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MakerInMotion : He's really doing a great job of acting like he's not in control of his own body. That seems like it would be hard to sell convincingly.

Ainsley Brown : When you give your experienced friend the controller

Sheldon Jenkins : most underrated slept on film of 2018

MOTIVUS THE SAGE : Moment of silence for those who thought it was Tom Hardy.

thatonedrewguy : THIS was what Venom SHOULD have been.

nicole wins : This movie was awesome!

Leroys96 CS : I love that stem had to turn Grey's head since he has control over that part of himself

jlaesch : The theater went nuts during this scene, great movie, glad Logan Marshall green is getting good stuff like this, quarry was good (well first four episodes were before they watered it down last four)

CLEVON the L00N3Y BOY : Mix of: hardcore Henry, RoboCop, cyborg and John wick

Noah Sanders : This looks like an exceptional action/comedy movie. I'm glad I learned about it.

José Gregorio Zapata : one fo the best action scenes I have ever seen and such an incredible movie. Definetly a top 10 for me. The acting is superb. He's moving he's body as one being while reacting to such movements with the head as another being, all the while performing amazing self-defense movements. And the camera movement in this scene and all of the action scenes. Just, fucking, amazing. I hope the director continues this work. The movie is underrated, but it is a masterpeace.

DayTripper : This movie should have gotten more attention. Definitely a sleeper hit.

George Fed : Ultra instinct the movie?!

Boom Sketch : when venom takes control

Brandon Villatuya : It got a 95% on the moist meter

Eugger : i love the part where theguy keeps laughing after the other guy keeps shooting him.

Soul0Stealer : 0:30 - 0:31 Anyone else think that move was swift.....and epic?

Eyecatcher : This movie is good i recommend it

Axelle Jay Yare : Just recently watched this film, and I must say that this movie deserves more attention and admiration to filmgoers that other cliché and mainstream movies out there! Damn! It's nice to feel great about this genre again, the gap within me was partially filled after watching altered carbon and ghost in a shell!

Carlos Flores : Opening night, i went to see this movie with my sisters and some friends. It was packed, at the end of the fight, everyone was screaming and cursing and just more cursing hahahaha it was fucking awesome

Juvias Grey : The movie looks awesome. Buuut as a gun nerd it's disturbing to see the inaccuracy of that last little clip. A semi auto pistol would jam while holding the slide like that. *Fun facts*

Chris Corley : UPGRADE totally slays! Go see it.

AEOU VLOGS : Great ending

F S : If only Siri could do that 😂

Hugh James-Berry : so glad i saw this in cinemas. this is how Batman should fight criminals in cinema; effortlessly, brutally, and creatively

Krshwunk : one of the greatest scenes ever

Daniela C : Should remove the censorship...I love this f****** movie

Britni Rodriguez : this was a great movie! disappointing ending though.

dvdv7777 : 0:12-0:17 is so awesome. First, the camera when he gets up, and then the utterly robotic way how he slams the guy against the wall. Amazing action scenes.

Jameson Ryder : The combination of the amazing cinematography, fantastic acting, and phenomenal fight choreography just makes it one of my favorite hand-to-hand fight scenes.

Mr.Knight The Detective : And this is why I'm considering this guy to play Moon Knight-inner voice + violence.

daustin8888 : 0:12 Who else thought of Agent Smith in that scene?

Scrub Lord : better than venom

Amei Mask : Stem/The Evil Within ;)

Luciano Rocha : Finally I can oficially say that this is the Real Venom movie

Gabriel Alejandro Doldán : 1:04 Fatality

Wandering&Memories : most dope scene of the century

AWeebleWobble : STEM was behind the whole thing so he could take over the guys body

Darth Sidious : underrated AF

vijay surendran : Upgrade and the invitation some of his best movies ..watch em..and he is nothing like Tom hardy

Blue Calm Productions : Such a dope film.

brandin welch : what style of martial arts is this....


msyenni r : *While being chocked* "Permission granted!!"-Grey "Thank you"-STEM

Lance DC&MarvelFan : So....a AI computer chip gives discount Tom Hardy super strength and super speed and agility

Sheep Dog : Must see.

JOHNizSiK : Was a very cool movie.

Bernard Stephen Warchal : The real venom movie.

Bad Cassidy : Beat movie 2018

Jon Murdock : Epic movie and to do it on the budget they had is amazing.His acting was top notch and the others too they sold it.sci fi classic in my opinion this should be huge.