Echtzeit-MRT-Film: Sprechen

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Abhinav Das : It's fascinating, but equally creepy to me for some reason! In German: Es ist faszinierend, aber aus irgendeinem Grund auch gruselig für mich!

Brittany Meador : This is AMAZING. I never realized how involved the internal mechanisms of the mouth are with speech.

Rwilliams : I wonder if they do this to all languages, I'd love to contribute Welsh.

Sandeagledhorn : it looks like some kind of a slug that's trying to get out but stops because it's scared of the outside world

pungochem : How did they cut that guy in half?

richfiles : Even the moments where the speaker needs to swallow are fascinating! I had no idea scanning tech was this fluid for realtime monitoring! Impressive!

afhdfh : Großartig!!!

Jell-o Monster : This could be used to teach people how to make certain sounds when you're learning a language.


ikentalk : hahaha..what a weird satisfying thing to watch^^

Think Better Life - Orofacial Pain, TMJ & Sleep Disorder Solutions Chicago : Breathing, Swallowing and closure of the nasal cavity with soft palate. Also if you watch you see changers behind the spine as well.

klounader Danya : Там точно не хомячки ебутся?

siobi69 : I am strangly aroused

Linda Montserrat Soto Canales : Tongue is a worm controling us

Felix Østberg : 2018 and still 240p

Jaspev : You have something in your teeth

Doug Alan : And somehow our 2 year old kids learn how to do this. Amazing. A lot going on in there.

LittleHampie89 : A happy blob of jelly dancing inside a mouth

Nassir Halloway : Loved this episode and can't wait to watch the rest!!!!

Emil Fredén :

Mirza Bradaric : Interessant

Luigi Buscemi : Speaking in tongues..

ww ww : Geht die hohe Rate an Bildern vielleicht zulasten der Auflösung wie bei normalen Kameras auch?

Wookiestick : It looks like there's a parasitic worm controlling him.

nick22yt : Sehr tolles Video.

kaseskie : Dude say it, don't spray it

NetTubeUser : Creepy, fascinating or just disgusting, at least, we can say that the human being is a really fantastic "machine".

K4W1 : Interessant

GhostofDerG : Wie, Nur 55 Fps? 120 sollten es schon sein. Und 4K. Ich kauf mir das erst wenns ausgereift ist.

Macen Payne : Looks like flubber trying to escape a box

salom musulman : СубханАллох!

Sabine Müller : Die Zunge sieht aus wie ein Alien, der raus will! :-D

Carol Krakower : 0:31

Enter a name here : I wonder if you could use machine learning to create the speech ouf of the MRT film?

Niko The doge : wow. awesome.

Lionel Hemmerle : sync looks a bit off, look cool tho

white nigga : someone to translate what is he saying ? is he talking about the research or just saying random things? thanks in advance

Adam Haj : The human body is terrifyingly impressive.

Dennis Frank : Nice, but why is it uploaded in 240p potato quality ?

Russell Tuttle :

rene mrls : amazig

michael gindy : who elce came here cause of daily dose of internet?

vivinski : Where are the teeth on the sides of his mouth?? The front ones are there :\

ゔぁろぅせるかん : Wieso streckt der Sprecher in den Sek. 0:38 & 1:14 eigentlich die Zunge? :)

billa : Its so funny... Its like small frog trying to jump out through a small crack

Joselito Muller II - não é o Emanuel : "Minhas aftas ardem, hemorroidas idem."

Damien : Upscale it to 720p BEFORE the youtube upload ! (we know spacial resolution is very low on irmf) We don not like h264 artefacts ...

Phill Walker : Looks like a cracked out Ratatouille

руслан юрьянов : прикольно как будто живое существо сидит во рту

li woo : that is in merkel but in may it's so different one