fictional monsters. This is why they're so common.

seasong : Quetzalcoatl is THICC

Dat random dude : ...And so,Trogdor was created.

CaHOOTS : After reading HTTYD, I just want to believe dragons are a real thing lol.

5t0rm 23 : Another element of dragons: we see fire as a destructive force and so what else to give our amalgamation of all fear?

LazerLord10 : "The reluctant Dragon" sounds an awful lot similar to the basic premise of "How to Train your Dragon". Hmmm...

Alex Van Sant : you know thinking about it, the one time a snake snuck up on me and scared me. I was already 5 feet in the air before i even realized what was going on lmao. I don't think i ever reacted to anything so fast.

Akshat Bajpai : What i learnt from this:- "Phallus means Weiner"!!!

Justin Reaux : 11:00 that was a hell of a sentience

Bmwsu : I've come back here 7 weeks later to thank you for introducing me to Rishloo. I honestly haven't stopped exclusively listening to them since this video.

Aimen 2 : I think you kinda sound like Hikkup from how to train a dragon.

Xen : Push the Heavy Log was my childhood!. Now all you kids play, is that Minecraft and five nights at whatever games. Man if only you kids knew the good old days of gaming.

Normally Distributed : I'm seeing a lot of my favorite Jordan Peterson work in this video.

Erik Uden : This is my new favorite video on the entire platform...

Jonathan Lamping : didn't this video used to be tiltled: "The millions year war: man vs dragons", or is that just me?

CBgames : 1:15 lucoa is that you

ELITERgamersUK : Someone's been watching Jordan Peterson videos.

Vix Hacks : Anyone read The Flight of Dragons - hypothetical natural history book about how dragons could have existed, flown, bred, etc - fantastic read!

ThePembroke : Welp there's no dragons in Canada!😂

FSAPO : Meanwhile my 8 year old ball python is sleeping like a baby as usual and gets scared when I present her with food too suddenly. I have to be slow or else she curls into a ball and hides!

Victor Trinh : No one is going to see this.... But FAAAAAAIIIIIIIIYYYAAAA EMMMMMMBBBBBUUUUUREEEEEEMMMMMM!!!!!!!!!!!

ChannelX24 : Toothless...

Dragon Whisperer : You forgot to mention the most important thing of all, dragons are damn awesome!

Brian Lingden : In my experience. It's a danger symbol in the west, a myth in the east!

SUMAN SASMAL : You will become 'acnologia' from 'fairy tale' don't fight dragons.... hi hi hi...🤣🤣🤣

Derpz : Ancient America: dragon Japan myths: dragon Asian tales: dragon African primals: dragon actually whole world: dragon Russia: zmei-gorinych

revmpandora : This video is not only the greatest of the vsauce family, it is easily my favourite piece of video on YouTube hands down. Absolutely brilliant in every way. Watched it countless times. Thank you so much for this.

Windrune : Push the heavy log Specs 32K graphics No Micro Transactions No DLC Co-Op unlocked from stage 1 Free seasons skins

Kidedaion Symoti : You didn't have to go that hard on the dragon topic.

nyet nyet cyka blyat : "Dragons are Dragons because Humans can't defeat them." Godo from Berserk

Apocalyptic : "Since the dawn of civilization" thats why it's everywhere

Andrea : I love these origin-of videos! I know I'm... two years late... But I hope we can see more of these. Just re-watched the video about blue as well, I can't get enough of these <3

DJ HypeBeat : 12:30 Acnologia is based off this quote