Cenozoic Animals Singing
4chan is a dangerous place

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J.P. LaFontaine : Put this in a museum of millennial art

BobrWithSomeSticks : 0:12 Coryphodon 0:15 Thylacoleo 0:20 mammuthus primigenius/woolly mammoth 0:23 Smilodon and megatherium

magnus elander : Category: Gaming

Procrastinating forever : 4 cHaN iS a dAnGeRoUs pLaCe

Scuzyfuzywuzy : Somebody has got to make a 10 hour version

Oktopus : More more more! its just too short :D

Higinio Morales : No doubt about it, this is a masterpiece.

Cook'n W/ Curry : This is Internet Gold.

Tmb1112 : Hahahahahahaha I love this so much more than I should

Cool Products : Best use of this meme, by far.

Lauren Torgersen : can you believe someone took the time and effort to make this and now we’ve been blessed with it thank you creator πŸ™

Michael Gibson : Ive watched this at least 6 times

Nomi : This is for furry art isn't it? roflmao

A 9 Years Old NOT YouTuber : This meme is a long lost fossil buried deep underground.

eastendthug : That damn hacker again.

Wedge Wizard : this is *_A-OK #1_*

lawnmower : Epic and upvoted, good sir.

Jamey Madore : I watch this so often

Bhatt Hole : Sweet sweet 480p!

TurboTurkey : Legendary. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Corcon : I love this. I love this!

Azrily Rhul : So this is where those so called White Supremacists go? Looks like a fun place

AnotherSMRoz : I didn't realize that this was a missing piece of my life puzzle.

Javier Gimenez : you are a god

Dasy Taylor : This is a true masterpiece

Kevin Douglas : πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ€£πŸ€£

Tareltonlives : Walking With Beats


sacul xela : If it ain't pedo-pol then it's gold

Alex : I approve deeply

Lady Lolipop : Ah, finally a good meme

Oliver Kirkland : Classic

Arek Lewis : educational

pikagamer294 : what is the song


Of Course You Can Pay Me In Gum : Can someone tell me the name/artist of the song, plz?

Maulin Agrawal : What is the last animal? I’m glad they’re not walking this earth with their scary faces!!

pratherat : Funny idea. Could have done without the shaking though.

Subtracting : 4chan is trash and so are the people that visit it

Andrew Owen : Thanks, Reddit

Will Maxwell : >everyone on 4chan is an incel terrorist

Geeth San : _Brought to you by the terrorist hackers at 4chan._