The Millions Year War (Man vs Dragon)

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Vsauce2 : Far away in the twilight time Of every people, in every clime, Dragons and griffins and monsters dire, Born of water, and air, and fire, Or nursed, like the Python, in the mud And ooze of the old Deucalion flood, Crawl and wriggle and foam with rage, Through dusk tradition and ballad age. -John Greenleaf Whittier, “The Double-Headed Snake of Newbury”

James Burgess : Why play a PS4, when you can play push the heavy log!

Tiago Seiler : "Phalus means wiener" This is the type of fact I come here to learn!

Edward Jones : 3000 B.C.- We must respect the dragon! 1000 A.D.- We must kill the dragon! 1300 A.D.- We must thank the dragon! 1600 A.D.- We must observe the dragon! 1800 A.D.- We must befriend the dragon! 2017 A.D.- We must lewd the dragon! (Lucoa is best waifu!)

kait worden : So... Humans unknowingly created a mythical creature based on instinct? Nice

FSAPO : Meanwhile my 8 year old ball python is sleeping like a baby as usual and gets scared when I present her with food too suddenly. I have to be slow or else she curls into a ball and hides!

Nelson Watson : Hands down, this is the best episode of VSauce2 I've watched. I was so moved, I had to watch it twice. Thank you for the knowledge and the perspective.

Kevin Verstegen : What would a monkey do when they see a dragon? Curious... Tree, Bushes or thin branch......

Caulron : >we've gone from being afraid of dragons to wanting them as anime waifus thanks Internet

Fred the Sloth : So if the dragon is a mashup of our oldest enemies, the Xenomorph from Alien surely is its modern version, mashing up our newer fears. Lets face it: elongated (and very phallic) head symbolizing superior intelligence, long pointed tail with which it practically rapes you to death, heightened senses, comes out of the dark, and an exoskeleton that not only makes it very insect like but also practically untouchable. Plus: It's from a different planet with the ability to kill everyone. Of course thats no surprise, it was consciously designed to scare the audience of our time, where as the dragon was subconsciously thought up and its image improved through history by trying to make it even scarier with each iteration of storytelling. What we're basically comparing here is man made evolution (of an imaginary creature) vs. intelligent design (of an imaginary creature). So which one scares you more? Or rather: Are you more scared of the Alien than a midieval peasant was of dragons?

WeeSmackyJim : Would reptilian conspiracies also be an example?

Abyaz Karim : 12:57 No, I am the Dovakihn, The Dragonborn....

UsernameRedacted : "Phallus means weiner" should be on a T-Shirt or something, because that really got to me. shows how complex my sense of humor is

Brian Frichette : Umm, spoiler alert on The Reluctant Dragon 😂

Paul Alexandru Velcea : You forgot to say the most undisputed scientific fact that DRAGONS ARE AWESOME!

The Jamaican Vernacular : I bet "push the log" had DLC.

Daniel : Didn't eastern lore have benevolent dragons for much longer than western? It seems a fair sized gap to leave out discussion of eastern dragons and their import.

Bob Job : Holy shit! Rishloo on a vsauce video!

Brad Saint George : 9:23 WOOHOO that's my great grandpa he's talking about!

robotoda2000 : Wow, you guys used a Rishloo song, such a great band!

TASHHHH : It makes sense that friendly dragons would arise in art during a time when our relationship with nature has changed from being its prey to being able to understand it with technology, see the value in it, and try to protect the last lions, sharks, eagles, and snakes from being completely wiped out.

seasong : Quetzalcoatl is THICC

Johnny Luken : But Humans dont have a deep fear for eagles or even leopards. Fear for snakes can be explained exclusively by their venomous nature, but even thats dwarved by the near universal repulsion towards spiders; who dont kill as many people.

Rwilliams : Google 'Y ddraig aur' the rampant gold dragon is an ancient Welsh image worn by Owain Glyndwr.. which is similar to the shield and armour youu're wearing

Kai Widman : 11:00-11:12... What a sentence! That was written so eloquently. Bravo!

Kubongaming : Daily dose of educational sauce

Jan Šinkovec : The reluctant dragon seems like a really cool childrens story! Thats a book im going to read to my kids, although i wouldnt want them to stop fearing snakes, raptors or leopards ...

Dauphin Miller : Phallic means wiener

Shane Lash : RISHLOO YESS!!!!!

Dat random dude : ...And so,Trogdor was created.

ELITERgamersUK : Someone's been watching Jordan Peterson videos.

CaHOOTS : After reading HTTYD, I just want to believe dragons are a real thing lol.

ThePembroke : Welp there's no dragons in Canada!😂

Burly D : Cool video, I always assumed Dragons were Dinosaur fossils, especially the Chinese dragons which were basically described as meteors when landing on Earth.

Madars : Looked like he was fingering the poor dragon.

LazerLord10 : "The reluctant Dragon" sounds an awful lot similar to the basic premise of "How to Train your Dragon". Hmmm...

Patrick Simmons : but.. in eastern philosophies dragons are wise and humble god like beings, not seen as ruthless killers as primal, fear based instinct would expect

Spoop : Who the hell needs Smash Bros, when you can PUSH A LOG!? YEAH!

ok : It's memetics. Dragons are instinctively compelling, and therefore spread more than other fictional monsters. This is why they're so common.

ChannelX24 : Toothless...


Vix Hacks : Anyone read The Flight of Dragons - hypothetical natural history book about how dragons could have existed, flown, bred, etc - fantastic read!

Quadrunner : Don't knock push that log till you try it. Its awesome! Humanity evolved pushing the log. I think the repetitiveness and the bees (Boss) were the inspiration for making the primitive video games so damn hard.

Daniel Shockey : Nietzsche's quote was "He who fights with monsters should look to it that himself does not become a monster... when your gaze long into the abyss the abyss also gazes into you"

CBgames : 1:15 lucoa is that you

Victor Trinh : No one is going to see this.... But FAAAAAAIIIIIIIIYYYAAAA EMMMMMMBBBBBUUUUUREEEEEEMMMMMM!!!!!!!!!!!

Onderod : "Quetzalcoatl was the god of wisdom and life" **IS EATING A PERSON ALIVE**

Erik Uden : This is my new favorite video on the entire platform...

Akshat Bajpai : What i learnt from this:- "Phallus means Weiner"!!!

Ninja Hombrepalito : Not only do we not need dragons for that reason but also because we have supersonic fighter jets with even deadlier ammunition. And ships as big and tough as the mythical dragons, armed, not with fire breath, but with anti-aircraft artillery rounds and tomahawk missiles.