How fast can a F1 Car be?

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Z4XE : THANK YOU FOR 1M VIEWS! Thank you who all who participated in this Milestone! I will not be answering comments from now on, but if your comment is useful, I will reply to it. THANK YOU ALL FOR HELPING ME ACHIEVE THIS MILESTONE!!!!!

Strange Garage : That F1 car is like my wife: no matter what else is going on, it's still the loudest thing.

Thomas Pitters : If i had 1 penny for every pixel, i had about 10 pennys

Dap 99 Neo : I tought they gonna start it together

Frost Gamer : That last corner had me like *Teleports behind you*

George Espinoza : Don't let this distract you from the fact that Hector is going to be running three Honda Civics with Spoon engines. And on top of that, he just went into Harry's and he ordered three T66 turbos with NOS... and a Motec system exhaust.

Wolf༱ : Switch to 144p for best experience

Bryon Lape : Which 4 pixels is the F-1 car?

FromHyrule : This N64 game was so fun

The Great Gazoo : My 2001 Corolla is really fast too...

G K : dislike 4 awful video quality


Curtis NEWTON : It was calculated to finish at the same time

IG Tech : Friend: Wow nice ride! What car is that? You: A V8 Supercar Friend: What make tho ? You: V8 Friend: Nevermind, what model is it? You: Supercar

Lol OMMG : which pixel is the F1 car?

GreyFox : "Not even in the screen" OOPS!

Vegas knights : The F1 is like The Bank, it always wins.

Russell Hood : The Formula one car runs on Chocolate

sfinx121 : _That speed comparison will keep you up to date if they bridge the gap_ so we will hide it and won't show it to you anymore. : *F1 electric* cars are even faster.

ron l : My rusted yugo beats them all.

SRT- Mustang Killer : Looked like an old Atari game... all pixels.

P 4 : Did u know the thing is fastest than the car Is.... The road, cos it reached the destination before we reached.😹

Jonatan Assefha : Is Red Bull trolling mercedes by using a Mercedes as the slowest car?

FcuKeugenicSS : Whos this kylo watt now?! Some new star wars character ?!

steven clark : I hear the F1 car's for 2018 are going to be a good bit slower so Lewis Hamilton has said a bit like driving a bus round the circuit, only three engines per year, some other changes to save money,it would be great if it made it really close race after race that would be a big win and a fan's would love it ,we already know vettel, Hamilton are class but if it close driving maybe see who else will be able to maybe come through ..

SupaNami : The Brits are a stupid class of people!!

tosgem : "It's a SL 63 AMG..... it's got... torque 800.... it's a 410kw output" - we need more wimmenz in all of our sports coverage

Jake Finnegan : AN* f1 car. NOT A.

Y4nn1z : *2:44* ...pause and set the speed at *0.25x* !!! ( _to see the finish in slow motion_ )

Jack Dannials : Once i used to be a f1 driver in my playstation game😁😎

Cédric Yvon : Next try start at the same time a veyron vs a F1 vs a FE

Jon Murdock : F1 carves the corners incredibly

Godzukidan : That was a close finish!

Richard Smart : I suppose it's really a matter of how many wheels it has, isn't it? Does anyone remember the six-wheeled Tyrell from a (good) few years ago? Build an eight-wheeler, and it will smoke everything else on a track. You will have more grip and be able to use all of your power more effectively. You will also have higher top-speeds. Just a suggestion. As is fully-faired cockpits - had they been in use in May, 1984, Ayrton Senna would still be with us. So would Roland Ratzenberger. Just a suggestion...

Juan Luna : 240p for the win!!!

xX0 Aero0Xx : Lol the F1 was like “SURPRISE” Anyways, the turns and corners were incredible

Septian Tr : miss that f1 sound

James Faulkner : Who measures engine power in kilowatts?

Nuwanda84 : How shitty can video quality be?

Luiz C. ma : FALTOU a MT07 MASTER OFF TORK eee he he he he he he

Jetdot37 : It has torque 800...huh never heard of a unit-less torque value.


KeiraR : A Formule one car, aN F1 car. When it SOUNDS like a vowel (ef) you use aN. A hotel, aN honest (sounds like o) person. Grammar police out. :p

Janez Novak : F - E is the future

Sh kosala sandaranga : Why Benz i think better Nissan gtr

parker benz : Shouldve used the v12 biturbo

Sarah Willson : That V8 holden is awsome.

Rambem 11 : Somebody sure does love a whole lot of comments.

Nice : 240p 10/10