Bill Burr - Animation - Don't Come In My F***ing Yard

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Nola Chick : Okay, but why does animated Bill have hair? lol

Rusty Lowery : Please please please animate "why are you going to indianapolis Bill?"

Anarking : Bills hair is upside down

Ryan Laurence : I like the kind of awkward speed of the dialogue. It makes it so much funnier. More animations! These are brilliant

Tristan2611 : I really love the animation style for these.

Timon The Great : Bill Burr - one of the best comedians alive!

Ryk Latortuga : "Why are you going to Indianapolis, Bill?"

thewalrus12 : The animation at the end is genius. well done.

FoxrainFuture : Why didnt he leave a note with his number in the mailbox?!!!!! Unbelieveable... some people have no common sense at all!

Tom Matlock : oh my god this is so fucking funny...I didn't think the story could be funnier, but the animation (ESPECIALLY the ending bits where Bill keeps butting in on the worker lifting weights, taking a nap, etc) added a whole new level to how hilarious this is. Thankyou Bill and thankyou Mark Reano for animating these!!!

J D : Bill Burr, this is your old friend (okay, you don't know me) Justin. I was just watching the show Hot Ones and hundreds of people were saying that you would be a great guest. I agree. You should totally do that show. It would be awesome. Your pal (not really), Justin

Dave Kane : Utilities are allowed on your property through the magic of easement.

Jonathan Dooling : ohhh Billy Segway!

Genghis Pecan : Funny bit...but... you cannot deny access to a utility rep (contract or otherwise). Different for each state but they usually provide an easement or it is covered in the service contract. They can't come into your house but since you agreed to a service, they can do whatever they need to extend/support/terminate that service from the outside. Love ya, Bill but read the damn fine print.

Daniel moore : why does Bill have these long silent pauses before every sentence

deziking : Man, One time I was leaving for work but I wanted to smoke a bowl before I leave my driveway. This fool from comed walks by says hi and walks into my backyard reads the meter and walks away. No I did not share my chronic with him. He didn't put in on thiss mayneee. Tripped me out though.

Timon The Great : A video without sports ! Yey !

metaljin : Yea, except utility workers do not need permission to check poles, meters, access points or service boxes. Homeowners are required to provide access to any of these. You (the general you, as in everyone) literally do not have the right to impede or deny access to utility workers who are doing maintenance, repairs or service checks. In legalize it's referred to as "Utility Access Easement." These easements are most known for allowing a worker to use a path or road to get to a serviceable piece of equipment but they also cover regular housing and apartments. You agree to this whenever you sign up for power, water or gas. And yes, it's usually in very small print in the service agreement. I think Texas is the only state that doesn't allow this without expressed, implicit and timely permission. Because Texas. :D

Ethan Maheden : bet you his house was being cased

marcwa74 : President Billy Underwood breaking balls and the fourth wall!! And I like how Bills cartoon animation has hair!

Christian McCoy : Should have left a note.

LtCol Killgore : Hey billy brainless! Maybe you , or the person installing the new box, should have known that in most states when you add electrical like that, you need to have an inspector from the city come out and verify it installed in accordance with the code in your area.... Ranting about the person who came out MULTIPLE times on the tax payers dime to do the inspection you should have been aware needed to happen , makes you look pretty ignorant to things most MEN consider common knowledge. Go bake another pie you fag! That being said, don't change a thing about yourself! You entertain the fuck out of me on a regular basis... even if you are kind of a hollywood pansy. Haha. Just messin. Love ya bill!

Nater K : 10/10 animation skills. You really saved me by labeling the box; otherwise I would have never figured out what that was.

MakerInMotion : I lost it when he pissed on the neighbor's doorstep.

random guy : You americans and your private property.... Guy had a job to do and he did it, so where's the problem. Be happy he didn't just disconnect you from whatever service that was just because he couldn't reach you. Been in too many situations like this, client is unreachable for the entire day and afterwards the asshole has the guts to call and complain that he's not being serviced in a timely manner.

Alex Harbaugh : Why does he pull up on a Segway?


Thomas clayton Hawkins : I love that he pulls up on a segway

burgerkillsyou : I remember this podcast thank god there's an animation 😂😂😂

thedavecorp : Great animation

nonesta13 : Please do an animation for the "why r u going to Indianapolis bill?" Story

bordercity kid1999 : Where i live they always just walk into my yard

I eat bowls of cigarettes for breakfast : huh? i thought they did that for every house.

TheHehe1223 : Animate the family back east

Zhou Enlai : absolute gold

Erinski : Here I was thinking those guys were just allowed to do that, as long as they're not going inside the house.

yashamaru61894 : Get a new animator this is pretty lame tbh

pentti vähäsuo : this could be on bill burrs next special, awesome

Josh Jackson : Comedy gold

tomekhome : Bill, the animation is so weak, we'd rather just see a static cover of the MMP,... get a better editor, there's plenty of good guys doing nice slideshow montages of your rants, i'd start there.

GearsDemon : LOL the ending

J Isbister : You should do some with Nia, like the one where the old guy was trying to be tough with the young guy

Danielle Guzman : He should be Billy Bald head tho

Ma vie en van : We need so many more of these.

Surrealistic Studios- SURREAL News : wowwww lol

Doyle Hodges : the appearing in the guys dark bedroom was a nice touch. BRAVO.

Tobi : Bill tem um jeito igual ao do Rick de Rick and Morty

KatieDidIt : I used to let people like him (the meter guy) walk all over me. I would just agree, and apologize for "never being home". I don't do that any longer; I call people on their shit. Not in an aggressive way. I simply state what I *actually* think of the situation and their behaviour. It's absolutely true that many of them start to pout and whine when you are assertive, just like in Bill's encounter with this meter guy. "Waaaah, you are pointing out my defects of character. Waaaaaah. Feel bad for me and say that you're sorry for making me act like this." This behaviour used to get me too. I would actually begin to feel guilty about being honest with them about *THEIR BAD BEHAVIOUR*. It took a little longer, but eventually I recognized the absurdity of this. I'm proud that today, when people start that shit with me, I tell them that they're acting like an immature baby. One who doesn't want to be held accountable for their actions. It's truly the tactic of a baby, since even toddlers get time-outs. I find that it's most effective if said in a serene, languid voice, free of any trace of anger or agitation. Perhaps even a decibel or two too low, so that they have to lean forward. I promise you, the satisfaction that you will receive (when done properly) is like ambrosia for the spirit.

Loki Owl : Brilliantly animated. Top marks, sir.

Pedro Silva : You supposed to continue doing the animations, its great