Powerpuff Girls - Accident
Just gonna file this under Jokes I didnt get as a kid

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A short clip from "Superfriends", Episode 7, Season 4 of the Powerpuff Girls, by Craig McCracken. I thought it was funny, and I can only hope that the YouTube censors also think it's funny enough to be fair use.


YellowoboeThe : The professors reaction really makes it hit home.

Revy's Bitch : She must have some terrible parents if they actually TOLD her she was an accident. 

Jonthan Kent : You know, for kids!

F3L1X : Better than twerking powerpuff girls.

Hawaiianbabe927 : You just don't catch that as a child but when you're older and you finally get it, it's like Oh. My. God.

BoriketheBlackDragon : Talk about sailing under the radar.

MelloDees : Who here wasn't an accident?

RyuzakyEdu1 : this I why sometimes I go back and watch my childhood TV shows.. So I can get jokes like this lol

Alec Hendrickson : Fun fact, Mcraken didn't intend the show for kids, but American animation standards held him back.


Jaylen the Meowstic : When I was a kid I thought she was another chemical experiment...Now I fell like such a fool...

MrWildcard531 : Perfect example of the TV Trope, "Getting Crap Past the Radar"

Melku44 : i miss that old cartoon network logo

jervey123 : how the hell did they even got that passed out? but it's fine i guess, i remember watching this as a kid and i didn't get it

ACtrance : there was also a scene when Mitch said; "It was an accident", then Blossom responded; "You're an accident"..

Pacheko : I still remember this from when i was a kid, holy shit, it took me 6 years to understand xD ( I'm not an accident )

Unknown Person : That Professor reaction was priceless

Krista Coxie : I was an accident..but a good accident ^ . ^

Charley B : Am I the only one who got this as a child? Reading the comments I suddenly feel really un-innocent (is that a word?)

lorderik237 : The FCC fell asleep when this slipped by

Honest Dave : Jesus Christ that was messed up

videomaker580 : Press 9 to hear Mario jump!

Vanilla Cream Roses : Hahaha it was funny. Funny how I didn't understand that wen I wa little but now It's like wow. But no child is an accident

Mario : "I was an accident too! ♥♥♥"

CaptainObitox10 : childhood ruined 

Ryan Blanche : First Seeing This in 2002: What's that supposed to mean? Now Seeing This in 2014: I get it now! But how did they get away with that?

arctictoothpaste : The majority of us in gen y (1980-2000) are accidents, witch is fine lol haha

Flamescent : What I find even funnier is that the professor reacts to that answer.

Drayton Faulling : Right in the childhood!

Jim Jim : Meanwhile in the background, Yakko Warner blows a kiss and says, "Goodnight Everybody!"

Super Vegito : My feels...

Justt436 : His reaction tho

Sasoti : holy crap lol

The one friend Who has no life : I wish robin was in more episode that just one

DJsaxby16 : 0:16 us now that we're older and get that joke.

Captain Olimar : This scene had me Rolling xD

angellman : ouch! right in my childhood

Dayum girl : I had to see if it was real

Robin Mueller : I have people send me this all the time 😂cause my names Robin and I have brown hair and blue eyes and yes I was an accident 😂😂

bearsuit Clan : I love the show writers they're cool for that. 10 years of nostalgia boom

Techn0taku : Welp, time to add another scar on the childhood.

Shaggy : "Dont worry professor i was an accident too" Oh wow.. isnt THAT *AMAZING*

Dai : Except it totally is.

Filmer1eX : But you do realise what kind of "toys" this refers to :p

Full Moon Lover : oh god his face is priceless

Jupiter9099 : Because the cartoon industry is getting lazy.

The RandomNameTag : I don't get what the big deal is. We all know birth control isn't 100% effective.

MrMedic8 : This shit is more depressing rather than a joke, to be honest.

Γεώργιος Τσιμόγιαννης : xD