Bill Burr - Animation - Don't Come In My F***ing Yard
Bill Burr Pouty tresspasser

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From The Thursday Afternoon Monday Morning Podcast 3-9-17 Animation by @markreano Loner Productions @billburr @themeles Full Episodes of the Monday Morning Podcast: Full Episodes of the Thursday Afternoon Podcast: Here’s the website!


Nola Chick : Okay, but why does animated Bill have hair? lol

Anarking : Bills hair is upside down

Ryan Laurence : I like the kind of awkward speed of the dialogue. It makes it so much funnier. More animations! These are brilliant

Timon The Great : Bill Burr - one of the best comedians alive!

Tristan2611 : I really love the animation style for these.

Ryk Latortuga : "Why are you going to Indianapolis, Bill?"

thewalrus12 : The animation at the end is genius. well done.

FoxrainFuture : Why didnt he leave a note with his number in the mailbox?!!!!! Unbelieveable... some people have no common sense at all!

J D : Bill Burr, this is your old friend (okay, you don't know me) Justin. I was just watching the show Hot Ones and hundreds of people were saying that you would be a great guest. I agree. You should totally do that show. It would be awesome. Your pal (not really), Justin

Tom Matlock : oh my god this is so fucking funny...I didn't think the story could be funnier, but the animation (ESPECIALLY the ending bits where Bill keeps butting in on the worker lifting weights, taking a nap, etc) added a whole new level to how hilarious this is. Thankyou Bill and thankyou Mark Reano for animating these!!!

MakerInMotion : I lost it when he pissed on the neighbor's doorstep.

Genghis Pecan : Funny bit...but... you cannot deny access to a utility rep (contract or otherwise). Different for each state but they usually provide an easement or it is covered in the service contract. They can't come into your house but since you agreed to a service, they can do whatever they need to extend/support/terminate that service from the outside. Love ya, Bill but read the damn fine print.

Jonathan Dooling : ohhh Billy Segway!

Dave Kane : Utilities are allowed on your property through the magic of easement.

Timon The Great : A video without sports ! Yey !

marcwa74 : President Billy Underwood breaking balls and the fourth wall!! And I like how Bills cartoon animation has hair!

Daniel moore : why does Bill have these long silent pauses before every sentence

Mick IV : This is awesome. Bill Burrs' a blessing Flawless animation) +Thumbs&subs from Co.

Samuel Lamar : I love Bill, but as a land surveyor I absolutely hate dealing with the "why are you on my property?!"

Ethan Maheden : bet you his house was being cased

burgerkillsyou : I remember this podcast thank god there's an animation πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Tony Guerrero : family back east video pls.. This one was great tho!

Petr Stejskal : This is awesome πŸ˜† reminds me of Ricky gerveis animated radio show with Carl pilkington 😁

Jdeezle1990 : I remember hearing this awhile ago on the podcast, still laughing my balls off

absurd heroes : Watched it thousand times πŸ˜πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜

Robert Shreder : This is hilarious, great job! I hope to see more like this

JP 2099 : I cant watch or listen to BB without thinking of Frank. Lmao

nonesta13 : Please do an animation for the "why r u going to Indianapolis bill?" Story

zombeezx : That primal kettlebell is a nice touch. Powerful JRE

metaljin : Yea, except utility workers do not need permission to check poles, meters, access points or service boxes. Homeowners are required to provide access to any of these. You (the general you, as in everyone) literally do not have the right to impede or deny access to utility workers who are doing maintenance, repairs or service checks. In legalize it's referred to as "Utility Access Easement." These easements are most known for allowing a worker to use a path or road to get to a serviceable piece of equipment but they also cover regular housing and apartments. You agree to this whenever you sign up for power, water or gas. And yes, it's usually in very small print in the service agreement. I think Texas is the only state that doesn't allow this without expressed, implicit and timely permission. Because Texas. :D

eo : Guys just trying to do his job. 'Ol Billy boy seeming a tad out of touch here to me.

Christian McCoy : Should have left a note.

Conor O'Brien : I love how he has hair. it probably makes bill feel better. :)

ThePunisher 90th : Bill is one of my favorite comedians, this is a very good reason why. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Killed me

TheHehe1223 : Animate the family back east

toobalkain : This was even funnier than Bill Burr on his own, congrars to the animator.

Joe Y : buddy was probably like, score day off!

Papaya Man Gerry : These are the best Billy Billiams lol keep them coming. So effin funny!

Don Wolfberg : Shared. Connected with artist via social media. Thank you for bringing this to life.

dayham09 : Yes! Fuckin' love it..I remember the story from awhile back,and this animation is awesome!

Vincent Muller : Perfect animation!! Loved it!


kevin coots : loved it πŸ‘ nice job mark

Jake Stoneking : That ending was great. Kudos all around!

MasdahtsPOVs : Bill, this guy you got doing the animation is on point buddy. Watching that was like hearing it for the first time and laughing all over again.

Tony Toronto : This is dope, pls keep em coming and thanks :)

shitkicker4000 LOLz : I love that he pulls up on a segway

4 4 : I love how the animator incorporated the little *click* from the audio at the end!!! lol

Tsf Phi : Check your contracts. Utility companies are usually allowed access to their property in some circumstances.