Jack Black Impersonates The Rock (Jumanji Cast Interview)

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PrinceTV : Jack Black was the best!

Isaac Pizarro : who else skipped Jonas parts 😆

Beefstu808 : Jack Black stole this interview like he stole the movie. Genius!

Eden Brunell : how the hell did Jack Black not burst out laughing while the other two lost it, what an incredible actor

Paulie Walnuts : 27000 ripcurls lmao!!!

erkan yunis : Jack black is so underrated lol

D. : Soon as Kevin started his impression I immediately felt embarrassed for him and had to pause the video.

Jaset Wells : Bruh....jack black is the man. He did such an awesome job impersonating The Rock .

Viren vs : Jack black wins hands down

Tshiring Pemba : Jack black killed it 😂😂😂😂

DKDonkeyThong : "Life is a delicious drink that just have to...suck deep." -The Rock My god, that was beautiful Ja- The Rock. Words to live by.

Rise73 G : Jack blacks face says it all..... Jack Black: "Kevin that's not even me...your horrible at impersonating."

Gentuasu : "There is no time like the present to enjoy your loved ones, your family, things, that, the other thing" Lol Jack Black killed it

jer1230 : jack nailed it lol the voice, the mannerisms of the rock - all of it hahaha

Ace High : Jack Black is the funniest man alive today.

Rudi Johnson : kevin hart trying so hard but his comedy is weak, j black was brilliant

Boris Müller : The Rock laughing is so pure 😂

Abraham Lincoln : wtf was kevin hart doing? looked like he was having a stroke

Orion Jimmy : Jack Black and the Rock was amazing but i dont like that Kevin interrupted the Rocks flow in 5:22.That was annoying and weird.

Marshall Garey : Where's Karen Gillan!? And Jack Black really is the man!

High Quality Inspector : 2:25 is what you are looking for. *flies away*

Judy ARMY : 2:48 Blood Sweat and Tears 😂 (calling out army!)

MrGNugget : Jack Black killed that Rock impression 😂😂

BlaZe gaming : Brutal legend with jack black in it

radicallytubular : 2:25 for Jack Black

Steppingstonevlogz : Jack blacks impersonation of Dwayne is so perfect it makes me jealous

KungLi : Kevin Hart ruins every movie.

Steven F : Kevin Hart just swapped with Kevin Hart lol

Jesse Tillman : Lmao im weak af lmao .. just look at the faces of the rock and kev and you instantly know that without a doubt that thats true laughter from the soul haha they both were dien too lol

TRUmente87 : I am literally going to search for Jack Black interviews and funny moments because of this!

Mike Fu : Jack Black, best one, he GENUINELY had Dwayne rolling.

s6ef4enko : 2:29 Jack's impersonation.

Justin Mallon : Jack Black needs to be in more movies

RacinGIRL911 : I could not love Jack Black more! LOL!!! 😁💙

Adrian : Kevin Hart not funny , jack black hilarious

WeLoveJReign : Jack KILLED IT 😂💀

D.A.G. Griffiths : I wanna be in fortnite........as tfue

Tomáš Zelenka : I love how ScreenJunkies know how bad these press junkets are and just try to have fun with the actors.

Justin Lewis : 2:23 Jack Black doing Dwayne Johnson. The best. Love you Jack.

wotever99ninynine Hamilton : jack black and the rock did some spot on impersonation lol

Jon Codre : that was a great impersonation of chris tucker that Kevin did ;)

Breaking Borders : Jack Black is hilarious !

Yawovi E. : How the hell did jack black do so well the rock?

Cristhian O : Damn, thats probably why Im not an actor... they impersonate anybody just like that, specially Jack, his was on point.

Dakota Andrews : Brütal Legend, fighting for the glory of METAL!

seth connors : Dark souls... I will be giant dad

MackLyon : I would choose Sims to be inside of so I could finally learn how they make fires out of freaking salad

Khairul Azlan : SWORD ART ONLINE 100%

fakra mubarak : blood sweat & tears bts!! 2;48

Jason Walsh : Was just here for jack and was worth it