Jack Black Impersonates The Rock (Jumanji Cast Interview)

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The Dragon Phoenix : Roth, best job ever!!!

Jinsoul's Fish : I love Kevin Hart's impersonation of Kevin Hart! So accurate. I feel like he totally embodied him.

djlobb : Jack Black fucking knocked it out of the park!!! lol

Mondoblasto0 : Dwayne just dying of laughter :P

Adah BombDon : Jeez jonna is a dork

Raeyx : the real avril lavigne interviewing the rock.

Beefstu808 : Jack Black stole this interview like he stole the movie. Genius!

JJVater : Too much Jonas

DKDonkeyThong : "Life is a delicious drink that just have to...suck deep." -The Rock My god, that was beautiful Ja- The Rock. Words to live by.

aschoo : remove the jonas part

Trevor Cutler : Inaccurate thumbnail... Jack Black should be on the Rock's body etc...

Docholland45 : Jack black should be interviewed by himself. Has more personality than all of the others combined.

Isaac Pizarro : who else skipped Jonas parts 😆

KrisTheLegend : Kevin heart 4:05 jack black 2:27 the rock 0:54

Ariya Josheghani : I have to say Kevin Hart sucked at his impression of Jack Black

Viren vs : Jack black wins hands down

A R : i skipped the jonas parts

Marshall Garey : Where's Karen Gillan!? And Jack Black really is the man!

erkan yunis : Jack black is so underrated lol

PrinceTV : Jack Black was the best!

BlaZe gaming : Brutal legend with jack black in it

Judy ARMY : 2:48 Blood Sweat and Tears 😂 (calling out army!)

Jaset Wells : Bruh....jack black is the man. He did such an awesome job impersonating The Rock .

mishai nutr : .....why is there Jonas cuts all the time ... it is like, good stuff, boring jonas, good stuff, boring jonas, good stuff...If he was not in this clip it would be 98% better

Red Hood : Jack Black’s Rock is *LIT!* 🔥🔥🔥

CYGNIUS : Kevin Hart trying to be funny as always.

Rudi Johnson : kevin hart trying so hard but his comedy is weak, j black was brilliant

Audard : How is Kevin Hart still relevant compared to the two next to him?

MrBiszkopty : Kevin Hart is really not funny.

Parodies United : Kevin Hart is just Kevin Hart no matter how hard he tries :D

Ace High : Jack Black is the funniest man alive today.


Dr. Roskelly : I would want to be in Saints Row 2

Tshiring Pemba : Jack black killed it 😂😂😂😂

Mauri Cobian : Kevin Hart is awful at what he does, Jack Black forced laughed

Eden Brunell : how the hell did Jack Black not burst out laughing while the other two lost it, what an incredible actor

MackLyon : I would choose Sims to be inside of so I could finally learn how they make fires out of freaking salad

Cesar Castaneda : I love jack black

Justin Mallon : Jack Black needs to be in more movies

Sam the Stuntman : Hahaha jack black did it better than kevin heart

OpenYourMind : Can you guys not see that they are not in Hawaii? Their pasted in with a background using greenscreen for a tropical setting and fans blowing in the studio for wind.

Joanna Jones : yay keven hart is here cool

MantisAtlantis : Jack Black's Rock was ON POINT... ON POINT.

Jorgen Pakieto : Jack Black 10/10

YNK Saucceyy : Hello kitty adventure

BbNolga Perez : Jack Black is muh knick knack! He's got a voice like a combination of Fergie & Jesus. Plus (he's no Kyle Gass) but he can rock an axe 🎸

desideriumincarmen : "As a musician..."  Funniest bit.

RacinGIRL911 : I could not love Jack Black more! LOL!!! 😁💙

MrGNugget : Jack Black killed that Rock impression 😂😂

Double Double 4G : Can't wait for Dwayne to run for President - if only to watch him impersonate the other candidates ;)