The Cohort | Episode 8 - "Come together"

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The finale forces The Cohort to come together and save the less popular activities at QPU. None of the 8 episodes of "The cohort" would have been possible without the tremendous help of our wonderful cast, amazing crew, the generous people who helped us bring QPU to life: Nicolas Bergeron, Joanie Robert, Mireille Béland, Ritchie Salinas, and Glenn Ethier of Vanier College, and last but not least, every single one of our viewers for watching! THANK YOU!


The Connoisseur : Amazing! Season 2?

๖ۣۜƬΉΛ• ПốƬ๖ : sound quality is too poor

Mai Thảo : It is also good

Ikaros Angel CT TV : so boooring

WhySoSerious : why is it so boring have u guys ever thought of deleting this ?