Powerpuff Girls - Accident

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BoriketheBlackDragon : Talk about sailing under the radar.

MelloDees : Who here wasn't an accident?

Krzysztof Hojka : Better than twerking powerpuff girls.

RyuzakyEdu1 : this I why sometimes I go back and watch my childhood TV shows.. So I can get jokes like this lol

Hawaiianbabe927 : You just don't catch that as a child but when you're older and you finally get it, it's like Oh. My. God.

Pacheko : I still remember this from when i was a kid, holy shit, it took me 6 years to understand xD ( I'm not an accident )

Alec Hendrickson : Fun fact, Mcraken didn't intend the show for kids, but American animation standards held him back.

dan_murray19 : Holy shit... Childhood destroyed


lorderik237 : The FCC fell asleep when this slipped by

MrWildcard531 : Perfect example of the TV Trope, "Getting Crap Past the Radar"

ACtrance : there was also a scene when Mitch said; "It was an accident", then Blossom responded; "You're an accident"..

Melku44 : i miss that old cartoon network logo

Charley B : Am I the only one who got this as a child? Reading the comments I suddenly feel really un-innocent (is that a word?)

Krista Coxie : I was an accident..but a good accident ^ . ^

videomaker580 : Press 9 to hear Mario jump!

Honest Dave : Jesus Christ that was messed up

Gilbert Rueger : Ed Edd'n Eddy, Courage the Cowardly Dog, Dexter's Laboratory, and the Powerpuff Girls....all Cartoons where we laughed solely at the reactions of the faces of the characters, but then years down the road we find the hidden messages left for the adults too. This is why Cartoons today suck.

Super Vegito : My feels...

YellowoboeThe : The professors reaction really makes it hit home.

Vanilla Rose Buds : Hahaha it was funny. Funny how I didn't understand that wen I wa little but now It's like wow. But no child is an accident

Mario12112345 : "I was an accident too! ♥♥♥"

arctictoothpaste : The majority of us in gen y (1980-2000) are accidents, witch is fine lol haha

Flamescent : What I find even funnier is that the professor reacts to that answer.

Unknown Person : That Professor reaction was priceless

Jim Jim : Meanwhile in the background, Yakko Warner blows a kiss and says, "Goodnight Everybody!"

DJsaxby16 : 0:16 us now that we're older and get that joke.

The Bookshelf : 0.0 I don't get it. What does she mean?

She ain't bad : Don't worry professor I was an accident too.

Fantome001 : Holy shit...

CakeEngineer#40245 : Press 8 to have an accident

BlueTeamPlayer : All I see is Samurai Jack

Mysllaw M. : Same

Dayum girl : I had to see if it was real

AntiXaldin : Ooooooooooooooooooooooh...now I get it.

Death Note : I feel like the older we get the more we understand the adult jokes in old cartoons😂😂😂

bearsuit Clan : I love the show writers they're cool for that. 10 years of nostalgia boom

Duy Nguyen : holy crap lol

Justt436 : His reaction tho

Ace Penguin : yea , I'm an accident too LOL xD 

Nathan The Hedgehog : I don't get it...

Mighty Coyote : I can't watch power puffgirls anymore 😂😂

The one friend Who has no life : I wish robin was in more episode that just one

Luke Username : Jordan Underneath.

Kyle Mikesell : So THAT'S why my parents were laughing hysterically...

Jaylen the Meowstic : When I was a kid I thought she was another chemical experiment...Now I fell like such a fool...

Drayton Faulling : Right in the childhood!

LinkGanonSlayer : Honestly, I don't think the innuendoes should matter, just as long as the kids won't get it, so they won't know anything inappropriate

Techn0taku : Welp, time to add another scar on the childhood.

jervey123 : how the hell did they even got that passed out? but it's fine i guess, i remember watching this as a kid and i didn't get it