When the Bars collapses...Literally

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Pedro Jorge C. S. Rodrigues : Jesus, gymnastics is not like soccer football that you can make a competition in the raw dirt of your backyard. Organizers really need to care about proper apparatus and montage.

Funky Monkey : Any incidents where the bars did this left the gymnast injured? These gymnast were-beyond extremely lucky

Z Z : Some questions: what would happen to the gymnast when the apparatus malfunctioned (including a collapse)? Do the judges give them a second chance? (This should be a definite yes.) Do they restart the routine from the very beginning or just continue the unfinished routine? And What about the move they are doing when the apparatus malfunctions? In the video, some of the moves have already been done, and they are extremely difficult ones. I kinda think it's unfair to ask them to do that move again, because they have (almost) succeed in doing that once; they do not have to take the risk of a (potentially) unsuccessful replication. Any expert can help me? :-)

Smilthy : 1:18 ... Those bars already looked crooked and strange enough to predict something was wrong

FrancesBaconandEggs : Equipment malfunctions are SO dangerous. The floor quals at 2017 worlds were a disgrace.

AiiCii : These are so scary, I can't imagine what the gymnasts feel like when the apparatus just stops supporting them

The One and Only Hayley : The last one if the bars didn’t collapse that would’ve been an awesome routine. The skills were great. And unique

Dutchfan33 : Here's another one:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zobgX0KJ0BI

Musty Fan : Such an event must inevitably make you feel bad about your body

VeeTheSmartie 101 : The gymnast are rather way to heavy or the ppl that set up the bars are very stupid

SophieSophs : As if gymnastics isn’t dangerous enough

greninja899 0 : 0:32 that looked like a very cool move but then the bar fell and I got scared 😅

mariepaulistic : Final destination hhahahaha

70s80s : You had ONE job....

Jenny Logister : you missed this one: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zobgX0KJ0BI that one is also scary!!!

donutz - roblox and more : I would feel fat

destiqy : this is how my life is going