Shy Ronnie 2: Ronnie & Clyde (feat. Rihanna)
Rihannas best song still to this day

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Buy at iTunes: New album on sale now! Originally aired October 30, 2010 Footage courtesy of NBC for promotional use only.


Nathan Speiser : 6ix9ine saw Shy Ronnie yelling on the mic and made a career out of it smh

Beary Boy : I wonder how many people watched this just for the haHAA

Mbali Mthembu : Lol it was Rihanna that made him shy this whole time.

Anmol Biswas : Just imagine that everyone's naked ..... And I ... JIZZED IN MY PANTS

jeremiah2012 : It hurts that Rihanna is so pretty...

Isabela Villela : Rihanna coming back to get Jon Hamm, savage

MJ : The face Jon Hamm makes when he was told they’re going to have sex is priceless😄

Tic Tac123 : Is everyone just gonna ignore how well Ronnie backflipped in a dress

I AM YOUR SISTERS PIMP : Beat is one of the tightest they ever produced!

Masterash01 : I like how 'Feat, Rihanna' means 'she's gonna sing the whole song'.

a normal human : I've never related to a character as much as I do with shy Ronnie

Andrei Despinoiu : _"Too-da-loo!"_


McKenzie Martinez-McMahon : Rihanna's voice is so pretty and she is so pretty

Becker Thierry : Anyone still listening this song in 2019 ❤💫

Tiffany Glickfield : Shy Ronnie is literally me every time I leave my house

- Vee - : Didn't realise how sexy Rihanna looked here back then.. Dayum

Beth Shifflett : Rihanna me during a group speaking project

xXTheMLGPotatoXx : haHAA

Natalia Peliza : Jon Hamm is fine as always

#JawshTV : Shy Ronnie feat. Rihanna part 3 would be dope, maybe during her next era

fakeituntilyouareit : Back when I didn't know who Jon Hamm was and thought he was just a random attractive extra in this clip.

Florian Wolf : I wish there where more than two shy Ronnie Songs...........

TenTonNuke : I want that strange facial expression at 1:09 made into a gif.

jdprettynails : "Why did I think you could do this?" Good question....

Spam Sandwich : *Shy Ronnie III* Ronnie is a shot caller in the joint, all sleeved out & teardrop tatts on his face .. until Clyde shows up to break him out and he becomes a passive aggressive puzzy the moment he sees her.

Lexie : literally never realized that the hostages are various SNL members

Clayton Hurdle : Five years and I'm still trying to figure out what he's mumbling.

Poochyman : Peralta, you are an amazing detective/genius.

Lune Moon : TIL Andy Samberg is the haHAA meme

valy0f : *haHAA*

Jupiter Rising : JON HAMM FROM MAD MEN! I was way happier than I should have been to see him.

Beautiful Black Queen : Anyone else digging Rihannas outfit? 😎😏

Deb Cay : I just realized that's John Hamm 2:32

MaI D : Mom : ready for your exam tomorrow ? Me : 0:10

Sumit Sarkar : Can't believe this is nine years old.

gnislia : Oh wow! When I watched this 10 years ago I didn’t know that that was Jon Hamm 😂

Aidan Steinbauer : I love his awkward laugh lol

Robin Bonds : Shy Ronnie, mumble rap God! Look out Eminem! He got ur number! Lol

Samantha Souza : "why did I think you could do this" that hit me hard..

crib ja : "And also this guy..." why's the guy not me😂

INtelliepower10 : Waiting for shy Ronnie 3

Kristen Pearce : "Please...please use your words." 😂

MrsLensherrr : I'm on some kind of SNL binge befor my finals and just realised how talented Samberg is.

CrazyAzzNate : I love Andy Samberg and all his characters so much ❤️

Renan Nascimento : menubuscar Shy Ronnie 2: Ronnie & Clyde (feat. The Lonely Island) Rihanna  Opções Original Tradução We've done the work We know the system We have the firepower And we have each other You ready? We at it again Everybody now Hands in the air, this is a stick up, stick up No funny business or you get lead up, lead up You test I, you gon' die And at your funeral your momma gon' cry So customers kiss the floor, floor And clerks open cash drawers slow, slow. If you don't wanna end up dead, You do everything shy Ronnie says Tell 'em, Ronnie: (Murmurs) No one in the bank can hear you Shy Ronnie, use your outside voice We don't have time for this Let's go! So stay on the ground, this is a stick up, stick Your wallets and jewels we'll pick up, pick up Unload the cash, move your ass We gettin' money, tell 'em Shy Ronnie (Murmurs) Please, please use your words Just imagine that everyone's naked Oh-Oh, boner alert You really pictured them naked Why did I think you could do this? Ronnie, hostage on the move (Gun Shot) He shot himself Why is his gun so small? The police are on their way Good luck, Shy Ronnie Bye bye HAHA Ronnie mother-fucker and I'm back from the dead, Brain Bored with this murder,so I shot my own leg. Don't get the name twisted, cause I?m crazy as shit! I hung a giant ass noose off my giant ass dick... Eh, I forgot this money And also this guy Come on, we're gonna have sex To da loups ...And you could hang from it, Cause you don?t wanna see my real gun, Shots through the sky but your face sound real fun! Ronnie!

Starlightsixty : I have so many questions about this. How did these two meet? Why did she pick him to rob a bank with? Why was she singing in a classroom with him in the first Shy Ronnie and was he the teacher of that classroom?

Cam Miles : You can laugh at shy ronnie but I doubt more than 5% of us would be able to get anything coherent out while robbing a bank and singing backup for rihanna.

miap : I love how she casually looks at the camera and says blandly “he shot himself.“🤣🤣🤣