Beating Blindness With Bodybuilding

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No matter what we do or who we are we are going to be faced with obstacles in our lives. We have a choice. We can let these events in our lives get the best of us or we can get the best out of the circumstances that we are dealt. I have found that it is important that we find something that we are passionate about and dive full force into it durning periods inour lives that are difficult and when we tend to get down. When we deal with the situation like this we do not give our minds time to get down and think negative thoughts. There are going to be times when we want to feel down and depressed but it is our choice to pesevere through the situation and make the best of it. For me bodybuilding was what I went to through going blind. Being able to go and do what I am passionate for and enjoy really helped me deal with my blindness. At the same time I was bettering my physique and working towards goals that I set in my life. In my personal experiences this has been the best way for me to deal with difficult times in my life whether it is going blind or something completely different. Click here to SUBSCRIBE to follow me in my fitness journey: Online Coaching / Training: Http:// Email: Instagram: Snapchat: Twitter: Facebook: Podcasts Soundcloud: Stitcher Radio: Itunes: Support Me & The Channel: Amazon:

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THC Parts : We’re very proud of you son. Keep pushing forward. Love You

Jay Guenther : You are the man, Justin! Excellent video.

David Foster-Smith : Great video Justin. It reminds of the Beatles song ‘all you need is love’ : there is nothing u can do that can’t be done...

Hardgainer Academy : Great motivational video Justin! Obstacles are made to be overcame and you did great with doing that!

Darrell Bailey : Great video , I’ve come through a lot of bad things. You give me encouragement to keep going.

Breardhf : Fantastic video and inspiration. You got right to the heart of what stops many people from trying to achieve their goals. Sometimes people talk themselves out of starting the journey in the first place. For me this is a very hard time of year, when there should be so much joy and celebration, I find myself feeling more isolated than ever. I really needed to hear this. Thank you so much.

Darrell Bailey : I needed this today Justin. Thank you 🙏🏻. God Bless

pmikeymike : Thank you so much for sharing your journey bro! You're awesome!!

Clifford Starks : Well done brother beat it with your action!👍 By the way making another q and a and you are going to be one of the people I nominate to do it next👍

James Homans : Inspirational 😍

SS J : Good motivation video 👍👍👍

rileypart1 : Third!

Sharon J. Smith : Amazing words of wisdom. That was beautifully said, heart felt and so inspiring. Thank you.

Amber57499 : You're gonna look crazy one day. I mean you do already, but since you're blind you can put (and I'm sure you will) put all your blood and sweat into fitness and you're gonna make it.

w8lftr : Nice workout and nice to see your buddy Diesel right by your side.

Delbert Grady : Are you doing every set to failure? - amazing that we can always stand up, even when life punches you over and over again. Truely amazing content

Angelica W. : Awesome!!

Alison Pascoe : You are a guru