Hollywood Stuntwoman Breaks Down Her Career in Stunts | Notes on a Scene | Vanity Fair

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NochSoEinKaddiFan : The drop on the elevator bumper looks so painfull, I can't help but flinch when I see it Oo And her name should be in the title instead of hollywood stuntwoman.

Jaylin Allen : She jumped off of a building 😱🙈

Lindsay Daly : *Love that she refers to James Cameron as "Jim" lol*

Abraham Cv : They should get their own Oscar category

Arius : You could put her name in the title

Jeremy : When she says "rosie actually did a lot of that, she was in there doing it herself" she sounds like a mom talking about how her kid helped make dinner by doing one step 😂

Tyson Wheeler : So... she has a name right? The other breakdown vids have names on them. She’s a badass. It’s the least you could do.

Christina Mata : I love how specific she is. Usually movie people are very vague about everything.

SamuelTBrooks : What a tragedy it would have been to die working on Divergent.

The Big LeBoschski : Stunts actors/actresses are always so kind and happy-go-lucky. Very informative watch.

Scarlett : She's literally been in everything... like imagine Avatar being your second movie

DjKaiba : Stunt doubles deserve an Oscar category!

Mey : "the men are all covered but the women don't really have a lot to cover them" A sad truth

ArtjomAlexandsson : This is breathtaking. Now I understand why stunts are always in the very beginning of the end titles.

_窮 : Wow, I could listen to Alicia Vela-Bailey talk about her craft for hours. She should have a podcast, it's real interesting learning how stunts are setup and executed. Such an awesome craft.

Saorla White : This is really interesting, thanks vanity fair for a different perspective into film

N M : Being a stuntwoman must be so much more difficult. Revealing clothing leaves little to no room for pads, plus the torture of having to perform in high heels. Huge props to them! (And for the love of God, costume designers, we need practical fighting costumes!)


Christopher G. : I'd love to ask her, when (in her opinion) does a stunt become "too dangerous"?

ally. : Why don’t they have an oscars category? They’re risking their lives for a few moments on screen!

Alex : What an actual badass..

Ned Daniels : I wish I had heard of her sooner! It’s crazy watching all the movies but being oblivious to the fact it’s the same person. Love the series btw

NotKyoot : "We got to kick each other's butts" So cute

Landon Becker : She was so sweet and well spoken. This was insanely interesting.

Michael T. : 18:46 Imagine being part of the crew filming this. One moment they are kissing, and seconds later they beat the crap out of each other. That's gotta be a pretty surreal thing to watch.

Mack Debruin : She's just as, if not more beautiful than the actresses she's doubled for.

Hussein Nour : What a prolific career. Well done to her. Shes a beast!

kamran ali : you deserve an oscar this is real talent

Evil Cat Gaming : I wonder why they decided against wires for the Divergent stunt. Would the effect be significantly different, or was it just for bragging rights? If the scene would be virtually the same on wires, they shouldn't have endangered her life like that. Yeah, this job is inherently risky, but stunt people are human beings, and you have an obligation to make sure your employees have the safest working conditions possible.

Shah Zeb : incredible... Now i think actual heros are people doing stunts while all credit is simply given to lead characters without even mentioning real name and effort behind these performances... it takes a strong woman/man to perform such a job with perfection...

The ABC Jug Band : Love the husband/wife story with Marvel.

Nandika Mansingka : I only watch these videos for those markers. I love those markers

Uhh?? ? : I love her name! I can't believe her parents chose "Hollywood stuntwoman" so creative!

Julio Hernandez : Why they didn't put her name on the title? and the people of divergent is just irresponsible and awful,at the end shady projects never succeed

hippopajamas : This woman has been in freaking everything! She's such a badass.

Human Being : Wait she actually jumped down 8 stories?!

thistubeisfucked : She should make half the money the stars she doubles makes. They'd be nothing without her.

Adnan A : My body’s so fragile I need a stunt double for daily life.

Vickey : This was really interesting, I'm surprised at how often the safety procautions aren't enough to really keep you safe. Your worried you'll miss the landing cussion, a stunt guy and later also you break your ribs, sliding in the building in transformers your just 'saving yourself'. I always thought hollywood producers would be scared shitless stunt people would die/end up in the hospital and get bad publicity for the studio.

Megan Adele : Wow I'm amazed by all the movies she's worked on, loved her character on Agents of SHIELD. Stunt people really don't get the credit they deserve.

Chloe Lisette : the fact that stuntman is a career is very strange, like the industry is just saying, like hey you have less value as a human than this person so we're gonna throw u instead

Jce L : There really should be a stunt category in the Oscars. Stunt man & woman do not get enough credit for their blood, sweat and tears.

McKenzie Dunwald : so cool that she and her husband get to do stunts together for a living

Wrathfuldragons : Really cool to watch this especially as I am training to be a stuntwoman

Water : I hope she gets an actual role in one of upcoming tarantino's movies

More Muse : 18:57 that's actually romantic :)

Lauren Beeton : wow, awesome! shes behind all the coolest parts in these movies. Stuntwomen and men definitely don't get enough credit! How can they not have her name near the top op the cast in movies with stunt double in brackets... Its her , her body that's also used to play the main characters... her name is not even in the title of this video. She should play a role of the next female superhero!

Nish Limbu : We don’t give enough appreciation to all the stunt doubles in films

Moumy : This was so so fascinating!!! Please put her name in the title!

Helix Vfx : This is probably the coolest video I’ve watched in a while, I love when they talk about these and what they did!!!!