Bear Grylls and Yao Ming Go Wild | D/CODE
Bear Grylls and Yao Ming Go Wild DCODE

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Watch what happens when adventure and survival expert Bear Grylls takes former NBA all-star Yao Ming out into the wild. WANT MORE D/CODE? Subscribe here: D/CODE demystifies the science behind trending socio-topics across technology, culture, nature and the weird and wonderful. Website: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram:


GED Gert : Damn that statement about the water. Even a superstar like him wants to be normal.

Samuel Yap : "gives me a peaceful moment to be normal right there" - Yao Ming Damn

ShowTube : She couldn't hug him because her face would be right on the crotch

S8EN. exe : Yao: **wakes up in the middle of the night** Bear: Jesus is that bigfoot?.

Chu Lo : Want to eat maggots? Yaos like heck no....we've got fillet mignon at the Ritz

El At : And people say Chinese people eat anything that moves. The rumour is not true... Yao refused maggots

Andrew : Yao is just a great guy, one of the only guys to every bully Shaq.

junyan kau : Because of him walking around in the woods, this is why big foot get speading world wide 😂

namai : Yao looks like he really doesn’t want to be there 😂

somalia today : Yo acting like he's 🏊 when he 🚶

Andre Acosta Studios : 4:06 I’m not that tall 😂😂

Tanduay 5 years : Yao who's that kid with you

Traveling Barilisons : I love yao ming! Hes a gentle giant and a warrior and protector of mother nature. Sana mag collab tayo sa aming Vlog :p

chan0 : Bear: I found a tree root Tree Root: Dear God no

hafiymohamad : I want see Dwayne Johnson, Kevin Hart, Terry Crews, Jim Carey, Ryan Stiles, Colin Mocorie and Forrest Griffin do this.

TheDinoNugget : When he got drafted everyone Boo’d but he became a hall of famer for the NBA...

Thug Taters : Yao saw Shaq did this and had to beat him in this too.

Enjoyyourlife : Yao Ming!!!! Legend

Brandon Burgos : so obvious that rat was planted there by the crew..... just so they could eat gross maggots....

Abraham Rico : He seems like he doesn’t want to be there

C Joe : If Yao is hungry, he will just eat Bear.

Simon Zhai : 姚明 is now 女兆日月

Karwin Chau : If Shaq can do it, Yao can do it too💯🔥❤️💦

DankMuffin : No joke a saw Yao at a museum in D.C

Lee Xiong : Damn didn’t know Yao speak English that well

greenlizardballs : yeah Yao did not give a single damn about this the whole time he's thinking "yeah this will pass, lets just silence through it"

Anonymous : Yao just want to be normal. 👍

DIED BY A LEGO : Brian shaw with bear grylls Brian shaw picks up bear and cooks it

John Saunders : Giant grizzly would make Yao feel small

Krystal Pistol : *Sees hug towards the end* *Massive height difference made obvious* So those yaoi manga characters were just basketball player height, got it. 🧐🤔

Faraday Mo : Yao is not gonna hug that lady because, you know ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Yoyo Master : Definitely going to Yao Ming savage NBA moments after this

余自强 : 姚主席有点没放开,既然来了就配合演出吧。

TheRusty Hook : Malibu creek? The rocks? Am I the only one that knows where this is.?

John Brown : Next Olympic Gold Swimmer! YAO MING!!! He only have to stroke twice to get across the pool.

Silent Streamer : Meme Legend... The very first meme generation.

Army Forever BTS : Yao Ming is a chinese???? :) he is really beautiful 😍 😍 😍

Karat Jin : Wait! He sounds like professor Snape from Harry Potter!

Cintus Supremus : 6:52 "I dont wanna talk" -YAO

Comanche Scalper : Yao ming, The chinese guy we can love forever,he even once said xi was to strong, nothing but respect for him.

Sean Im : Uh...? I am sorry Yao but if you break your toe while we are on this trip, I cannot carry you. lol #HOF

FedorMachida Last : I wish T-Mac wasn't so injury prone. I really wanted to see Yao get an NBA Championship w/ the Rockets.

GoalieStrings : very poorly put out fire, Smokey would be dissapointed

AFIM : Two big memes... In just one video

Comic Aquatix : Could Yao Ming be the key to defeating Thanos? Even Galactus?

Sulaiman Daoud : 4:00 why didn't you take the chair out and sit on the back seat. 😂😂😂

Bambang Budi Prayetno : Im not pretended to be rude.. But watching 2 memes relief in one show is kinda.. awesome

Haifu Zhen : if wasn't for injuries, he would of have been the GOAT! Shaq was one move show, Yao had his jump hook and his jumper, nearly unstoppable to guard.

Rpeshb : If I'm there instead of yoa I'll be more curious, excited and ask more questions to Bear than he can ask me.