Jack Black Impersonates The Rock (Jumanji Cast Interview)

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The Dragon Phoenix : Roth, best job ever!!!

Chuu Etteck My R : I love Kevin Hart's impersonation of Kevin Hart! So accurate. I feel like he totally embodied him.

Paulie Walnuts : 27000 ripcurls lmao!!!

Beefstu808 : Jack Black stole this interview like he stole the movie. Genius!

DKDonkeyThong : "Life is a delicious drink that just have to...suck deep." -The Rock My god, that was beautiful Ja- The Rock. Words to live by.

Viren vs : Jack black wins hands down

erkan yunis : Jack black is so underrated lol

Ariya Josheghani : I have to say Kevin Hart sucked at his impression of Jack Black

Jaset Wells : Bruh....jack black is the man. He did such an awesome job impersonating The Rock .

Sharp Design : Inaccurate thumbnail... Jack Black should be on the Rock's body etc...

Marshall Garey : Where's Karen Gillan!? And Jack Black really is the man!

Judy ARMY : 2:48 Blood Sweat and Tears 😂 (calling out army!)

Orion Jimmy : Jack Black and the Rock was amazing but i dont like that Kevin interrupted the Rocks flow in 5:22.That was annoying and weird.

mishai nutr : .....why is there Jonas cuts all the time ... it is like, good stuff, boring jonas, good stuff, boring jonas, good stuff...If he was not in this clip it would be 98% better

bry galope : Jack Black’s Rock is *LIT!* 🔥🔥🔥

BlaZe gaming : Brutal legend with jack black in it

CYGNIUS : Kevin Hart trying to be funny as always.

Rudi Johnson : kevin hart trying so hard but his comedy is weak, j black was brilliant

Eden Brunell : how the hell did Jack Black not burst out laughing while the other two lost it, what an incredible actor

Raeyx : the real avril lavigne interviewing the rock.

Isaac Pizarro : who else skipped Jonas parts 😆

Ace High : Jack Black is the funniest man alive today.

Boris Müller : The Rock laughing is so pure 😂

Breaking Borders : Jack Black is hilarious !

PrinceTV : Jack Black was the best!

HarlanDrake : "A delicious drink that you need to suck deep." How can someone be so spontaneously funny?? :D

Sam the Stuntman : Hahaha jack black did it better than kevin heart

Dr. Roskelly : I would want to be in Saints Row 2

MackLyon : I would choose Sims to be inside of so I could finally learn how they make fires out of freaking salad

Tshiring Pemba : Jack black killed it 😂😂😂😂

Adrian : Kevin Hart not funny , jack black hilarious

WeLoveJReign : Jack KILLED IT 😂💀

D. : Soon as Kevin started his impression I immediately felt embarrassed for him and had to pause the video.

RacinGIRL911 : I could not love Jack Black more! LOL!!! 😁💙

Cesar Castaneda : I love jack black

Steppingstonevlogz : Jack blacks impersonation of Dwayne is so perfect it makes me jealous

High Quality Inspector : 2:25 is what you are looking for. *flies away*

Mike Fu : Jack Black, best one, he GENUINELY had Dwayne rolling.

Justin Mallon : Jack Black needs to be in more movies

Gentuasu : "There is no time like the present to enjoy your loved ones, your family, things, that, the other thing" Lol Jack Black killed it

desideriumincarmen : "As a musician..."  Funniest bit.

musicaddictor_anniepapaz : Jack Black is the best thing about this movie! AND this interview!

Jason Walsh : Was just here for jack and was worth it

Jorgen Pakieto : Jack Black 10/10


Awas : Really enjoyed the Movie....and Jack Black kills it...

Jesse Tillman : Lmao im weak af lmao .. just look at the faces of the rock and kev and you instantly know that without a doubt that thats true laughter from the soul haha they both were dien too lol

Cristhian O : Damn, thats probably why Im not an actor... they impersonate anybody just like that, specially Jack, his was on point.

MrGNugget : Jack Black killed that Rock impression 😂😂

n1mand : 2:25