Bogans - Uni Revue "Royals" Parody
Australian parody of Lorde Royals So catchy

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What’s the sort of thing we do in a Uni Revue? This is the sort of thing we do in a Uni Revue. Want to see more like it? Book tickets now and come and see Uni Revue! Check out for info about Uni Revue shows and any other stuff Old Nick is up to, or just like us at or even buy Revue merch at and show off your sick bogan style with a "Bogans" hoodie! If you're looking for Revue tickets, book 'em at for Hobart or for Launceston!


S l : Must be bloody posh bogans in Tassie, in WA we cant afford Jim Beam only full strength Redbull.

April Oldfield : I’m from Brisbane Australia 😂 I think there’s the same about of bogans everywhere 😂

Frogman2%10 : best parody ever. bloody brilliant

Clorox bleach : I’d go most of these Sheila’s

Mishumydog : This needs more views 😂🤣 I'm Tasmanian (from hobart) and it felt special cos I've been to all these places

Dylan Sherman : have you all noticed that when Shana-re says her kids are 7 5 and 3 she has two fingers up when she says three

Shellie Omalveney : the girl in the red jumper is cute that is coming from a girl

Mishumydog : Only bogans disliked it because it's true! Edit: 41k of the 42k views were me..... IDK I LOVE THIS SONG

Mia E : Oof I gotta agree this is better than the Official song 😂

mydogzty : Is it bad that some of them are actually not bad looking? and seem like cool girls too get a long with the boys

charlotteistrash : This is hilarious !! I'm Tasmanian and I live in hobart !! This needs more views!

aUsSiE LUke : Another YouTube wormhole journey. This time I'm not disappointed

Riley Curtain : Can we get this on iTunes or Spotify? Please. I wanna be able to listen all the way from Chigwell to Rocherlea

Kath Omg : I love the girl at 0:48

mchughcb : Love the latte sitting on the fence behind the commodore, must have been a long day of shooting lol!

Em Radford : I love this video way too much 😂 Shared it to my friends and fam back in Tassie. You HAVE to do more like this!! (Add : the girl that does ‘Sharna-Ree actually sounds like she would be really good individually! But all sound awesome together!!)

Mia E : This needs to be On Spotify

My teenage life as Hailey Everyday : best royal parody I have ever seen...Second best parody I've seen in my life so far..

Kermit’s Boba tea. : I live in Tassie, and this is so true

Maggie Poo : I love this soo much, my class was sing this today

Paige Jarrett : I can see why there may be different fathers, the red head is hot!

Jessie McAllister : when a class mate buys jordans to show off 0:31

Peter Bartley : Finally youtubers from Tassie

Piho Mainga : I live in the most shadiest part of Canberra I think this is their anthem

Oaty and Toast : She put up six fingers when she said 7 and after she said five she put up two fingers for when she said 3 😂👌

Shanelle Lol : OMGGGGG they remind me of house'os!!!!any one else???

Fred Smith : That a brilliant song, very clever!!

Oh Happy Myles : Far enough, thats how most sheilas are were i live lol ozzy ozzy ozzy

yeahh ll : And you call the Aboriginal’s bad looks like the bogans are just the same🤣✌️

And then the Infires Nation attacked my hearteu : Live in western sydney, can't relate. Nah jokes. I loved this parody, good on ya girls!

Kirishima and His Crocs : This is sickeningly accurate to where I live in Queensland Australia lmao

Richelles World : “Different fathers obviously”😂😂

The gr8 trans4mable bumble bee : Reasonably humourous So how can us folks change the world for the better? - 1 act of random kindness at a time, I suppose Act of random kindness at a time

Bonnie Wood : I love this so much! Being from Tassie I gotta say this is hilarious and accurate! 😂💜💯

Shoel Howlett : Hate the original song, but love this

Shacker Slade : this is like every version of the Australian girl in one video.

Dandelions Dandelions : Hahaha, I love these girls! 😂

Ilar : This is so tassie

Bindi-Rae Jordan : BEST VIDEO IVE EVER SEEN!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm aussie and that really just made my day, and described my life come to think of it... anyway love the vid!

Dangan-Ko-Crap : Why is this accurate? XD 11/10

SINXER : They should be on the next YouTube Rewind

SnipingGod Youtube : is this masterpiece on spotify? if not it bloody needs to be

Rachael Dean : Bogan n proud fkn love it girls, well done :)

YourLittleDeath : This is gold. Forgot the mention the loser bogans to keeping true to form also follow a loser's AFL Club: Collingwood.

scott mitchell : Met a chick in Nyngen nsw that lived in bogan st ,bogan in the shire of bogan

Jack Baldwin : Lol! Legit just every chick in Geelong hahaha !

Jazzy Townsend : Then there is my old primary school 😂👌🏻💯

Ayesha Maher : I love how she says different father's OBVIOUSLY

Buddha Girl : I work full time, have a crap car and phone, the kids I work with all have new phones, computers and yearly Queensland holidays, paid for with some of my tax dollars...lovely. Very good work girls.