When the Bars collapses...Literally

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Alyssa Tony : How do they score that omg haha

Pedro Jorge C. S. Rodrigues : Jesus, gymnastics is not like soccer football that you can make a competition in the raw dirt of your backyard. Organizers really need to care about proper apparatus and montage.

hipnhappenin : Ugh. Christ. I’m not brave enough to do gymnastics.

Funky Monkey : Any incidents where the bars did this left the gymnast injured? These gymnast were beyond extremely lucky

AiiCii : These are so scary, I can't imagine what the gymnasts feel like when the apparatus just stops supporting them

Smilthy : 1:18 ... Those bars already looked crooked and strange enough to predict something was wrong

70s80s : You had ONE job....

Jasmine Shirrefs : So strange watching them present to the judges at the end as if the routine is the final performance. Really unsafe and unfair.

Me Me : That first one omg she finished just in time

Musty Fan : Such an event must inevitably make you feel bad about your body

Z Z : Some questions: what would happen to the gymnast when the apparatus malfunctioned (including a collapse)? Do the judges give them a second chance? (This should be a definite yes.) Do they restart the routine from the very beginning or just continue the unfinished routine? And What about the move they are doing when the apparatus malfunctions? In the video, some of the moves have already been done, and they are extremely difficult ones. I kinda think it's unfair to ask them to do that move again, because they have (almost) succeed in doing that once; they do not have to take the risk of a (potentially) unsuccessful replication. Any expert can help me? :-)

FrancesBaconandEggs : Equipment malfunctions are SO dangerous. The floor quals at 2017 worlds were a disgrace.

SophieSophs : As if gymnastics isn’t dangerous enough

Sydney Marie : Damn they must have some really bad mental blocks afterwards. The flyer I base now got dropped hard with her last stunt group and she has a hard time getting back to flying z

EmilyA1984 : So, what happens after that?  Gymnast gets an automatic perfect ten if they land and salute despite the bars collapsing?  Gymnast's bar score isn't counted, because they technically didn't get to finish?  What about the other people who haven't competed yet, if that's the only set of bars available?  Does the rest of the event get postponed until they're repaired?

Unicorn girl Party : OMG they need to care about how they set up this stuff 😠😠😠😠ITS NOT RIGHT and these poor gymnasts must have got hurt or just missed being hit it’s absolutely disgusting :edit thanks for the likes 😄😄😄😄

R.I.P Jonghyun SHINee : I hope such accidents never happen again, reminds me of a circus actually... how dangerous it is when there are technical mistakes I would be scared to redo the routine if those things just fell apart

The One and Only Hayley : The last one if the bars didn’t collapse that would’ve been an awesome routine. The skills were great. And unique

Pedro Jorge C. S. Rodrigues : Maybe I'm too harsh, but when the apparatus breaks, it affects gymnast's confidence and it's very hard to do it again after the fixing. Imagine you doing bars and thinking "if it broke once, why wouldn't it break again? If it wasn't secure before, why is now?". It's like recent case of Bart Deruloo in Montreal 2017, that chose not to repeat his floor after they fixed the dead spot, claiming he didn't want to risk his painful and sore ankles.

AyeItzAndreaa : The struggles of being a gymnast 🤸‍♀️

mariepaulistic : Final destination hhahahaha

Jess_ALDC : How the hell?!?!? These people need to make their apparatuses stronger because if that happened to me I would be hella pissed

Delaney Lynn : "Goodness me"😂

Sup Yo : 0:32 that looked like a very cool move but then the bar fell and I got scared 😅

Ruby Rose : Shouldn't they put more effort in checking the bars and such? If anyone had gotten injured someone could have bay been injured.

baby cakes : this video gave me so much anxiety

Kennedy Lilly : i stg if they mark them lower or take points off they should complain bc that’s their fault not the people on the bar!

Daniela Graffeo : When we were warming up on beam at a competition, one side of the beam just dropped and my friend stayed on the end of the beam that dropped. We did not want to go on the beam to compete after that!

Eleven Hoppinghoppers : Would they get a deduction?

Joy Adedayo : There are 2 kinds of people in this comment section: 1) the "lol that was funny let's make a joke about it" ones and 2) the "omg that looked painful this is the struggles of gymnsts" ones... And then there's me...

Johnathan Wick : I would feel fat

Not Telling You My Name : The gymnast are rather way to heavy or the ppl that set up the bars are very stupid

Shakura rocks : Is it just me or you no subscribers not hating

Abc Def : That first one tho

Cutiepie123xox456 RBLX : I am not joking.. at my a meet when I was doing a giant on the high bar the bars fell... I sprained my ankle

Jelena Božić : I'm dead 😂

jimenasalazar : i’ve always been scared of this happening to me

Milagros B. : Made in China

citlali viveros : The first is Nadia Comaneci ?

PaisleyAndJackson : Wow that pbar is crazy, just ripped off

CarSVernon : 'goodness me'

anoja31 : *o m f g*

The Mad Man : These young athletes (on a slow day) put it all out there - on a good day the "all" is multiplied tenfold or more and they rely on and trust implicitly the equipment they are using. In some cases the equipment failures can be ascribed to "human factor" such as not setting it up correctly or flawed design but in many cases something like a bar splitting or a cable shackle cracking is simply not foreseeable. However what IS foreseeable (by the judges and the sports control body) is the POSSIBILITY that there may be a failure of some sort that will affect the athlete's performance and therefor his/her score and there should be a contingency providing for this. Possibly the fairest method of scoring an athlete's performance in an equipment failure scenario would be to review and score all the competitors routines up to the timestamp where the failure occurred and score the athlete who suffered the failure so that they are positioned in the place earned up to that point in time. With modern video capabilities this would not be too difficult and if the failure happened the affected athlete would know that they are getting a mark that is fair to their ability on the day and up to the point where the apparatus failure intervened. There have been cases where an athlete simply "gave up" (mentally) because they knew that the marks received from the failure exercise/apparatus destroyed any chance of placing where their skills and performance should have dictated. This should be an "automatic" process that kicks in - however the athlete should be given the option to decline the process - it should be their choice. It is mind blowing how much these athletes get out of their bodies and I think the sport owes them a result that reflects their ability on the day.


RedDawg : 1:26 Watch that hand, Coach! You don't want to end up joining Larry Nassar.

Gabriela Ortiz : I was on strap doing tap swings and the bar fell down and my friend was standing were the bar was and the bar cute her nail off.

Lauren Faulk : Who else hear would feel so fat like if you agree

langston terry : Do you get a chance to do another routine

Karen Elizabeth : I saw how they salute after falling. Why if their not done? They wont get points take off for not saluting when they're not done right?

Sara 8912356 : I’m laughing so hard right now.