JS Abernathy Dental - Laser Dentistry Star Wars Spoof

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Bruce Rowley : Why do I feel like I'm going to be sued by Disney for even viewing this thing?

Douchy McDouche : The floss is strong with this one.

FrozenHaka : This is some kung pow level shit, i love it!

TheAlcoholic27 : What a lot of folks dont know is this was the original Episode 4 before George was pressured to rewrite it and cast a younger actor as the lead.

Michael Kosenski : I just ate a 5 lb sack of sugar and I will continue to do so every day until my teeth rot, just so I can go and have them fixed by this dentist!

Sofia Loveland : There are no words to describe the beauty of this.

YegorsTV : Disney lawsuit in 3 ... 2 .... 1

RodrigoAvilaLeal : Still better than the Force Awakens.

John Sangiorgio : But my lord...is this.....LEGAL?

Rusty Shackleford : now THIS is advertising!

SuperMattcom : I find your lack of oral hygiene disturbing...

Static fl : When the PIPS strikes back...

Aarón Mejía : I feel like booking a trip to Arkansas just to get my teeth fixed by this man

cjs wei : This is quite possibly the most epic root canal commercial I have ever seen, the only one I will ever see, and the last one I will ever see. In fact, I think I would rather watch THIS version of the original film before I would watch the "Special Edition" version. Must be a lot of money in dentistry if this is actually licensed, Or this'll be the shortest available video of all time.

John Nagy : Cease and Desist order in 3 - 2 - 1 ---

ItsBen : Imagine this the actual scene where they are talking about the death star and he just starts going on about teeth and problems with them

Mathew MacMillan : Disney's going to destroy this quicker then the death star blew up Alderaan.

Mitch Alderman : I love Princess Chel's smile.

Tom Hermans : this is the dentist commercial I was looking for

Mauro Huenchunao : I think that's from a movie

ForceTrekkie : oh my god the holiday special bits at the end

Elan Reaves : Sir you would have my business today if you were local. That was great!

KoRMaK1 : Posting pre-viral on a vid thats about to blow up. Much like that insurmountable rotting dental root

Evan Tapper : Impressive.

Mauro Huenchunao : This is a Better Call Saul episode. Guess who directed the ad, and who will defend Doc? Yeah, our Saul Goodman

Darth Sunflare Unit : May the floss be with you

Jim Moskowitz : This is awesomely done, but I can't figure out how it could possibly be legal -- are you George Lucas's dentist, perhaps? Or is it just that PIPS has a strong effect on weak minds?

Throwback Trivia : This guy has an incredibly talented grandson or granddaughter.

Susie MacLean : this is so sweet, might come to america just for this guy

cohletrain : You are a hero.

Shak : May the floss be with you!!!!!!

rollababe2008 : Epic commercial! I'd come To you for dental work for this video alone if I were in the USA! Hahaha love It! Think you might see a spike in business! 👍👍

eye4thesky : For some odd reason, I now want a root canal. This is awesome!!!

EiferBrennan : You sir, have earned a subscriber! May the PIPS be with you! Also, Garmy Strong, all day long!

gotindrachenhart : Han looking over the xray had me laughing my ass off. Whoever put this together did a very good job!

Joshua Gale : Brilliant! If you're a client of his and you thought the wait list to see the Dentist was long before this...

Duane Swab : Yes but did Han shoot Greedo with PIPS first?

Michael Lamb : Shoot next time I need a root canal I'm driving down to Arkansas.

frodolives1183 : This is so great. Too bad you'll be the next target of the Death Star.

Marion Farrell : The original film was destroyed during the edit to the Dental Edition. Han flossed first!

Rachel Abraham : ha,ha,ha! love it

Yurry SC : The Pips is strong with this one...

Ordinis Chao : Geez, I can't wait to get a root canal now.

techiefIve : How is this not viral yet?

Coffee Rocks : This was brilliant

flawlessvic : I never knew I wanted a root canal done until now.

Esaú Alberto Canto Novelo : Still better than Rogue One.

Bobo411 : Entertaining and informative. Why doesn't my dentist have lasers?!

StupidMarioBros1Fan : Fantastic editing, not perfect but way better than I expected. _applauds_

Pat Cavanaugh : I wonder what it costs for PIPS...it must be for the wealthy. Any testimonials? Maybe later, since it's so new.