Evanescence Live at Vino's Bar Little Rock, AR 1999 Full Show RARE

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Sugar_Rush : Some drunk guy screams “WHAT YOU WANT!!” After 12 years there’s an Evanescence song called “What You Want”

Muñoz Fam Life : Incredible the maturity in her voice at the age of 17!

Sherī jessicaandjuliet : a little big singer. The best voice when t was unknow

Duck Quack : kinda weird to know that this video was from 1999...

TomboyRaider101 : 21:12 - 21:14 "The chick is hot, the chick is hot" lmao!!!

Maggie Nedkova : I'm crying 😢 I love Evanescence so so so much

Luiza Costa : It's so funny to watch the whole concert and see how they went under many troubles, being totally unknown, to get where the band is right now. And Stephanie is so talented. She should be known worldwide as Evanescence is.

Danilo Vega : This is a historical register, "give unto me" kills me, so beautiful song.

Lady Enigma : This is a awesome video. She was such a talented teenager and is a insanely talented woman.

Soldats Les : a great voice even in the shadows , and the microphone does not do justice , goodness I can see this video of 1999 and 2004 then a few years later and that difference.

Chris J : They could maybe turn down the guitar a little, do you think.

doli amar : 😍😍😍😍😍🎶🎶🎶😎😎😎 she is totally awesome singer...

Eu sei o que vocês fizeram no verão passado : THIS IS GOLD

Trace Keene-Latham : Holy shit I feel so old right now...I was 19 when this happened...I'm 36 and still listening to her. o.O

Arthur menezes : 18 years old today 07/05/2017

GryphonsBard : Amy needs to bring back Stephanie Pierce. Love how it's only the three that make the group sound authentic.

Foo3112 : Crazy how bands like this once existed. Meaning so small to so freakin massive. Still, never the same after Ben left.

Mirellys Rachumi : 13:28 this is exactly why I love Amy Lee 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

Alice : Thank you so much for uploading this! I love to see the band's gigs from the very beginning. She's incredibly talented and always has been. What a voice! WOW. I just love her!

Renata Garcia : Minute 21:19 "the chic is hot" 👌🏻

Magda Leyva : 42:43 <3 OMG! UNDERSTANDING! So awesome! Amy is the best singer ever! I love Evanescence so much!

Tensai : If I had a time machine this would be the first place I would go

Aviation TV : This deserves more views

Deepthony Cutstano : 20:51 isn't Catherine, Catherine was an instrumental song. This song is untitled, as far as we know.

Lucy Fucking Rose : That feeling when you've live in Little Rock

Belén Padilla : Con todos sus errores pero es una reliquia. Gracias por subirlo! :)

Maximus Yamout : rip catherine/unknown title. After this performance the song was never heard of again

Elly Chan : I wish Amy release the untitled song in the future,it's so haunting.

Alejandra Juarez : No manches! me cago!!!! la amoooooo😍😍😍

MustardMan7321 : This is fantastic. I've never seen the whole concert before. The microphone does kind of ruin it a bit.

Sunay Aliyef : god her voice and songs were perfection.. it s really sad cause there will be never ever a singer like her again..

furious citizen : damn she sound and look good bac then too. she is true beauty. I can keep hearing their songs over and over

Ever Cano : amy lee is amazing! who is the girl with amy?? and amy know the existence of this video??

Nas 94 : I was 1 LUL

Sunny : Her voice sounds amazing here

Hannah Dixon : Thank you so much for uploading this.

Evanescence 500 : Amy Lee’s Natural Hair color blonde it looks beautiful

Metro RockGTR : They had no idea how much these tracks would change a life. Listening to this is a way of breathing.

Vecia : OMG that's the pearl in the crown

Marquin : Ela ainda segurava no ouvido pra se ouvir cantando nessa época. Que foda, velho! rs

jonathan light : This is pure gold I'm glad I ran across this

Sam Bell : Incredible footage of their youth, even at 17 Amy is a stunning little princess/goddess & her little friend can also sing good, to me Ben never fit in this concept, he's more a rough hard edge guy, that's my perception.

G PARDO : Una joya esto

Christopher O'Neill : Even at 17 her voice was heavenly

satguy27 : I still remember this concert

Alexander Lakisov : They need to remake Exodus, Lies, Give Unto Me and Understanding and release them officially.

Adrian Palomar : omg! amy😍😍😍😍😍


SweetXtract : Thank you so much for sharing! This is a true treasure! And we even get to hear a new song which I absolutely love! Too bad we never get a studio version of it. It's a mix of the Missing Demo + Understanding + Where Will You Go. Sounds so haunting and mysterious. I will never understand why they didn't decide to release it. But they produced this song, because they use the instrumental as CD playback so it has to exist at least as an instrumental. Would you be so kind and upload the audio from your recording as FLAC/WAV data? If we have the best quality that's possible we can remaster the sound and remove some audience noises.

destroyedlolo : This deserves a better sound ... but what a pleasure !