Love and Trolls - Boxxy

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Anthonin : never gets old ♥

Qonstantin Braeburn : We're all oldfags now.

BlackBirds93 : I was here when I was 16 I am here when I am 24

Zekzgo ツ : why do i get so sad from watching boxxy? probably some nostalgic memories and then i think about my life now and i wanna cry

Frosty : I come back years later, and I still love this.

Gerald Greyvenstein : The good old days of YouTube

Impolie : Kinda ashamed but I have to admit I used to download the mp3 of this and listen to it everyday

Redd Andre : I miss old YouTube


ToineAn : omg that part at 0:58 is just perfect

CandyHorror Princess : This video make me nostalgic every time.... :(

James Jeffery : Am I odd because I find this girl sooooo attractive?

G R : 2018 still awesome

Facundo Fantin : I had such a crush on her back then... we all did

smigol124 : Srly 7 years ago? i'm feeling very sad :'(

fibreoptix : A few years back I totally had this as my ringtone. Not even ashamed.

HighQualityLady888 : This is actually a quite good remix

NoiceRoice : I remember I had the biggest crush on her

Qhalib : this is still one of my favourite videos

Max Zet : dang i can still remember it like it was yesterday, when 4chan was flooded with images of her..

Mycel : with a ratatat beat. damn, this throws me back!

Kawaiini : Before the Internet became cancer. Good times, good times...

TheCaptainLuffy : I remember listen to this on repeat while playing Warcraft 3.. Good good memories:)

Dirty Mota : Holy shit we internet old

Danzooka : Shoutout to all my fellow veterans who fought in the Boxxy Wars of 2008. All Hail the Queen :)

trysometruth : Welllp, there's just no way to improve this...

Chihiro K : Forever Queen

hiiamboxxyyousee : 2018, 28 y.o. here :3 Still fall in /b

Tři Hvězdičky Peky : So Boxxy is an adult now, so am I. And here I am watching Boxxy and trolls feeling empty, because everyone is gone and old times will never return. Nostalgia...

One above all : This video gets me depressed

RocketeerRaccoon : What ever happened to her? It's been a long time since we've all seen Boxxy.

Têrriblê! : Yet... im here again.

NayaRlz : aw memories

Polygon Man : whats amazing is that she became famous without being sexual. I dont know if any female celebrity has done that before besides the fat ones

G D : Still the best Boxxy song. Why is this not on Spotify?

Brett Crandall : She is boxxy you see? ^-^

Tooncraft : Coming back and listening to it again after 5 years, still an awesome remix, such a feel good song, lovin it :)

Hideki Ryuga : Man it was golden era of the internet FeelsBadMan

moherowy13 : To think I first saw that 5 years ago... FUUUUUUUUU!

Etherea : Omg, I had forgotten how good this song was :D

rwj : When YouTube recommended this video to me again...years later, it's like I discovered a time capsule.

Game One Music HD : Memories

JewToTheRescue : This makes me so happy. Thank you.

ღ•Visioned_ Starzz•ღ : i remember watching this over a year ago i forgot about this and i just remembered a few days ago xD

MrJohnnyAnon : There is only one true queen

Kimberly Sumpter : 2018 ! I came to love Ratatat after this remix. Thank you man, this is great. ❤

John Everest : First 20 seconds sound like something Kanye would sample...

Jarrod Young : Damn I had the biggest crush on Boxxy fr js lol at least she was legit... now the internet's all about 'LMS's if your a social media thot'

Michallo50 : Love you Boxxy. We remember you! xxx

Alexis Groggers : I'm an oldfag coming back.l for. Some. Confort