Judy Garland in blackface in "Everybody Sing" (1938)

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OneTimeHero : Im gonna ruin her for so many white people lmao

Wild Magic : Oh, Judy. Hopefully, she didn't realize what she was doing or she couldn't get out of playing the role.

OneTimeHero : Im gonna ruin her for so many white people lmao

Andrew Vermeltfoort : People this isn't racist. It's basically just a costume and there is nothing wrong with pretending. Just listen blackface can be racist just research the reason for the performance before you outright say it's racist.

Donald Sexton : That would be a great Super Bowl halftime show.

Sam Mind Body and Soul : 0:28 lmao

Joya Johnson : I couldn't even finish this. I was crying with fury in the first couple seconds.

Ngozi Enumah : This is highly expected and no surprise at all.

Byron Sandell : Them lips though

ozzfest72 : HILARIOUS!

Dolley Lucci : Ok. Im LOL

Hank Tilbury : After all is said and done, the hows and whys of this performance don't matter. No excuses or appeals to "tradition" or "context" or any other nuanced arguments suffice. It is, quite simply, disgusting, offensive and wrong.

Hendrik Verwoerd : A classic tradition in our films and entertainment Blackface performance man I missed those days when we used to have good old Minstrel performances in our shows and theaters those were the days alright.

Diana Ernst : This is disgusting. So sad.

Savant : This is actually one of the few moments where black face isn't racist. She put on black face so Ricky wouldn't recognize her, not to imitate a black girl.

Kxng Kat : Wow... They were stupid asf back then

Matt Bradley : What hurts the most is the fact the men thought she was actually black for a time

Ry O' : Another view is that "blackface" was a form of cross-dressing in which one puts on the insignias of a sex, class, or race that stands in opposition to one's own it is also noted that black artists also performed in blackface.

P. J. : Do they still play this scene on television?

Gaston .MACOUTE : je la bourre

Mike Konyar : Dorothy WwwWwHhhHYYYYYYYyYYyYyyYyYyyYyyyyYYYYyYYyyY!

Caio P. : Can anyone write down the lyrics of his version of sweet chariot ?? I´d like very much

Dayton Potts : Dorothy???

Kool-Wade Man : Dorothy? Racist?!

agvulpine : I simply cannot tell why anybody would reasonably call this scene "racist." Or would have the audacity to "forgive her" for a perfectly valid performance of a respected artform from that era. I can't even imagine what society in 100 years from now would condemn today, but I certainly do not regret having done it whatever it is that I "did wrong."

Hendrik Verwoerd : Its a Pickanny who's good at singing.