How fast can a F1 Car be?

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Dap 99 Neo : I tought they gonna start it together

IG Tech : Friend: Wow nice ride! What car is that? You: A V8 Supercar Friend: What make tho ? You: V8 Friend: Nevermind, what model is it? You: Supercar


Jonatan Assefha : Is Red Bull trolling mercedes by using a Mercedes as the slowest car?

Craptastic : Whoever did that handicapping needs a fucking medal

Jon Murdock : F1 carves the corners incredibly

Rachgaming ak : dontget why they call that a supercar...

Mr. Voicecrack : 2:07 The Red Bull.... ....Ricer??


sfinx121 : _That speed comparison will keep you up to date if they bridge the gap_ so we will hide it and won't show it to you anymore.

Frozenslave Gaming : That last corner had me like *Teleports behind you*

PNathan : If that's a supercar then my vw lupo is an incredible sports car lol

Septian Tr : miss that f1 sound

George Espinoza : Don't let this distract you from the fact that Hector is going to be running three Honda Civics with Spoon engines. And on top of that, he just went into Harry's and he ordered three T66 turbos with NOS... and a Motec system exhaust.

John Smith : Awesome, these F1 cars are really amazing, from the oldest to the newest, they're really wonderful piece of engineering :)

A〉ccelerator : They should've used the new Lamborghini Mustang

Ro Mc : All the cars decelerats in Conners but f1 cars accelerates

Pabay : F1 POWER !!!!

Nico van Os : They should do these type of things more often during a F1 weekend

Gabby Montano : Cool !

Joe Joe : Old f1 engine sound is like music to my ears. The new f1 engine sound is horrible

Paul the Zocker : The Red Bull Ricer XD Can I get a heart <3

Ty The White Guy : Your description is mentally challenged

Luis Roman : Nice vid

Kfkffk Kfkfkf : Nice vid

Dutchy McDutchface : What brand potato did they use to film this?

ibrahim turan : Atleast show the photo finish

Bob Costas : Wow

Rustmine22 Gaming : The Formula one car runs on Chocolate

Kane Christopher : Now unleash F1 vs Lamborghini (any type) !!

Curtis NEWTON : It was calculated to finish at the same time

Thomas Pitters : If i had 1 penny for every pixel, i had about 10 pennys

GreyFox : "Not even in the screen" OOPS!

ada aja : AN* not A*

The Great Gazoo : My 2001 Corolla is really fast too...

Nighthawk : Ferrari did it first back in 2005

ron l : My rusted yugo beats them all.

Asif Iqbal : Why are they driving it so slow.

Electro Man : Did u know the thing is fastest than the car Is.... The road, cos it reached the destination before we reached.😹

Ledenk mems : Too bad F1 cars are so ugly. Looked so nice back in the 80s - 90s.

Ahmad Rafi : put a koenigsegg one:1 and venom GT 🤣👊

Mr. rat10000 : And you thought your Prius was fast....

BAL ECV : Of course this result.

ALL HOMOS GO TO HELL : If the V8 supercar was a Ford, it would have won!

NickeL K : i will be crying while seeing other twos passing me... it's damn Benz, bois,,, how....

90-wolf : Would still have the v8 super car any day. There is no better sound than a raw v8 roar

chefgiovanni : BiTurbo is a joke. Too hard to keep it tuned and balanced. Mercedes V8 is sick, F1 for the win.

mr juice : Good but wtf is the point?

Bath Water : This was so cool