Big sister reflexes

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Jenna no Manga : Supergirl 👍🏽

potato waffles : My sibling would let me fall to the ground and laugh in my face

OssomC2 : This right here is the raw unedited brilliance of YouTube, normal everyday content and not the over commercialised stuff.

TheConfusedCat : the kid fell because it is bring recorded vertically

TruckerExile E : That big sister has Ultra Instinct

UnPhayzable : Is that the *Sisterkage?*

Cor Gems : Me when the Pop Tarts are done

Aly Smoothiepup : Wow.... amazing

Sana Hussain : Give it a few months and her and the baby will end up on Ellen and they’ll leave with a life time supply of helmets

Chris Horn : That split second was the difference between the kid growing up setting fire to everything it sees or finding a cure for cancer 😂

Karl Sookdeo : Spider Girl confirmed for marvel infinity war

Joel Martinez : *SKILLS*

salvi : i was expecting the 20th century fox logo to appear after the jingles she made

BlackGuy Izzy : *Big* Wahmen saves *small* wahmen.


Clorox Bleach : OK

Roshan Meranchi Films : Feel's like good OLD YouTube again. Beautiful moments ❤️.

BlessedDolphin : she got quik mafs

Focus RSN : Damn

Jalal Yahaya : *A I R B A L L*

Takazuki Kari : This is gonna be in Youtube Rewind 2018 👌 Like if u agree!

olo n. : Perfect replacement for karius and mignolet

Toufik ur Rahman : She cares a lot

JFn Cho : 100 points to Gryffindor!

Jalal Yahaya : Where’s the Illuminati sign and the music?

Alishba Fiaz : Aww super sis to the rescue !

Biracial Harambe : R.I.P knees...

Crypto Jatz : Why is there 2k dislikes! There was literally nothing wrong with this video, no politics, discrimination, opinions, music, fans or anything: just innocent siblings!!!

Briggs : She kno da wae clap fo da queen

Guntur Wibowo : *Achievement Unlock : Quick Hand*

Top 10 Archive : And the dad must be recording vertical

Sarah W. Fox : That’s what older siblings are for. Awesome.

Taroob Shams : She’s a super hero!

Andrea Briana : Dang she was quick

Jayson Turcios : Now this is the type shit I love seeing on trending 👌

Vhyl : lowkey slapped that baby

Sean Harvey : This is the moment she unlocked the sharingan.

Pepe Gringo : She'll hate him by age 10.

Mr. Shovels : Didn’t even hesitate to help her sister. True love and bonds

The YouTubeBlizzard : LOL the door tho,😂 the doorknob so low to the ground.

Catlily Holmes : My big sister’s reflex is to drop me lol

Ramy Abdoo : ellen must see thies

Dutch Plays Games : man she got the ultra instinct going on!

Ardazure13 : Category *Gaming*

PROD. July : spider girl spider girl dun nuh nuh nuhh dunana

Random Videos and Music : How amazing reflexes I don't even notice at first want was having

Red Raptor : David De Gea would be proud

True Blade © : This video brings tears to my eyes ❤️

XOX XOX : Awh bless them ♥️

@InSoxWeTrust : After further review, the player did not retain possession while going to the ground. Therefore it is not a catch. The call on the field has been reversed.