The Secret of Tortilla Chips

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silver : Legend has it he was murdered by Tostitos afterwards

PeanutButterZombie00 : "Sometimes I wonder if we're stuck living in the most trivial world possible" After doing an entire video on a tortilla chip conspiracy. This is irony on a superior level and it's brilliant.

Justin Y. : This is great

Joshua Clark : This guy is like a mix between Mads Mikkelsen and Christopher Walken.

Hi : Who are you?

Mike Hawkburns : Such a comfy voice. Do more please, for the love of god.


Cole Martin : But what about the blue chips

Nick Revine : you need to make more videos man!

Nick Mesich : This is amazing

Stella : Everything gets crunchier the longer it sits

Hi : Gold

Gordy : Cr1tikal brought me here

pineapple surprise : Work of genius. Hope you've got more where that came from.

|Jake|C| : Good shit

Nicholas Hoffman : Thats interesti- *This account is now ran by Tostitos™*

Bronson Karaff : #ChipTruth2017

bizophone : Fact: in Star Trek humans didn't achieve warp speed or make first contact until we had a nuclear war.

javelinman7 : There's something here. I'm convinced. No question.

Omrizod : I can't stop watching this You rock mate

PretzelOfDestiny : I love you.

Ed Keaton : Oooh, this is deep!

Ryebread : Jesus Christ my friend just showed me your video and you're awesome. Good work.

TempleTonne : always looks like a nuclear bomb to me

Christian Vadella : Subbed

swagzilla3000 : Way to stick it to big chip. The truth is out there!

Robert Johanknecht : So explain blue, red and purple corn chips!!

Raul Garcia : You should of gotten famous

Devin Krum : Iijerichoii sends his regards

johnwaynesmom : Holy shit this is hilarious

Bobbo fuggetaboutit : Mind....blown.

Supah : HOly shit i subbed so fast.

Cheepst : My eyes are opened. Free yourselves.

Unruly Cadaver : Brilliant!

LarryKingOfSea : Cr1tikal livestream?

Our Founding Liars : This is amazing

SAMB0_77 : 👀

echardcore : Chip Trucks. Band name.

tobiashimself : I've only watched this 5 times, that's not weird yet.

NoilZero : This guy is sexy af

NoilZero : I liked the chip. It was from a trtilla plant. Mommy

Simon Petrikov : Hi

Limaximus 7 : Whoa

A D : Stop buying your food from Walmart.

Zarlem : Hello fellow Redditors