Toy Soldiers: A Very Tiny Action Adventure Movie

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Miguel Dela Cruz : where did you get those good army men

DudeBro 2icy : Was I the only one laughing when the medic came with just tape.

F L U X Y : This is the greatest stop motion ever

Richie 109 : Bloody french

13thBear : Ok, now that's some funny writing right there! Pretty fair movie short as well. You guys do good work!

NOLONGERUSEDLOLBANME : This should be more popular!

Gabriel the Gaming Reactor : Peterson: "I can't feel my legs". General: "Hold on private, we'll find them". *Peterson's legs walk by* General: "Relax private I think we found your..." Peterson: X_X

-ˏˋ ˊˎ-【Darkelish 】-ˏˋ ˊˎ- : I never laughed so hard

dilen chen : this is the best and funniest army me n video i have ever seen!!!!!!!!!

Trooper_playz 11206 : how did you move them?!

Clinger 555520 : *O h c r u m b s*

Jeffrey Murrill : its like what it was like in ww1

Leanne Eccles : I love the cocktail umbrellas and the crumbs part also the humming

Robby Daniel : If only you had Tit's corporal, if only you had Tit's ;-)

Hasan Nasir : Thanks a lot for the cursing man. I was watching this with my younger brother

Car Bebot Bebot : Its so funny

Stephen Curry30MVP : Those voice actor and stopmotion and how they move is so cool

Jacob Kelley : Make more like these

GAMERtheplayer yt : good films

huck fin : lol i loved it

Juanster : Me cague de risa xD

Stephen Curry30MVP : And funny

F L U X Y : Lol

Legende_ Five22 : Mdrrrr les français c des merdes

phantom rider : goodd

Deep Earth234 : Were did you get these toy soilders?

SepTiX_JackEtZ : I Liked the video....444 LIKES XD

Cathrinna Fong : So funny

Sgtlott 10 : I need the British army men WHERE DO I GET THEM! Good stop motion and I love the tape medic but he needs glue with him . Good video

x -Jet-Noob- x : This is the definition of cherry Bomb

Sgtlott 10 : 2:13 look at subtitles lol



Brayan Camilo Jimenez ferreira : AJAJAJAJAJAJA TY FOR THIS

BlackStarInitiative : The animation in this is insane!

Jude Dumagpi : You're wasting apple bombd

Rafael Anunciacion : How are the army men able to move their hand

Sgtlott 10 : Lol the British dude from World War II is accompanied by Vietnam war Americans and other British and lol the cow

Mr. Random Boy : Confusing but funny

Jude Dumagpi : Why the capt. Didn't die in many explosions

Kok Her Tan : Wow! The amounts of work to do this.

John Robert Elardo : What soldier that speaks like that

Obis Van Ainobis : How did you get theyre arms and legs move in difrent positiobs?

Phạm Tuấn : Battlefield 1 in a nutshell 🙂🙂

papaya channel : "War, war never changes."

DAVIDLHENSEL12 BOOMERCLAN76 : that was funny

Te gusta mi foto lo sabes : battlefield I in a nutshell


Alex Vanto : Don't can mend them with flextape!

AtomicSuperMe : Youtube. This might be the greatest thing you have ever suggested to me