"Jiggly Boy" Returns...and KG Approves

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Zefn : It's like he flips a switch when Usher comes on.. lmao

Armani : Soon to be Hall of Famer!!

Christon Han : is it weird that this video brought tears to my eyes?

Cameron Kessler : His kids acting as backup dancers is just too damn perfect

SlimThugs03Sephiroth : damn this makes me forget all my problems

Syed Adeel : Is it just me or is this really the greatest youtube video ever.

nadia k : This maked me so happy for Some reason lol

Max Bassanini : I can almost hear Kevin Garnett mutter: "Crazy ass white people" haha, great vid

Kim Jong Un : As a minnesotan, this is probably the most applause anything Timberwolves related will see

Caring Is Creepy : Wow so Kevin Garnett *does* have feelings...

Hoàng Nhật Huy : true die hard fan, he even brought his (maybe) grand kids *wipe tears* 12 years, same spirits. RESPECT!

onteriojohnson : Man that made me smile.. that was an awesome Video.. KG gave him the salute!

JRSportBrief : Legend.

Bg Wong : 1:34 the face when your music finally comes

LuongoTHEmachine : i cried every time i come here, happy retirement KG!

R. D : If I don't come here today I don't know when should I come. All the best to KG after his retirement

Ernest Paul : Lebron back in Cleaveland KG back in Minnesota Rose back in hospital

dinesh prabhu : The best fan in the world.

Tuğçe Kaya : 0:45 that kid at the back -.- I wanna smash his head so bad

Michael Bleeker : Literally one of the best videos I have eeeevvvveeeeerrrrrr seen

Kate DeDo : He may have possibly raised the coolest kids ever in the history of reproduction.

Top of the Bottom Pile : Adrian Peterson would have shown those kids a thing or two.

Dosto Yevski : Hergün bir doz alıp gidiyorum

what : KG retired. Another great player leaving the league. We will miss you

Madara Uchiha : lol can't fight the music

Wilfried Bergmann : Genious! Wonderful! How life must be! A most wonderful man, a most wonderful dance! And most wonderful kids! All things are right! This is the greatest scene for this club wihin 13 years! KG's back! 5 stars!

Super Nova Gaming : I get goosebumps every time I watch this for some reason. 😂 like if you agree

Sam Su : this made me nearly crying~

Joseph Bermudez : I love the people's reaction

tj1990 : this is on the official timberwolves youtube thats the best part

rizz2pro : his face when he hears usher start playing lol

Sam ZC : Kevin Garnett's retirement brought me here... #ThankYouKG

ゆうおり : The man!

Pensi0nar : This is one of the coolest videos I have ever seen! At 1:33 , he is like: That's my jam! He is awesome!

DORJSUREN ENHBOLD : 01:21 Curry is that you?

Sophisticated Simian : Oh man that is brilliant x'D

kimi592 : I saw this vid more than 25 time since i see it for the first time (yesterday)

Lex HeeDooM : 1:16 John Travolta?Is that you?

AJx408x : This is what sports is all about!

Rajit Bhat : Legend

Ross Lee : someone give this man season tickets for life. 

C.ShuWei : so touch😭😭😭

Aspiring Runner : LOL!!!!!!!!!!  That was awesome.

SonnyChenova : somehow made me tear a little.:)

BinkieMcFartnuggets : Nowadays players flop more than his manboobies.

박마카오 : im korean fan.... KG misses...

Millian Macalintal : Hey look it's George Karl's lesser known younger brother.

أحـمـد AhmΣÐ : هاهاهههههه وربي حمااااس انا اتحمست هنا 😂😂 هالنغمه ما لها الا تنقز 😆

Diego Mercado : This is what yankis call a SHOW. What a shame!

Animae Otakus : Yeah, it's all fun and games until a FEMALE shows this kind of behaviour... As an intelligent redditor (~ 158 IQ) I think females should also have the right to take their shirt off. As you can see, the female at 0:51 has the urge to take off her shirt, but then she realizes that women don't have the same rights as men, so she decides to just pull off a boring dance which resulted in an ''Epic Fail'' (meme). The announcer orders the cameraman (by saying: ''wait a second.. can we go back!?'') to switch back to the man, JUST so the camera is no longer on the poor woman. We all know the r/videos community includes more men than women, so it's not strange that this video was upboated. Men of reddit, this disgusts me. As a male feminist, I respect m'ladies and try my hardest to make them feel nice. If you are a female and feel limited by the male-dominated society, make sure to send me a PM for a date, I'll do anything to make you feel better, m'lady. - Animae Otakus, gilded redditor looking for a feminine companion.