Dinosaur Marble Race (All Events) - Which Dino Wins?!?

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Here it is! Our whole dino marble race series as one continuous video. 16 dino marbles enter, but only one marble will be victorious! Who will it be comment below! Thanks to everyone who has provided feedback getting these videos up. It was not easy, and I know they're not perfect. Sorry for the camera wobbling, the loss of the marbles in the view and my silly hand getting in the way! All part of the learning experience, thanks for your patience. This video is the property of Marble Racing League and can't be edited or reuploaded without the channel's permission.

Comments from Youtube

Drew Carroll : Crazy amount of effort put into this run! This channel should get more attention!

Nicholas veale : 3 2 1 Mario: let's a go

This Guyaresick : This is pretty cool!

WhereSheStops : Do you believe in miracles! lol

Àron Pançhoo : go trike

THE LUCKY TITAN : Great Commentary!