Wu-Tang Clan | Protect Ya Neck | Cartoon Mashup

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isthishowyougoviral : If anyone wants this for their IG, instead of cropping all weird, I got it broken up into 8 parts on my page @mylothecat

Big M : never thought id see master splinter in a cypher

Niko The Arms Dealer : This is one of the greatest things to have ever come out of the mind of a YouTuber.

ZLG4Ever : The Joker as ODB is pure genius

Turok duels : Inspectah Gadget, Raekwon the Chef, Method He Man, Lion-God, Old Dirty Joker, Ghostspace Killah, Sza the sensei, Bza the Genius

Carlos Leite : Wu-Tang is for the children!

dmxdxl : This is like arrything I loved as a kid all put into one video man damn...Respect...

The YouTube Algorithm : Ghostface as space ghost is genius as he wears the mask plus his name Master splinter as Rza the leader of the group Gza the genius as the brain ODB the lovable prankster as the Joker Inspector deck as inspector gadget is pretty self explanatory Raekwon the chef as chef! I'm struggling to get the He-man reference though

IronDBZ : Raekwon Da Chef! Oh no I'm dyin

Greg Matic : This was smart as hell

Brandon Self : Each one of these “castings” were so good. I would love this line up for future wu tang vids

JVS : Welcome back brotha! We've missed you and your content man! ;)

nikewarrior24 : Man.... You made my day. Lol

thetruefistofthenort : Brilliant. Phenomenal editing. An amazing viewing experience. Couldn’t get the smile off my face.

Schaloyn Garrett : The nine that disliked this video clearly are mumble rap fans. Don't know good sh*t when they hear it.

Wu Tron10115 : All of my child hood cartoons this is dope as hell..

rogerskolney : Space Ghostface! Seriously, this is your masterpiece.

nikewarrior24 : 🔥🔥🔥!!! Fire toon cypher lol.

ITz_Tonyy_x : Yessss another amazing creation

sm00419 : Holy shit this was awesome. I can only imagine how long this took. You know you have to do WTC-Triumph now right?

Eric Adams : The best thing about this video, is the replay button. 🔥

Matt Pusatory : I think this is my favorite video you've ever made. The Joker as ODB is perfect.

yamaotostrike : Space ghost-face killah, is sick.

David Franklin : this is genius lmak

Deats By Doctor Bre : I'd absolutely love to see a Big Pun - Still Not A Player mashup!

Ryan Henson : I have strep throat... and this just made me feel so much better...

DurkaSan : the 1st bit with inspector gadget was F-F-FIRE!

SR Brant : This is art.

wkramlin : I think I watched this 5 times before I noticed the synchronized "ooh!" from the woman with He-Man @ 1:24...

JAT Strill : This song is very underrated, I think method mans part was the best Lolo thanks for sharing

Yorkshire_Dude 32 : 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 GODLIKE FLOW ON THOSE EDITS 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

Ryan Henson : Chef brings it on this.

www.GPcarAudio.com : UP FROM THE 36 CHAMBERS!

Destroyer_Bravo : the zoom on meth's "su" broke me lmao

Nichet Tucker : Just when I thought you couldn't top yourself. Boom there you go again💣💣💣💣💥💥💥💥

i w : Bruh this is wild

Obed Raimundo : This was dope.

jgk381 : I don't understand how this channel doesn't have more subscribers. These videos are works of art. It's a crime if you don't make any money off these. You should set up a patreon account and put the link in the description and I bet people would show their support.

Syed Isamuddin : Anyone catch that Keep making these wutnag mash ups famm

Latrice Newton : Puuurree GENIUS. HOW you selected each to fit each member perfectly. Had to watch multiple times

Metal Scarecrow : 1:14 Methodman throw a n***a out the frame. Lol

Michael Tineo : I only want to listen to my rap in cartoon from now on.

HamSenry : Raekwon the chef is a chef... heehee

Son Of Gib : Man, that Method Man part damn near made me spit water over my computer!

QuintBlitz : Easily the best one yet!

KILLMONGER : Ghostface is Space Ghost ha

CeZoR CMK : Dude this was on fukin point omfg!

Davon Loftin : This shit is genius!! Respect!!

Ryan Cole : We need more Wu!

bigpokedogg : Space Ghost for the WIN!!!!! Awesomeness pure uncut AWESOMENESS!!!