Jonah Hill on Working with Martin Scorsese (HBO)

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The 'Wolf of Wall Street' actor reveals what it was like working with famed director Martin Scorsese. Subscribe to the Any Given Wednesday YouTube channel (free football phone not included): Find us on Facebook (no selfies or Candy Crush invites, we promise) : Follow us on Twitter for news on sports, pop culture, technology and soup: For all things Bill Simmons’ online, visit:

Comments from Youtube

Milton Ray Aquino : Jonah Hill seems like such a nice and affectionate guy

nic niczo : Jonah start to look like Zach Galifianakis

lazybabychicken : Wait, so Scorsese is like a master troll? First he makes him nervous and sweat just to have an excuse to read the newspaper, to then making Jonah think he is some kind of genius?


Josh : "After like 20 minutes... After five to seven minutes..." What?

Dhrit : Jonah always has the best stories to tell...

christian valenzuela : Leo ♌ is a part of Beast 's avatar (President of the World). New World with cosmopolitan country is not enough. You never know how building that New Order here in this Earth's plane.

Steven : That's the coolest F****** story I've ever heard in my life.

bob david : Alan ?

Gold Standard : It hurts my feelings because I feel bad.

Kelechi Ohanu : My boy Jonah has bossed up

Adult Man : Any know if the full shows of AGW are online or on youtube?

80STRATOCASTER : Jonah cool guy

Riled Up Productions : Great ep.. Besides them interrupting each other (Bill interrupting Jonah)

wowflower : damn jonah look good boi

Vincent Video : Its called luck and bad casting. Remember Scorsese do not choose his actors, unless you are Tom hanks, Dicaprio or Day-lewis.

Roboclops : Holy shit he lost a lot of weight.

Slim Charles : where can i watch the whole thing?

A Zach : He’s down to earth for such a fat blimp.

mustang fan : His hands are weirdly small

Happy Farmer : want to relax your hands, ok, squeeze your hands so much as hard as you can, take a deep breath and let go.

Eddie Venkman : Interesting technique, but Scorsese could have just talked to him instead about what the problem was and maybe saved a lot of time. It sounded a lot like a trial by fire to me, and maybe he was just testing Hill's mettle and stamina. If that's so then fair enough, there was a good reason for it.

Jimmy Strudel : how is this fat nobody a famous actor? he's awful.