How fast can a F1 Car be?

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Z4XE : THANK YOU FOR 1M VIEWS! Thank you who all who participated in this Milestone! I will not be answering comments from now on, but if your comment is useful, I will reply to it. THANK YOU ALL FOR HELPING ME ACHIEVE THIS MILESTONE!!!!!

Strange Garage : That F1 car is like my wife: no matter what else is going on, it's still the loudest thing.

Dap 99 Neo : I tought they gonna start it together

steven clark : I hear the F1 car's for 2018 are going to be a good bit slower so Lewis Hamilton has said a bit like driving a bus round the circuit, only three engines per year, some other changes to save money,it would be great if it made it really close race after race that would be a big win and a fan's would love it ,we already know vettel, Hamilton are class but if it close driving maybe see who else will be able to maybe come through ..

Thomas Pitters : If i had 1 penny for every pixel, i had about 10 pennys

Frost Gamer : That last corner had me like *Teleports behind you*

George Espinoza : Don't let this distract you from the fact that Hector is going to be running three Honda Civics with Spoon engines. And on top of that, he just went into Harry's and he ordered three T66 turbos with NOS... and a Motec system exhaust.

FromHyrule : This N64 game was so fun

Curtis NEWTON : It was calculated to finish at the same time

GreyFox : "Not even in the screen" OOPS!

sfinx121 : _That speed comparison will keep you up to date if they bridge the gap_ so we will hide it and won't show it to you anymore. : *F1 electric* cars are even faster.

G K : dislike 4 awful video quality

tosgem : "It's a SL 63 AMG..... it's got... torque 800.... it's a 410kw output" - we need more wimmenz in all of our sports coverage

The Great Gazoo : My 2001 Corolla is really fast too...

Jon Murdock : F1 carves the corners incredibly

Bryon Lape : Which 4 pixels is the F-1 car?


Rustmine22 Gaming : The Formula one car runs on Chocolate

FcuKeugenicSS : Whos this kylo watt now?! Some new star wars character ?!

SRT- Mustang Killer : Looked like an old Atari game... all pixels.

Wolf༱ : Switch to 144p for best experience

shikore22 : OMG that sound @2:45

Rambem 11 : Somebody sure does love a whole lot of comments.


Mike Lolo : AN* not A*

Lol OMMG : which pixel is the F1 car?

Kane Christopher : Now unleash F1 vs Lamborghini (any type) !!

Driver_ Aero : Lol the F1 was like “SURPRISE” Anyways, the turns and corners were incredible

Septian Tr : miss that f1 sound

James Faulkner : Who measures engine power in kilowatts?

Vegas knights : The F1 is like The Bank, it always wins.

Janez Novak : F - E is the future

ant salamino : Think the handicapping may bit off coz as the f1 sits and waits to go it's losing temperature in the tires wich will affect the performance at the start possibly up to Corner 2 . But that's just my opinion

Spencer Gormley : The race is rigged

Sarah Willson : That V8 holden is awsome.

Jake Finnegan : AN* f1 car. NOT A.

Sirdiggar : Bring back the v10s

John Smith : Awesome, these F1 cars are really amazing, from the oldest to the newest, they're really wonderful piece of engineering :)

Godzukidan : That was a close finish!

michael mixon : Love the sound of the F1.

Satanas Hell : Man that f1 is fast

KeiraR : A Formule one car, aN F1 car. When it SOUNDS like a vowel (ef) you use aN. A hotel, aN honest (sounds like o) person. Grammar police out. :p

parker benz : Shouldve used the v12 biturbo

ms xwindx : 240p we met again

Noel : The sound of the v8 engine!!:)

Bob Costas : Wow

IG Tech : Friend: Wow nice ride! What car is that? You: A V8 Supercar Friend: What make tho ? You: V8 Friend: Nevermind, what model is it? You: Supercar

Jetdot37 : It has torque 800...huh never heard of a unit-less torque value.

hafiz dota : Now i know the differences thx!!