Jack Black Impersonates The Rock (Jumanji Cast Interview)

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MrGNugget : Jack Black killed that Rock impression 😂😂

The Dragon Phoenix : Roth, best job ever!!!

InformationStationJW : Jack nailed it 100. Smh.... That man said, life is a delicious drink, that you have to suck deep..... I'm done....

Jill Inthebox : Whosever idea it was to role play their responses is a straight up genius. Beats the same lame routine questions we normally hear. The interviewer is witty and refreshing. Give that woman a raise.

justpele : Just need to remove the Jonas dude and you've got a pretty great interview

Master Kenobi : Jack Black still the man

drenatomja : Jonas sucks at interviews... more Jack Black damn it!

mevarvincvar : it’s on 02:32

Rump Shaker : Wow kevin hart was painfully unfunny

Koua : Skipped all the Jonas parts XD

poolpepsi : And somehow Kevin Hart cannot do the most interesting impression any justice -.-

Yash Shirodkar : jack black was awesome

IBmaster4 : Black Jack was Amazing!!

Alvin Cly : That was funny AF Jack Black! haha!!!!

Pet Rock's Garage : That interview with the Rock, Jack & Kevin was hilarious!  Gonna go old school for the game to come to life question: Larry The Lounge Lizard

Kirk Strange : Wow jack black literally nailed it !!spot on with dwyane's impersonation!!

Jaden Yuki : My mind like a steel trap lol

xolisa ngceba : KEVIN SUCKED

Hippieguy 13 : Jack Black got The Rock down pack lmao.

PrinceTV : Jack Black was the best!

Fake : Kevin Hart looking like Gucci Mane in the thumbnail

Sheldon Gregward : Kevin Hart being not funny, as always.

GAMING WITH ACE : Jack killed it lol

XEVIOUS : Mind is like a steel trap🤣

Phil Lewis : Jack was pretty tenacious with that impression. ;P

Liam Dickson : Jumanji...no more like the rock movie...its going to revolve around him like most of the movies hes in.

Novira kartika Mayangsari : The best impression so far: Jack black on Dwayne: 02:32 Dwayne on Kevin Hart: 05:09

Juai nott? : Jack black be like step aside noobs, his is how it's done F Kevin hart

Clifford Wilson : I want to be in that PornHub game

Ridwan Ahmed : Jack Black did the most perfect Rock.

The one no One likes : Lmao

Dante Purgatory : I hope Jack Black makes Kung Fu Panda 4 someday. That movies were great, no need to stop doing them. Especially when we have 4 Minion centered movies, and 4 Shrek ones, 5 Cars... and the list goes on.

Travar White : Lmao

Fiza Thalhan : Haha so funny

Jorgen Pakieto : Jack Black 10/10

SCharlesDennicon : Jack Black kills it. Literally. Johnson did a nice Kevin Hart, as usual, but what Black did was much more subtle. Or less unsubtle. In any case, the dude is obviously the most talented comedian of the bunch, so it's no surprise.

sackboydrake : Kevin hart sucked on that impression

Juai nott? : If you ask me people are wasting their time casting Kevin in movies lately, they should cast jack more often than him just saying

Savio Corremans : Kevin hart sucks

Stewart Fletcher : Jack's was the best. Just sayin'

YNK Saucceyy : Hello kitty adventure

Novira kartika Mayangsari : This is the best Jumanji interview ever!

Soulairus : Friday the 13th because why not

Joe Bananas : Real interview starts at 2:25

Tshiring Pemba : Jack black killed it 😂😂😂😂

KrisTheLegend : Kevin heart 4:05 jack black 2:27 the rock 0:54

Val Royale : Anyone wanna check out and fw a new and upcoming lgbt youtuber!

Edwin Lopez : I liked the impressions but this movie is gonna flop so bad at the box office. I can feel it.

Sangram Rathod : Rock returns home

JJVater : Too much Jonas