Judy Garland in blackface in "Everybody Sing" (1938)

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Lil Oozy : This made me want to cry and im not even black :/ .

pastel evaaa : this was awfully scary to watch

Dayton Potts : Dorothy???

Ivy May : Her mother forced her to do this role i believe. No I'm not justifying what she did, but you need to do a little bit of research before straight up assuming she's racist. It's a role she had to play, that's not who she is as a person.

Dominique Ricketts : This hurt to watch so much. After watching Childish Gambino's "This is America", I was shocked to think that my favourite actress would agree to do something so low life like this :(.

Krusty Kard Likes Lying : Childish Gambino

Wild Magic : Oh, Judy. Hopefully, she didn't realize what she was doing or she couldn't get out of playing the role.

Matt Bradley : What hurts the most is the fact the men thought she was actually black for a time

OneTimeHero : Im gonna ruin her for so many white people lmao

Nataly Ramirez : The song of Beyonce " FORMATION" she says that her " My daddy alabama, mama louisiana" and on this video it says on 2:52

jas cota : This is actually terrifying

Hank Tilbury : After all is said and done, the hows and whys of this performance don't matter. No excuses or appeals to "tradition" or "context" or any other nuanced arguments suffice. It is, quite simply, disgusting, offensive and wrong.

Joya Johnson : I couldn't even finish this. I was crying with fury in the first couple seconds.

Taisha Joseph : I am so disgusted, I actually liked the wizard of Oz

Byron Sandell : Them lips though

OneTimeHero : Im gonna ruin her for so many white people lmao

Outdoor Mississippi : Who watched this after this is America

ExDee : Very scary to watch.

Golden Metri : Deeply disturbing

Ngozi Enumah : This is highly expected and no surprise at all.

Heavygusto : This is the same girl who was given a cocktail of uppers and downers to keep her in line and performing. It's a sad comment on racism in Hollywood back then, but also on the way young stars were treated.

T. Washington : I don't care how long ago and how things were back then. She had to have known this wasn't right. And to think I was rooting for her to get back home to Aunty Am! SMH

Kool-Wade Man : Dorothy? Racist?!

Black Bones : lmao so many butt hurt people in the comments

James Demestihas : just another young actress hungry for any work

Sam Mind Body and Soul : 0:28 lmao

Liam Chessor : Who else is here from this is america

you wish : Damn. Pretty disgusting. With that being said, this was 80 years ago in 1938, and then this wasn't see as being racist or offensive as it is now. Plus she was a young kid. I doubt she even knew what she was doing.

fluffylover1231 : Everyone attacking Judy for this, just stop. Firstly whether Mrs. Garland found it right or wrong is beside the point. She was 14 years old and being forced into rolls by her mother. “Well did her mom hold a gun to her head!!!!” Did or didn’t, no matter how badass you thought you were at 14 you were still going to listen to your parents! She was in film when a studio system thought nothing of giving a young girl pills to lose weight and to force long working hours. Before Judy was 10 her mother was forcing uppers and downers down her throat. A young actress molested on set when she was filming Wizard Of Oz. Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (the first studio she signed with) gave her the diet pills, calling her too fat. Because she was overweight, MGM only served her chicken broth and cottage cheese, and there were even informants who watched what she was eating. She said later: "From the time I was 13, there was a constant struggle between MGM and me — whether or not to eat, how much to eat, what to eat. I remember this more vividly than anything else about my childhood." By the end of her life (an accidental OD) she had experienced a life of travesty. And all anyone wants to look at is a little girl being forced into black face.

D4mn RadicaL : For everyone complaining that it’s racist, you have to understand and realise that this was life way back when, it was completely normal and even encouraged. We have moved on tremendously but we cannot judge people for having those views back then, especially with the views we still carry today. The view of extremism and Muslims is exactly like the coloured folk all those years ago. A mass amount of people were racist and a mass amount of people weren’t. You cannot be angry or outraged at a film that was considered completely normal and acceptable for back then. Yes we have moved on from those times but I’m sure you lot carry views that can relate closely to Blackface so before you cast your hatred please try and remember that it was the way of the world back then and it could not be helped and it wasn’t just white folk doing this, quite a lot of coloured folk were racist too and still are. We haven’t moved on 100%, we still get racism from both and all factions of colour.

Mike Konyar : Dorothy WwwWwHhhHYYYYYYYyYYyYyyYyYyyYyyyyYYYYyYYyyY!

Jill. Ofi : im not saying this is right but she was owned by the studios this wasnt made in the 2000’s n shit where she coulda had a choice she didnt so like this is wrong af but its not her its the men or whomever who made her do this.

Trinity Williams : This is so disturbing...

Ry O' : Another view is that "blackface" was a form of cross-dressing in which one puts on the insignias of a sex, class, or race that stands in opposition to one's own it is also noted that black artists also performed in blackface.

Donald Sexton : That would be a great Super Bowl halftime show.

jetpackwolf : I am trying so hard to see with the entertainment value is in this.. and I just can’t.. it sucks

Jessithebestie : hopefully this will make more black people be more observant from now on, if you know what I mean.

priscilla valentino : her voice is amazing but i really hate this video oh god

karsen jeter : this is so racist

Awesomesauce Souls : Good thing she's dead.

Dalia Ruiz-Holt : This is awful. It's hard to think about how okay this was back then.

Cowboy Curtis : I've a feeling we're not in Kansas anymore.

Emmauel Clark : This was 1938 relax this was considered ok back then

Saint Tos : There's no place like home...

Ronnie Louden : I love this! Amazing! Bravo!!! Made me like judy garland even more!!! 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👩🏿lol

Rene Renee : Not surprised! No class at all!

Diana Ernst : This is disgusting. So sad.

lolita xo : Just found out that she didn’t want to do this role and her mother forced her to do it

Kika Leek : This is really disturbing.

roisin : Im white and I really stand with the blacklivesmatter movement and looking at this really makes me sick to my stomach how racist the media were allowed be and were allowed do this. Its so incredibly racist it stresses me out. To all the black people out there, yous are so strong, dealing with constant racism, police brutality and stupid racist people in general. I stand with you.