Bear Grylls and Yao Ming Go Wild | D/CODE

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PRYVTgomerPYLE : He speaks English very well! The guy spoke 0 when he moved to Houston... Great to see he is happy and healthy. <3

Jake : “I’m not that tall” - Yao Ming

skalawitz : Bear had no clue that Yao was basically walking in that pond or river or whatever that is..

Itchi : Total respect when Yao talked about the peacefulness he feels in the water.

El At : And people say Chinese people eat anything that moves. The rumour is not true... Yao refused maggots

Daniel Lucas : I thought Shaq is big. But Yao Ming towers over him

Chu Lo : Want to eat maggots? Yaos like heck no....we've got fillet mignon at the Ritz

erina nakiri : he sounded like professor snape.

junyan kau : Because of him walking around in the woods, this is why big foot get speading world wide 😂

ShowTube : She couldn't hug him because her face would be right on the crotch

Andre Acosta Studios : 4:06 I’m not that tall 😂😂

Traveling Barilisons : I love yao ming! Hes a gentle giant and a warrior and protector of mother nature. Sana mag collab tayo sa aming Vlog :p

somalia today : Yo acting like he's 🏊 when he 🚶

Abraham Rico : He seems like he doesn’t want to be there

Brandon Burgos : so obvious that rat was planted there by the crew..... just so they could eat gross maggots....

hafiymohamad : I want see Dwayne Johnson, Kevin Hart, Terry Crews, Jim Carey, Ryan Stiles, Colin Mocorie and Forrest Griffin do this.

Simon Zhai : 姚明 is now 女兆日月

Andrew : Yao is just a great guy, one of the only guys to every bully Shaq.

Tanduay 5 years : Yao who's that kid with you

DankMuffin : No joke a saw Yao at a museum in D.C

Che Guerrero : I felt this one to be kinda cringy

Sulaiman Daoud : 4:00 why didn't you take the chair out and sit on the back seat. 😂😂😂

余自强 : 姚主席有点没放开,既然来了就配合演出吧。

GenAfterNextTactics : Yao seems a little bit like a big baby

Karwin Chau : If Shaq can do it, Yao can do it too💯🔥❤️💦

TheRusty Hook : Malibu creek? The rocks? Am I the only one that knows where this is.?

Enjoyyourlife : Yao Ming!!!! Legend

Allan Beltran : judging from the end of the video, dude probably rips girls in half when he sleeps with them. The girl can literally give him a blowjob whilst standing.

Elann Suvat : Bear Grylls gut microbiome must be equal to that of indigenous tribes in South Africa. I know that it is mostly a show and entertainment, but he eats things that our ancestors probably wouldn't dare to pick up off the ground. And he looks and seems healthy. But man, his mindset is always amazing. I love that.

Trev : Bear looks so small 😂

Lee Xiong : Damn didn’t know Yao speak English that well

O La : 7:52 she don't even gotta kneel down

GoalieStrings : very poorly put out fire, Smokey would be dissapointed

mike marissa : With all due respect Yao has the personality of that dead rat.

Jackson Liang : U had with a big fella like him. Do u forget shaq??

Barking Spider : I give major props to Yao. He didn’t speak a word of English know he's fluent. Learning English from Chinese is almost impossible.

Venelana : 0:04 bear looks like he just woke up lmao

AFIM : Two big memes... In just one video

Faraday Mo : Yao is not gonna hug that lady because, you know ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

꧁꧅Ïꦧ꧀ꦖÏ꧅꧂ : . lol - 'yao' means 'big' in thai

MVweez : Yao's good with punchlines

Gabriel Martinez : Looks like Malibu creek

Cheb : In awe of the size of this lad, absolute unit!

Sajmon jj : Damn Bear is 6 foot or close 6 foot tall but he look like 5.4 if you look Yao and Bear Height difference 😂😂

Macc Vlogs : This guy is a legend

AdemolaVictorTv : Next try going with Kevin Hart 😂😂

Raivo B : They call me Yao Ming 'cause my eyes real low

James Cho : One of the greatest nba players? Thats a bit of a stretch there Bear..

Williams awesome : Yow holds his head when bear said that's dinner at 120 yows like what did I get myself into I just wanted to go camping and exploring not eat bugs

Victor Lean : Lol an industrial window cleaner harness!