Table Mountain Trail Run
Climbing a Mountain with No Water is Dumb

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I climbed up Table Mountain in Cape Town after driving in a cramped van for over 16 hours without any sleep. Running up The Mountain in the World's most beautiful city is tough, but worth the view from the top


Half-Asleep Chris : Another great video, really look forward to seeing that little notification next to your channel name, every video is just excellent quality. That ending made me laugh. Well done, and extra props for doing it without water...!

7in1 : Very nice video! I would not dare climbing it without my poles and my water pack 😁

Max Bronkhorst : I subscribed from max

Geoffrey Chisnall : Awesome video! Something I've actually not done and climbed believe it or not! "Then you realize it's a fucking mountain" - this made me chuckle so hard!

Jordan Thomas : Great story! Way to go hard in the paint and find some water by any means necessary. Did it take you less time to get the bottom then it did to climb?