Toy Soldiers: A Very Tiny Action Adventure Movie

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Subscribe to Random Acts: Toy Soldiers takes us to the deepest darkest corner of a vegetable patch where an army of soldiers break free from their lengthy imprisonment. Believing they are under attack from the enemy, Maj General, Horatio Morgan Smithe attempts to lead his regiment to safety. Produced by Christie HQ.


Gabriel the Gaming Reactor : Peterson: "I can't feel my legs". General: "Hold on private, we'll find them". *Peterson's legs walk by* General: "Relax private I think we found your..." Peterson: X_X

Miguel Dela Cruz : where did you get those good army men

that one kid with subscribers : This is the greatest stop motion ever

Simo gamer : This should be more popular!

13thBear : Ok, now that's some funny writing right there! Pretty fair movie short as well. You guys do good work!

DudeBro 2icy : Was I the only one laughing when the medic came with just tape.

Sandra Bradley : This was my childhood right here.I wish Youtube was around when I was a kid so I chould see all my favorite toy soilders battle it out.this is truly a dream come true thank you..

Phạm Tuấn : Battlefield 1 in a nutshell 🙂🙂

Darkelish : I never laughed so hard

Leanne Eccles : I love the cocktail umbrellas and the crumbs part also the humming

Sinerjik Unturned : How do you do this? (There is any program)

papaya channel : "War, war never changes."

BlackStarInitiative : The animation in this is insane!

dilen chen : this is the best and funniest army me n video i have ever seen!!!!!!!!!

Ian Berg : Did anybody get the reference? Cherry bomb

Der German Shrimp : Commander:about f**king time *french airborne* Bloody french that’s when i laughed and the angry on the end

AtomicSuperMe : Youtube. This might be the greatest thing you have ever suggested to me

MiloFi 09 : *STUKA! INCOMING!*

Sgtlott 10 : I need the British army men WHERE DO I GET THEM! Good stop motion and I love the tape medic but he needs glue with him . Good video

Lord Gobshite : one of the best and most fluent toy soldier stop motion I ever seen not to mention the funniest

Super Shaggy : I remember watching this 3 years ago.

Bean : Don't can mend them with flextape!

Bogan 101 : This is the best kind of comedy😂🤣

LILJIE'S COOL REVIEWS : That was funny🤣😂😃😅😆😂🤣

Juanster : Me cague de risa xD

Jacob Kelley : Make more like these

Adhitya N : 2019? Ok just me.

Smiley : Those voice actor and stopmotion and how they move is so cool

Armored Titan : When the general said nazi boys, i thought he said nutsy boys.

Jeffrey Murrill : its like what it was like in ww1

how do i get money : *lol this probably takes forever to make*

Get Racc'd : I got PTSD from this.

Cong Trinh Nguyen : "Bloody amazing" -IGN

SepTiX_JackEtZ : I Liked the video....444 LIKES XD

Clinger 555520 : *O h c r u m b s*

HenryManson : this should atleast be a trilogy!

Lord Vader : Thanks a lot for the cursing man. I was watching this with my younger brother

Broke Dog : this should have more views than jake paul

Blue Gaming : I laugh so hard😂😂

John Robert Elardo : What soldier that speaks like that

Sgtlott 10 : 2:13 look at subtitles lol

Broken English : made my day

SHD1977 : Hahahahah i luve this Video like 👍


Rafael Anunciacion : How are the army men able to move their hand

adib dan irfan : Hmmm soldier 2 soldier 2 are you here

Jump 2143 : Wow without lag!!!

Kok Her Tan : Wow! The amounts of work to do this.

Mr. H4ck3r : You're wasting apple bombd