Bogans - Uni Revue "Royals" Parody

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Clorox bleach : I’d go most of these Sheila’s

Mia M82 : Bloody hilarious 😂😂😂 "Different fathers obviously" Love you ladies 😂😂😂

April Oldfield : I’m from Brisbane Australia 😂 I think there’s the same about of bogans everywhere 😂

S l : Must be bloody posh bogans in Tassie, in WA we cant afford Jim Beam only full strength Redbull.

Mishumydog : This needs more views 😂🤣 I'm Tasmanian (from hobart) and it felt special cos I've been to all these places

Frogman2%10 : best parody ever. bloody brilliant

Centralist Australia : I used to be a bogan then i became the leader of a massive crime syndicate

Mishumydog : Only bogans disliked it because it's true! Edit: 41k of the 42k views were me..... IDK I LOVE THIS SONG

Dylan Sherman : have you all noticed that when Shana-re says her kids are 7 5 and 3 she has two fingers up when she says three

mydogzty : Is it bad that some of them are actually not bad looking? and seem like cool girls too get a long with the boys

Buddha Girl : I work full time, have a crap car and phone, the kids I work with all have new phones, computers and yearly Queensland holidays, paid for with some of my tax dollars...lovely. Very good work girls.

Dominic D : This the most bogan shit I’ve seen all day I love it

Kath Omg : I love the girl at 0:48

Riley Curtain : Can we get this on iTunes or Spotify? Please. I wanna be able to listen all the way from Chigwell to Rocherlea

Shellie Omalveney : the girl in the red jumper is cute that is coming from a girl

Tiger Bass : They should be on the next YouTube Rewind

AndWhoAreYou ? : This is why we are Tasmanian. Only us Tassie fellows can make beats as good as this.

FlipLife : Another YouTube wormhole journey. This time I'm not disappointed

mchughcb : Love the latte sitting on the fence behind the commodore, must have been a long day of shooting lol!

DANIEL saunders : did they say risdon or prison because risdon is a prison in hobart

MagicalOlivia101 : Tasmanians are OP

Lizard skin : This video become 10 times better when I realised I shop at the same Northgate. fucking great!

Shanelle Lol : OMGGGGG they remind me of house'os!!!!any one else???

Ilar : This is so tassie

Rachael Dean : Bogan n proud fkn love it girls, well done :)

el desconicodo : She put up six fingers when she said 7 and after she said five she put up two fingers for when she said 3 😂👌

Mia E : Oof I gotta agree this is better than the Official song 😂

Pepe the frog : Can someone please write the lyrics for this?

ADZY 9090 : Is this where all my hard earned money that goes for tax ends up smh

charlotteistrash : This is hilarious !! I'm Tasmanian and I live in hobart !! This needs more views!

HalfBloodQueenSlytherinOfThe21ChemicalBoyDisco! : Why isn’t this on Spotify yet?!?!

Stephanie Broadwater : Girl at 00:13 is hot

Em Radford : I love this video way too much 😂 Shared it to my friends and fam back in Tassie. You HAVE to do more like this!! (Add : the girl that does ‘Sharna-Ree actually sounds like she would be really good individually! But all sound awesome together!!)

rondog 3216 : Fkn excellent cunts

And then the Infires Nation attacked my hearteu : Live in western sydney, can't relate. Nah jokes. I loved this parody, good on ya girls!

Koala Man : I hate that this is a celebration of the worst people in the country. I like it and I think it's really creative but at the same time I'm reminded of what the real people are doing to the country. It's like a parody video of someone dumping toxic waste, ha ha-oh yeah, this is only funny because it's true and I'm paying for it.

Jack Lovell : Commodore cuuuuuuunt

BIG 80 : Have a beer 🍻 for the bogans.. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

justin tyler : Trashy girls make me want to knock them up.

bovinespongiformflu : chick with neck tat is hot.

SuperRedsting : this might be a parody. but it's real. so so real...

Sales Representative : And i will always be LEB

Paige Jarrett : I can see why there may be different fathers, the red head is hot!

Jai Bakhach : this is like every version of the Australian girl in one video.

Jack The Singing Wolf : They are good singers

austin mcauliffe : the only thing about me in here is 'commodore or falcon'

Piho Mainga : I live in the most shadiest part of Canberra I think this is their anthem

Mick Martin : Great vid girls well done!

jeffo : I haven’t been to ravenswood in forever because the majority of people there are like this lol

Chev That’s it : I keep coming back to this video and I don’t know why. I’m probably worse than these guys and I’m not even 16 yet...MAH MUTHA SHALL NEVER KNOW!!!!!