The Secret of Tortilla Chips
Deadpan comedian explores the dark underworld of the Tortilla Chips industry This guy is criminally underviewed

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... by Tristan Newcomb All of NGF -


Joshua Clark : This guy is like a mix between Mads Mikkelsen and Christopher Walken.


Hi : Who are you?

Cole Martin : But what about the blue chips

Nick Revine : you need to make more videos man!

Mike Hawkburns : Such a comfy voice. Do more please, for the love of god.

Hi : Gold

Justin Y. : This is great

Vincent Von Dudler : Can't beat thin Cantina style Tostitos with their Restaurant Style Salsa. It's like a flavorful wet Dorito. You'll eat half the jar of salsa and into your awareness will creep the fact that you just consumed 10,000mg sodium. Zero regrets.

Stella : Everything gets crunchier the longer it sits

pineapple surprise : Work of genius. Hope you've got more where that came from.

Tmanning47 : "You're in the back burning the " - I loved the cutoff there.

Nick Mesich : This is amazing

RageCage1701 : I'm trying to find recent Christopher Walken nudes -- please let me know if you have any ideas. Better if he's with other guys or animals or whatever, something else in the scene, but not strictly necessary.

Nate Watkins : Thanks for saving me hundreds over the course of the rest of my lifetime. Subscribed.

Gregg Beauchamp : This is Hilarious and I love it! Food and Conspiracy.. pretty much everything that makes me happy right now on youtube lol!

deftonescp : Same goes for white and wheat bread. Close friend of mine used to work at a bread factory and when the bread was done they would separate all the loaves and put them in different brand bags.

Tom Hall : You pointed in the wrong place and I’m now downloading your video.

Bronson Karaff : #ChipTruth2017

Christopher Paul : Boom! Subscribed. Because I appreciate dark comedy

Carl Butler : Loved it! Great, dry, sense of chip.

weez : next do the aliens who run my local flee market

BigKinkyHose : You saved my life! SUBSCRIBED!

miguel cerna : I love how he is informing us like he got the REAL scoop on the whole chips thang. Amazing stuff.

tobiashimself : I've only watched this 5 times, that's not weird yet.

Omrizod : I can't stop watching this You rock mate

Ryebread : Jesus Christ my friend just showed me your video and you're awesome. Good work.

javelinman7 : There's something here. I'm convinced. No question.

Jeremy Quetglas : Thank you for saving me hundred of dollars Trist

DA WaMu : wait this is actually funny. I subscribed.

bizophone : Fact: in Star Trek humans didn't achieve warp speed or make first contact until we had a nuclear war.

Caleb Stockton : You're gonna be famous now.

M4 Media : chip trucks, chip trucks.

Christian DiNunzio : Lol you can tell he’s been in comedy for 20 years, his delivery is so professional

sebasp41 : this is freaking wild

TempleTonne : always looks like a nuclear bomb to me

LarryKingOfSea : Cr1tikal livestream?

Jordan Brock : Subscribed. That was funny.

Raul Garcia : You should of gotten famous

Joe : Love this guys sense of humor

Ed Keaton : Oooh, this is deep!

Chancey Dicklord : I like your style mister

netflix review : I like this guys voice

EmptyZed : I just saw your video featured on reddit. Hope you get a little wave of famous.

johnwaynesmom : Holy shit this is hilarious

James S : Maybe we should have had a nuclear war. LOL.

Our Founding Liars : This is amazing

PretzelOfDestiny : I love you.

Nicholas H. : Thats interesti- *This account is now ran by Tostitos™*